I started playing WoW around 2006 during Vanilla and raided with a guild in Blackwing Lair, Ragnaros and Onyxia on a holy priest.  I continued raiding on my priest through the end of Burning Crusade when I decided to quit so I would not fail out of college in 2008.  In 2012 I began to play a game made by Blizzard named Auction House 3 until I got sick of it and returned to WoW right at the end of Cataclysm.  I began raiding on my holy paladin at the beginning of Mists of Pandaria and have been playing a holy paladin since then.

I started Paladiner as a means to understand more about my class and the new Throne of Thunder raid in March of 2013.   As they say, you learn and understand more when you can finally teach other people about what you know.  I mostly post about holy paladins but sometimes I do random things for fun.  I’m always open to suggestions or discussion.

Stay friendly!


(The name comes from my combined love of food and playing WoW.)


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  1. Hi, I just wanted to leave this comment to tell you that I have been following your blog for quite some time now and I have to say that this is by far the single best holy paladin blog there is right now. Amazing in-depth information on pretty much everything, useful information on certain bosses, LOTS OF MATHS, EVERYONE LOVES MATHS. Thanks!

    Keep up the good work!

    sincerely yours, S

    • Thanks for your kind words. I hope to continue writing more in-depth analysis on all things paladin 🙂 Been busy at work recently so haven’t had as much time to catch up but good things are to come.

  2. Hello my fellow Holy Paladin brethren 🙂 Really loving this sight and the incredible info that your putting out there. Like one or two other bloggers on Holy Spec, I appreciate the theorycrafting you do since Math is something “I don’t do”, however I do a small podcast and from tier to tier put together a Holy Paladin Roundtable where we discuss raid content from the current tier. Would love to add you to my list of Holy Knights. What’s the best way of getting ahold of you? Keep up the great work.


    • Thanks for your kind words and sorry about not replying sooner. I’m busy with real life unfortunately and might not have time to contribute but I’d love to listen in on it. Let me know more details about it 🙂

  3. Just found your blog and finding it interesting reading! What do you think about holy paladins as tank vs raid healers right now?

    • Holy paladins are probably still in the upper echelons when it comes to tank healing. When gauging what classes are good at single target healing there’s many considerations and among them are strength and speed. Holy paladins have some of the strongest and quickest single target heals (HS, Word of Glory/EF) which are not available to other classes such as priests, shaman or druids. This makes them strong in the sense of reactive healing which is important for tanks as their ability to deal with damage spikes and other things is better.

      In terms of raid healing I think paladins are second to quite a few other classes however eternal flame has kind of leveled the playing field a little bit. There are a few situations when it comes to raid healing.
      1. Consistent raid-wide damage, stackable
      2. Consistent raid-wide damage, not stacking, need movement
      3. Spot damage
      In my opinion, paladins are probably one of the strongest healers to deal with the first case. While they don’t have the insane burst healing as shamans do, their AOE healing spells are actually quite strong and provide consistent raid healing. They’re not going to save the raid through their cooldowns from the brink of death but they are typically good enough to keep people at a consistent level. Paladins are decent at the second situation. An example of this would possibly be Primordius. But they’re not any better at this than other classes. I think rather classes like monks specifically or druids are better at healing this type of situation.
      Thirdly, paladins are decent at spot raid healing but classes like discipline priests will mostly snipe the heals automatically first. They will still mostly beat out other classes though.

      Overall I think paladins are medicore-slightly better raid healers than other classes and one of the better classes for tank healing.

  4. I find Holy Paladins today are capable of all roles. Every healing class has their best role obviously, Holy Paladins still being top tank healers. But we’re in a good spot 🙂

    • Capable,of all roles: yes.
      Top tank healers: no.
      DL is to long,of a cast, to expensive. Cannot,be,maintained for long, output not strong,enough.
      Hs on 6 sec cd, therefore hop generation for ef/wog to slow. Having beacon on tank you re effectively healing grants hop but kills the beacon transfer. Works,of course in a 2 tank,environment better. Although, propper 2 tank constant dmg fights are rare in tot.
      Beside th fact that there is no real dedicated,tank healer anymore palas dropped to be a,mediocre tank healer. All classes have something running,on,the tank and the situations you re old school style spamming a tank solely are over.

  5. Excited to find this blog while looking for tips on how to heal Challenge Modes! Love the math part too when I get a chance to digest all the info.

  6. Hi there,

    I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work on this blog. I’m currently 6/13 but I still find your blog to be an invaluable resource on many aspects of holy paladin. I originally came here looking for H Council of Elders insight but ended up reading your guides for my farm bosses as well. I was pleasantly surprised to see many great ideas and have since incorporated them into my own play. My guild also found your map of H Megaera to be very helpful. Please keep up the good work! I happily recommend your blog to everyone who asks me about holy paladin healing 😀

  7. Definitely gone are the days of tank healing like in WotLK spamming HL with 100% BoL transfer I still feel we’re better equipped than any other class to take on tank duty. Correct you are about no longer needing to stay solely on tank duty with the style of fights in tot. However with the right UI setup you can keep an I on there use of ext cd mitigation while weaving our own spells like Purity/ Sacrifice into the mix. Besides perhaps a Disc Priest close behind I feel we’re still the right healer for that job if the need arises.

    • I think we’re in a decent spot in 10 man which is what I raid. A lot of the gripe has some around from a lot of other classes getting more buffs than ours and blowing us completely out of the water for certain fights. I think more of the problem lies in the 25 man raiding scene. I guess we’ll see what kind of healing the new fights require and go from there.

      • PS: thats been me actually above there too, just used a “wrong” account for Login.
        I agree. 10M seems to be fine for 5.4. The Problem seems to be, checking the PTR Feedback, 25M Balance.
        Blizz failied, as usual, on propper balancing of the healers. And it´s so easy (I believe at least):
        Druid and Monk are throughput classes, relying on a lower Spirit than the other healing specs. As they cannot provide that much throughput compared to the other healers and run less Spirit in the entry raid, they re normally on the lower scale at the start. Been the case for both of them and for the druid in Cata if I am not mistaken. Cannot remember anymore WLK and TBC, to tired still and again for that:) Therefore the throughpuit classes should be scaling better at the start of an expack and worse for the end of it. But blizz does it
        a) other way around
        b) adjust the final instance to be more HoT and movement friendly

        Fuirthermore the Change to the target cap has been complete nonsense. in 10M you bring 2-3 healers, in 25 you brought 5-7. Then they increased target caps, except for Paladins and you can just bring in less healers in 25M, although palas don´t benefit of that at all. Their abilities aren´t unique compared to the other Paladin specs; all have Devo Aura, all have BoP, Salvation, Sacrifice and so on. And a simple “x% buff” will not Change that.

    • Well, obviously you use HoPu/HoSac and eventually direct heals on the tanks, but even in 10M, which i raid myself, based on the healer composition, you will have most likely, beside your bacon: tripple Lifebloom reguarly refreshed with Nourish+ Efflo+Shrooms under the melee/tank spot+Reju of course or riptide+Earth Shield, Healign Rain (maybe)+ Chain Heal priority target+ AV, ELV or tripple Grace stacks+ PPW:Shield, PoM or SooM tapping Monks+ RM/Uplift spam and so on.
      Everyone places their heals based around tank healing, but barely anyone directly heals the tank anymore except in real close-to-death-situations.
      As exapmles: Our raid healing team normally is a disc priest and myself as a Pala+ shaman or a druid, for 3 healing encounters. we are 9/13 HC and of all HC fights we have achieved it is as follows:
      Jin Rokh: almost no direct tank healing
      Horridon: more CD rotation of Dire Calls and Cries and a preemptive casted heal timed for the incomming damage
      Council: again mostly beacon etc
      Tortos: actually directly healing the tank for bat tanking (we don´t kite)
      Megaera (well actually working on the kill for it being no.10): only on fire head, else no
      JiKun: barely
      Durumu: nope
      Primo: a bit, mostly aoe/blanketing
      Qon: in combo with the melee soakers: yes; else: no
      Twins: no
      thats for our HC kills/progressing fights. And the list continues for MSV, HoF, Terrace. MoP is an instance about CD management and rotation of tank CD´s, external Tank CD´s and healing CD´s, which Palas sadly arent quite blessed with(
      Do Palas have the capability of tank healing? yes, they do, but in my opinion Shamans with Deep Healing Mastery and AVigor or a disc priest is stronger/can maintain the healing longer (obviously all above mentioned healing “side effecs” still to be taken in) 5.3 Pala healing is based around HoPo generation via HS and HR for EF blanketing and healing the tank via beacon. Direct tank healing for more than actual assist as in EF etc is less effective than being done by a Shaman or so, except we re talking about Will of Emp like fights with 2 tanks constantly taking damage.
      You ll read that all the time: Palas are great tank healers. That is wrong for 2 reasons:
      1) tank healing solely doesnt exist anymore/in MoP except for rare situations.
      2)Paladins don´t have the toolkit anymore to do so. But because most people remember the WLK times of spamming Paladins, they do believe Palas are still in a good tank healing spot.

      • Great reply. Perhaps from a well oiled team that is hammering out through Heroics at your pace, your spot on. But recently I switched over onto a less progressed 25 man who are still in normals. Almost 12/12. Unfortunately the skill level of all the players isn’t shall we say very competent, including a tank. Thats where I step in. I primarily stay on tanks, and do it successfully with out any issues. I let the other healers manage the raid, since I guess u could say, I’m old school. In regards to Heroics, I know a Holy Paladin or two who primarily heal the tanks ( One of them being Nodozz from Blood Legion). I do appreciate your feedback and take it to heart, however, there are many ways to down a boss 🙂

  8. Hi there,

    I’ve been holy paladin-ing since Dragon Soul and I began to do 8/12 but stopped late May. I’ve recently started raiding again but I always read your perspective on our class. I love your resources, and I have you bookmarked as one of my go-to people to compare my information to.

    Keep it up!


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