Website Update In Progress

Hello fellow paladins, time for a website update.  Theme feels much cleaner and easier to see.  I have cleaned up the menu for the site finally.  You can find all my previous challenge mode, ToT, and holy paladin guide under the dropdown at the top of the page.  Some idea of what’s coming in the next few weeks:

  • I will soon be getting in to SoO heroics and hopefully progressing quickly…so those should be coming…
  • I am planning to do some serious Proving Grounds madness and will probably write up a guide on that if I can get to at least Endless 30
  • I have been collecting data for both the multistrike and cleave trinkets as well as probably doing a comparison between Horridons and the DSD trinket and will write up some reports on those
  • Finally, I will be updating the Holy Paladin Guide in the next week or so to 5.4.  This will include changes in spells, gearing strategies, BIS lists, etc

In the spirit of that last point, for paladins who are wondering what to reforge and gem in 5.4, I’d advise you to check out these two links to a website called World of Wowgraphs.
This website compiles information from holy paladins who have killed 6/14 heroic bosses at least and their items, reforges, and gems.  It may give you an idea of what the better gearing strategies are out there now.  As always, the results from websites like this which don’t consider raid makeup, 10 vs 25 man, play skill, and a hundred other factors should be taken with a grain of salt.  All I’m saying is maybe take this one with a few grains 🙂


What do you think?

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