Throne of Thunder ‘Glory of the Thundering Raider’ for Dummies

So you’re bored in SoO and want to do achievements for that HOT skyscreamer mount?!  Well I’ve got the guide for you.

  • I’m assuming you have ABSOLUTELY no ToT experience.
  • I’m assuming that your gear is around SoO normal level for these.  If it’s lower you may have to be a bit more careful about mechanics. As per common sense, the more damage you can do, the easier the fights will be.

Lets get started!

armored skyscreamer

Guide Layout
Heroic Mode: The first section under a boss details fight mechanics which will wipe your raid and other information about the fight itself.  Note this is specific for the Heroic modes.  I will go in to less detail about simple damage spells. You should follow the usual rules of avoid standing in things or touching things which don’t look familiar.
Meta-Achievement: The second details information on how to get each boss’s special achievement.

Going in…
First piece of advice: Enabled boss mod timers.
Second piece of advice: Track any achievements you can by shift clicking on it.
Third piece of advice: Several achievements are doable with under 10 players but as usual, it will be easier to have a group of 10 competent players.  Many fights are doable with just 1 or 2 at most healers.

As the guide nears the end of the instances, the bosses become more difficult and thus the explanations more lengthy.  It would be wise for several end bosses to know the fight to prevent a slew of unnecessary wipes. I have marked these with a star(*).

Jin’rokh the Breaker
Heroic Mode: Alternating two-phase fight, one with Jin’rokh active, one with Jin’rokh casting raid-wide damaging ability. Phase 1,around half a minute into the fight, Jin’rokh will pick up his active tank and throw it at one of the quadrants of the room which stuns the tank and slowly releases a grey pool of water on the ground.  Stand in this when it appears to get a DPS/healing increase. IONIZATION, raid-wide magic debuff that goes out a few seconds after the puddle appears, can be dispelled but do not dispel this in the grey pool of water.  If you pop an immunity after getting it while standing in the water, it will also trigger the damage.  Only way is to immune BEFORE debuff goes out or for the rest of the raid, run outside of the puddle to get dispelled.  Phase 2, dodge the lightning bolts that come out, focusing on keeping yourself alive.  The lightning strikes then breaks in to 4 lightning bolts going in 4 cardinal directions.  After 15 seconds, Jin’rokh returns to Phase 1 state, choosing another quadrant to throw the tank.
Lightning Overload: Do this on normal as you’ll get it when the event happens not when the boss dies.  Then you can switch to Heroic if you need that.  Helpful to have holy paladins as they’re the only class with a mounted movement speed that’s ranged, warlocks and priests for obvious movement reasons.  Everyone start off on mount, the ball targets a random ranged and follows them about as fast as regular mounted speed.  Ball will chase person around for 10 or so seconds before next ball spawns.  First person run around, then have the rest of the raid go to another far position.  When the second ball comes out, have the two players run towards each other at an angle avoiding touching the balls (kind of like those globs on Heroic Ambershaper, criss-cross like formation).

Heroic Mode: Four doors then final mini-boss, Nalak, along with Horridon the whole time being active. Boss occasionally charges random raid members in addition to regularly using this ability on the tank and does two cone cleaves in front of him.  Getting hit by both cleave hits will likely kill you.  Main mechanic of death is a pink dino (spawns on ranged dps -> ranged healers -> melee -> tanks in that order every 30 seconds or so) which if it gets to you will insta-kill you.  Any direct hits (not dots) on this will push it back.  Pop cooldowns for raid-wide nuke regularly done by Horridon and Nalak.  For doors focus on killing adds rather than Horridon.  One tank on Horridon, one on adds.  For third door, stack on add tank.  Fight starts at door directly to left upon coming in to the arena.  When Nalak comes down, second tank needs to grab him.  Focus him down then return to Horridon.
Cretaceous Collector: Get either a 3rd tank or a ranged dps with a taunt-like spell like a elemental shaman.  This person should just get aggro on the dinomancer, get it to 50% as well as interrupting any heals before it gets to that point(it will drop a ball then, have someone else click on it). Assign one healer to this guy, they don’t really hit hard but there are other fight mechanics which hit hard.  They should have 1 dinomancer for each door.  Just have these people stand away to prevent people from accidentally killing the dinos.  Also whole raid needs to watch these to make sure they don’t get DoTed.  Watch for passive damage such as legendary cloak effects, lightning shield, etc on the dinomancer tank.

Council of Elders
Heroic Mode: Follow killing order of Sul, Frost King, last two are variable depending on phase.  Frostbite will come out at the beginning of fight, ignore this person and just let them die, focus on DPS.  You can immune this debuff by popping your immunity as soon as the blue arrow indicating who’s about to get it appears above you.  You can heal this person up but in my opinion it’s just easier to focus on DPS.  Don’t stand in shit on the ground it will eventually kill you.  On empowered Marli, make sure one person is standing farther away from the raid.  Everyone else stack on Marli.  Kill shadows that spawn during Marli’s empowerment from this one far person and one in the rest of the raid.  Otherwise focus on bosses.  Try to kill the yellow spirit that spawns from Marli when she’s not empowered as this will heal bosses for 10%.  If it hits it’s not a big deal.
Cage Match: This meta-achievement is easy unless someone’s a noob.  Don’t run out of the circle, enuff said.

Heroic Mode: Click on the crystals to maintain your health buff, otherwise don’t stand directly under the circles which appear.  Kill turtles till 30% or so then focus boss. 1 designated person needs to watch the boss mods for his breath.  Before it goes out, that person needs to kill one of the disabled turtles (they become disabled and stop moving once they get to 1 health) at the boss to interrupt it.  This is a raid wipe if it goes off.  Still have your tanks grab the bats.  You can pretty much kill them unintentionally with higher level gear if you put them in front of the boss.  One person in your raid with an AOE slow needs to hit the turtles as they periodically spawn from Tortos.
One-Up: 3 turtles come out each time.  You have to kill the boss to see this achievement if you get it, so you’ll need to keep an eye on how many you kick it through.  Easiest way is to slow down on boss at the end of the fight as he’ll start spawning a lot of turtles.  Kill these turtles in a centralized area and find a turtle in the back to kick through them while a group of 3 turtles is coming out.  This way you should get 5 easily.

Heroic Mode: Fight is simple with higher level gear.  4 heads each with a unique ability. After heads are killed, boss gets mad and rampages for 15 seconds.  Raid stack up during this for healing NEAR the next head you want to kill.  Otherwise, ranged stack in a location at range from heads. Kill Blue Red Purple Blue Red Purple in that order.  Blue head does ice beam that follows you.  Targetted member run towards the back of the room. Fire head puts debuff on player that leaves a pool of fire when dispelled.  Run out of stacked group and dispell.  Otherwise, you can’t really die.  Your DPS should be enough to basically kill each head soon after rampage is over.
Head Case: You’ll need to do this boss 3 times to get this unfortunately. Fortunately the achievement is easy to get.  Do achievement for not killing green head on heroic as this is the normal kill rotation.  For red and blue, do these on normal as they will be much easier.

Heroic Mode: If you’re just doing this fight for heroic, all you need to do is zerg and tank swap.  Only way you will wipe is when Ji-kun does a spell which players players off the platform.  You can stay on if you have enough movement speed.  But if you get blown off, you will get blown back on in around 10 minutes.  However if for example a tank gets blown off and the other tank is not near, Ji-kun will proceed to hit and probably one shot any players that are near him as he is stationary.  This is a wide shot however and it’s very hard to wipe on this boss.
Soft Hands: For meta, have 1 person grab the egg.  I’m really not sure how to do this without 1 priest and 1 resto-druid.  Perhaps you can do it with just one priest if the person who jumps off places himself correctly.  The golden egg spawns above the top of platform on the very first nest that spawns.  The person carrying the egg needs to go to the first nest for the feather then fly up to the nest above it (not the main platform) and grab the egg.  From this point on, any damage they taken other than quills (including cheeps and falling) will destroy the egg.  Then they will need to jump off in a way that they can be gripped to the lower nest.  The person gripping will need to either sit on this nest or you can have two people with grip and have one stand on the main platform and grip them first before the egg person runs, jumps and gets gripped to the nest below.  This person just stands there the whole fight.  People will need to fly to the nests to kill the eggs regularly so the group which killed the first nest make sure to pick up feathers.  Nests spawns are indicated with a red light and goes lower 3, then upper 3 then repeat with the 10th one spawning two nests.  The person holding the egg will need to be healed through quills by 1 healer who grabs a feather on the first nest or any subsequent nest.  They shouldn’t however be in any danger from dying to this.

Heroic Mode: Durumu is slightly more difficult as he has a few mechanics which will raid wipe but still fairly easy if you can zerg him down.

  1. Purple cone on the ground.  If you stand in this you will get punted off the platform and instadie.  You can get ressed.  He also does a stun which won’t kill you in itself but if you get targeted by the cone while on it, then you will die because you can’t move.
  2. Boss will start to do color spectrum in phase 1 where he puts 3 beams out targeted at 3 random players.  If people don’t stand in these beams he will pulse a raid-wide damage that will become unhealable.  Assign at least 2 people in each beam.  There are hidden monsters that spawn during this phase.  If you put a beam on a monster it will be revealed.  There are 3 red and I believe 2 yellow and 1 blue monster.  You can not reveal the blue monster as when you do he will do a raid-wide nuke unless killed before it goes off, and he likely won’t be able to be killed on heroic before it happens.  Otherwise, the blue person should just stand still with one other guy (for soaking). The yellow will target someone then slowly rotate automatically, you should kill a yellow add if it is revealed immediately before the beam passes it otherwise it will do its own raid nuke.  The red beam is player controlled.  If you reveal a monster, do not move unless it dies otherwise it will do a raid-wide nuke (won’t instadie but will be a lot of damage).
  3. After his first phase, he will send out a disintegration beam directed at the entrance of the room along with a maze of purple smoke.  For a while it will be harmless.  He will also spawn 3 ice walls in a peace sign orientation that should all be AOEd down.  This wall acts like a movement impair.  If you don’t kill it, the rotating beam and maze will kill you.  He will then start rotating either left or right (you can see which one because there are purple snake like lights in the direction) and you should to where the snakes are, furthest away from the beam near the maze.  This beam goes through immunities and will kill you if it hits you.  Your raid must navigate through the purple maze.  If you stand in the smoke you will take a lot of damage.  You won’t die immediately but you will if you keep standing in it.  There are 3 areas where the smoke clears as the beam rotates, one really far at the end, one in the middle and one next to the boss.  Take the middle one it’s much more easier to see.

After this, he will return to his first phase mechanics.
You Said Crossing the Streams Was Bad: For the meta, you don’t need to kill the boss so once again I’d recommend doing this on normal.  In the color phase, have your whole raid watch out around 10 seconds before on the ground.  While the monsters are hidden, their positions are marked with a periodic circular flash on the ground at this time.  One of these bursts of light is white.  You need to find this one and stack everyone on it.  This will reveal one of the orange, purple or green adds.  The beams will then start rotating as normal and you will need to have the 2 people who soak each to go with it. You need to do this 2 more times.  Each time have everyone stack.  The hardest part about this achievement is not seeing this white light as you only have 1 chance.  The lights will flash a few seconds before the beams come out so keep your eyes peeled.  You do not need to worry which monster you’ve revealed as it will automatically pick one you’ve not revealed.

Heroic Mode: The fight revolves around kiting the boss around the room to minimize the number of red blobs which are always walking towards him and at the same time keeping the boss away from the large black blob that spawns periodically from one of the pools aroun the room. If the black blob touches the boss you will instawipe.  The fight requires a tank swap due to boss debuffs as well.  As long as these two never touch you shouldn’t have to worry about dying to mechanics so focus on doing this for the whole fight above anything else.  Typically, tanks will take 2 large blobs and after killing the second swap with the tank on Primordius.  Make sure that your dps kill small red blobs before killing the boss.  These spawn a red lighting-like pool on the ground which you should stand in.  If it spawns a purple don’t stand in it as you will get a harmful debuff.  After getting 5 of these DPS will be transformed and able to hit the boss for 100% damage.  If they are not transformed they only hit for 25% damage.  There is one boss debuff that will hit kind of hard called volatile pathogen.
Genetically Unmodified Organism: The achievement for this fight is much easier on normal.  It may be doable on heroic but I wouldn’t recommend it.  Full on dps the boss.  This also requires you to stop ANY AOE spells.  The boss takes 75% damage but at SoO ilvl, it will be easy to kill him in a few minutes.
Dark Animus*** (I gave this 3 because I really x3 recommend reading a simple guide on the fight.)
Heroic Mode: This boss was a nightmare last patch and killing him on heroic now is difficult if you’re not overgeared for content meaning around normal SoO level or if you don’t know how the fight works.  The fight revolves around management of a resource known as anima. Having anima activates golems, having zero deactivates them.  Also some golems are naturally inactive and can not be activated by getting anima. This is what you do to win.  You bring two healers, 1 hopefully semi-dps ike a discipline priest or monk.  On activating the boss, the 12 smallest anima golems around the room will activate.  Your tank should grab 3 of these, hopefully closest to the boss and together for easy aggro and the boss.  He will be taking a shitload of damage. Use all your possible cooldowns to get them through this.  Alternatively, he can grab 2 if one person in your raid has a pet which can taunt a mob without killing it.  For the rest of the 9 golems, each person in the raid grabs 1.  Designate 1 melee dps to kill his/her anima golem near a medium sized anima golem which is electrified.  Have your ranged help him out.  Immediately after this, he needs to go near the tank to be ready for the next mechanic.  Everyone else in the raid should get aggro on his/her mob and maintain aggro on it for the rest of the fight without killing it.  The tank should kill one of his small anima golems around when most of his cooldowns have been used and then focus on the boss.  Periodically, the boss will immobilize the tank inside a ring of red orbs.  Remember that designated melee dps?  He/she should run in to 1-2 of these orbs to make them disappear so the tank can run through the opening.  They come quite frequently so keep a look out.  This melee dps is responsible for popping his/her damage reduction cooldowns because absorbing the orbs causes damage stacking based on how many you absorbed.  The other mechanic for the fight is that every so often, red circles of smoke will puff on the ground.  Everyone in the raid must move out of these as they will repeatedly target you at times and will 2-3 shot you if you aren’t healed. Note: If you see a spell of red puffing smoke that repeatedly pulses and follows you, you’ve done something wrong because you’ve activated one of the medium anima golems who was no electrified.  Finally, at 75 energy, the boss will do a raid-wide AOE nuke.  Make sure to use a cooldown for this.  The boss should die in under 2:30 minutes else he will berserk.  With SoO gear this shouldn’t be near to a problem.  The hard part about this fight is the survival of the tank.  If he/she gets the anima ring debuff by touching one of the orbs, they will die.  If they lose some kind of damage reduction for a few seconds they will die.  Get past the first 30 seconds of the fight and you should be fine.  Now my guild has practiced the zerg strat last patch for a good few days and we wiped 5-6 times doing this achievement with SoO gear. A guild which has never gone in to ToT before may find this boss frustrating.  My only advice if you get frustrated is to keep going at it.  You’ll get the hang of it eventually.

Ritualist Who?: This boss was so hard that the meta-achievement isn’t even related to killing him lolz. Kill all of the different ritualists before the boss.  I can’t give any advice on this as they’re random.  Maybe find some friends who will tell you if they get one you need?

Iron Qon
Heroic Mode: Fight is extremely easy to learn.  You fight 3 lions and Iron Qon.  In heroic, there will be one lion on the ground, and one lion doing random abilities in the air.  Start fight out with group of 3 melee spread and group of 3 ranged stacked.  The first lion on the ground, lets call it Fire Lion, places a fire debuff on the ranged group.  After 2 stacks, have melee soak it.  Each lion should die really quick.  Throughout the fight the boss will throw spears at a location which explode out in 5 pentagon directed lines.  Just don’t stand in these.  The one mechanic you need to watch out for is when he stuns a random player.  Another player should click the cogwheel on these guys to get them out.  Other abilities are going on during this time but they aren’t important really.  The second lion also called Wind Lion after some time will pull everyone to the center of the room and spawn a circular area of tornados around them.  It’s kind of like a Frogger game to dodge these rotating tornados (warlock portals from the center of the room out towards the entrance help).  You may die if you get sucked up by one (it will stun you in the tornado for a while) so this part may require some practice.  Otherwise, avoid all of the things on the ground and click each other when they get stunned.  The tank should watch for a boss debuff if you’re 1 tanking (completely possible with a paladin and with higher level gear probably without one as well).  If it gets too high like 7-8 then they should find some way to remove it either through Hand of Protection or running away or a taunt swap.  Third lion, Frost Lion after he gets low, all 3 lions will come back along with now attackable Iron Qon and you must kill them all fast. Last phase group up for heals.
Can’t Touch This: Meta-achievement is based on individual ability.  5 spells you will need to avoid are the lines coming from each of the 3 types of spears for the 3 lions, getting hit by the tornado in the second phase with the storm, and finally in the last phase where Iron Qon empowers the residual tornados with ice, by one of these ice tornadoes.  The last two are easier, the first 3 you will need to watch where the spears out and get out of the way accordingly  You don’t have to achieve not getting hit by all of these in one fight but if you do your epeen will grow.

Twin Consorts
Heroic Mode: Doable with 1 tank easier with 2.  Spread the raid out and tank in the center.  One tank primarily on Lu’lin.  Periodically Suen will appear.  Sometimes she quickly disappears, otherwise, she spins around.  When she appears spinning, one tank needs to taunt her and bring her around the room to reveal invisible mobs that are hitting the rest of the raid (she will run after you as quick as you run).  These mobs can be seen but not attacked if they aren’t revealed, and look like shadowy banshees.  You should shoot for revealing 3 each time.  The tank on Lu’lin will periodically get a debuff from a mob called the Beast of Nightmares.  Note to healers, this will kill you.  Healing this person with a direct healing spell will put a debuff on you each time you heal them.  This ticks for damage.  Do not heal the person with Beast of Nightmares.  Alternatively, you can have the tank taunting Suen taunt the boss to get the beast of nightmares debuff and kill it so healers can still heal the tank on Lu’lin. Neither Lu’lin nor the Beast hits hard so choose whatever you feel comfortable doing.  Make sure you DO NOT kill Lu’lin before her phase is over.  Suen is a bit harder.  You should have a tank swap on Suen after 3 or so stacks of her tank debuff.  She will also do a spell periodically called nuclear inferno.  During this whole phase, Lu’lin puts comets on the ground.  Next to these, there will be a purple spot on the ground.  During nuclear inferno, the raid needs to stack in one of the purple areas which will reduce a large amount of damage from it.  Even last patch, it was possible to heal the nuclear inferno without the comet so if you can plan for it, you can do this.  Also, Suen does a raid wide tick damage which is reduced if she is pulled close to comets.  Do not stand her or yourself on top of the comets as there’s another spell which will make it disappear.  Slowly, comets will lose their health from being next to Suen.  So pull Suen next to comets EVERY OTHER time.  The times in between, you will need to stand in the purple area for nuclear inferno so tank her away from it as you don’t want the comet to disappear.  In the final phase, both Lu’lin and Suen will come out.  They both should be really low but focus Suen down quickly then Lu’lin.  It’s possible you may not focus Suen down before Lu’lin does her phase 3 specific spell.  If so, pull Suen far far away from Lu’lin.  Lu’lin’s spell is called Tidal Force and acts similarly to the healer buff you get in Spoils of Pandaria in SoO which shoots a tidal wave out in random directions.  It doesn’t heal but does a fair amount of damage and may two shot you.  Avoid this.
From Dusk ’til Dawn: The meta-achievement may be done on heroic.  Hold off on killing Lu’lin in phase 1 still but get her to around 10%.  In phase 2, don’t push Suen below 30%.  Live through the phase and once Lu’lin comes out, zerg her down quickly then kill Suen.  The issue that makes this hard is Suen still does nuclear inferno in phase 3.  With Lu’lin dead she will be doing this without the raid having a comet.  Obviously this is easier done on normal but it is possible on heroic with good DPS.  You may have to end up doing 2 nuclear infernos without comets so if you’re capable of doing this by all means do it on heroic.
Lei Shen*** (I realize that you don’t need this on Heroic but chances are you may want it for the ‘Storm’s End’ title.)
Heroic Mode: The Lei Shen fight is probably one of the most complicated fights in the instance.  For heroic I highly suggest that you read a guide.  Furthermore, this is one fight where DPS will not make the fight significantly easier, just shorter as you will still need to go through each phase. I will do my best to give you a paragraph guide but you will save much time and energy by knowing the fight.  The platform is divided in to 4 sections:
1. North – Static Shock, similar to the Fallen Protectors debuff, more people stacked in the light blue circle less damage done to everyone.  Immunity takes the split on that person out of the picture so do not pop immunity.
2. East – Diffusion Chain, lighting that jumps between people within 8 yards, remain spread for this.  If you get hit, an add will spawn along with everyone person who gets chained.
3. South – Overcharge, immobilizes a person and after a few seconds, sends a circular wave out that does damage and stuns.
4. West – Bouncing Bolt, spawns 3 swirling circles on the ground which must be stood on, if you don’t, an add spawns and another swirling bolt will appear somewhere else.
These conduits are charged by having Lei Shen next to them.  They can be charged up to 100% after which they will level and be able to be charged again.  Leveling the conduits increases the potency of each conduit’s spell and can be leveled to a maximum of 3. The boss goes from an active phase to an intermission phase which lasts roughly half a minute.  This occurs twice, once at 66% health and once at 30%.
Phase 1 (Boss Active): Start the boss off on the North conduit as in the normal strat and push this energy level to as high as you can before leveling it. In between pillars, have your fastest movement tank pull him to the next pillar.  All ranged start off at the center of each side of the platform as far away from the boss as possible but still in range of deeps.  For Phase 1, he will perform a spell called Thunderstruck which requires you to run away after it drops.  The closer you are to where it was dropped, the more damage it will do to you.  You will get one shot if you are within 10 yards of it or so.  Just run away, it looks like a swirling blue lightning circle of death.  For tanks, he will place a debuff on you (near when he gets around 70-80 energy called “Decapitate”.  This will do more damage to you when it goes off the closer you are to him.  Some tanks may require at tank swap, other tanks can brute force through this by popping a cooldown.  Change as fits your raid.  Apart from these Phase 1 specific mechanics, while charging each pillar, a specific spell will happen as above so you will need to deal with these.  For the overcharged pillar, the raid should stack on the tank otherwise, spread roughly and ranged stay further away from the tank.

Intermission 1: After he reaches 66% he will go into an intermission phase and won’t be attackable.  Spread the raid out in a 2/2/3/3 formation with the formation Tank+Immunity DPS/Tank +Immunity DPS/1 healer + 2 DPS/1 healer + 2 DPS.  It helps if the groups of 3 have at least 1 person with immunity or if the groups which don’t have a melee DPS.  Lei Shen will unleash a sequence of spells which you need to deal with.  Have everyone in your raid with some kind of movement boost or be in a group with other people who can provide a movement boost.

[23:20:38.900] Lei Shen casts Supercharge Conduits
[23:20:38.987] Lei Shen casts Diffusion Chain
[23:20:39.168] Lei Shen casts Overcharged
[23:20:46.904] Lei Shen casts Helm of Command
[23:20:52.114] Lei Shen casts Static Shock
[23:20:52.948] Lei Shen Bouncing Bolt (Hits Ground)
[23:21:02.173] Lei Shen casts Overcharged
[23:21:04.181] Lei Shen casts Diffusion Chain
[23:21:11.030] Lei Shen casts Helm of Command
[23:21:12.233] Lei Shen casts Static Shock
[23:21:17.067] Lei Shen Bouncing Bolt (Hits Ground)
These are all spells which you’ve had to deal with in Phase 1 apart from Helm of Command.  For the phase, spread apart around the center circle of the platform.  Deal with Bouncing Bolt as normal. Stack up for static shock and overcharged (for the second overcharged, count to 4 before stacking when it goes out).  People who have less movement boosts should be closer towards the center for Helm of Command.  The hardest part about this phase is juggling the abilities.  Static Shock will one shot anyone without an immunity so if this happens, the raid must stack.  While this happens, things that may screw you up is either the person with static shock may have Helm of Command or someone who must stack has it, or Bouncing Bolts is coming out and it needs to be soaked.  Regardless, your static shock person must not be afraid to move especially so other people can stack easier on them.  This phase will take some time getting used to and will be the hardest phase to get through.
Phase 2 (Boss Active): Similarly to phase 1, the boss will have new innate abilities along with the 4 pylons with their own abilities.  For the whole phase, have 3 designated ranged healers/DPS stay out.  Everyone else must stack for a spell Lei Shen does called Ball Lightning where he spawns a ball on ranged players.  This insures only a certain number of balls will spawn.  Even in SoO gear if you have 7 or 8 balls spawning during this phase your raid will probably get one shot since every time these balls jump they do 200,000 damage in an AOE.  The boss still does Diffusion Chain so the raid must be spread for that but that’s it.  Also the boss will do a large annihilate attack like Garrosh’s which will leave an area that does damage.  Try to position the raid to an area where you’re not planning to run to for this.  Continue swapping between pylons, leveling the first pylon you should be at. EAST to the highest level.
Intermission 2: Same thing but his abilities do more damage.  The good thing is you have an extra person on each platform now to help with stacking.  Would recommend doing a 3/3/4 split with one 3 group being the same as in Intermission 1 having 2 immunities, the rest being split up.
Final Phase: Depending on what health Lei Shen’s at this phase may go by very quickly.  The goal is to be roughly in the position you were in for phase 2 but focus on spreading out for the majority of the time, only stacking for Ball Lightning.  He will do Thunderstrucks on ranged which must be placed out of the group, diffusion chains and static shocks.  For this phase, have your immunity people pop their immunities for static shock.  This phase should go by quick with SoO gear level.
A Completed Circuit: So you do Lei Shen 4 times.  Do him on Heroic one of these times following the same strat listed above to get the Static Shock Conduit Disabled first achievement.  Then do 3 boring runs on normal.
Ra-Den (Including Ra-den for shits and giggles. Also not part of meta, but has it’s own meta-achievement.)
Heroic Mode: Mechanics related, your raid will need to figure out a rotation between 2 groups.  Each group should have their own priority rotation beginning with ranged healers -> ranged dps -> melee dps with 3 people in each group.  In the room with Ra-den there is a gigantic circle in the center. Mark two areas to the left and right in the circumference of the circle such that if you drew a point from the left point, to the center of the circle, to the right point, you would see a carrot ^ sign.  Group 1 should go to the left point, group 2 should go to the right point.  Suppose you have this combination.
Group 1 (Left): Holy Paladin, Elemental Shaman, Shadow Priest
Group 2 (Right): Discipline Priest, Hunter, Warlock, Rogue
Leave 1 person out of the rotation who is someone you can rely on to execute mechanics perfectly and memorize the rotation, suppose in our case it is a Mage.  Also, make it so the first person who gets the debuff mechanic always goes to left or right regardless of their group.  Now during the fight, Ra-den will randomly select 1 person and debuff them with a spell called Unstable Vita.  This does a large amount of damage to them and inflicts them with a debuff for a few seconds.  After the time is up, this debuff will jump to the player furthest from this player. So suppose the Hunter gets this debuff.  He is in group 2 BUT he is the first player.  This means he should go to the left.  Remember your great Mage, they will now take the place of that ranged in the rotation meaning the altered rotation group will be:
Group 1 (Left): Holy Paladin, Elemental Shaman, Shadow Priest

Group 2 (Right): Discipline Priest, Mage, Warlock

Begin the rotation each time the same, with the first person going left, then the first Group 2 person going right.  Once the debuff is passed (make sure it gets passed before you run, you should see a bright blue line) the first person in Group 1 will go to the left point, in our case it is the Holy Paladin.  In this way, alternate between the groups until the debuff disappears (I will explain how this happens).  This sounds dumb, but do a few practice runs to get used to the rotation before the fight.  It will spare you some time of learning how things work on the first pull and wiping hard and fast.  For the tanks there is also a fatal mechanic.  When Ra-den’s energy gets to 100 he will perform a spell on the tank which will one shot you if you do not have your active mitigation ability up.  This means things like blood shields for DKs, Stagger for Monks, etc.  The easiest way to tank this boss is a monk as their active mitigation requirement is actually more or less a passive one.  The other tank can either go DPS or stay tank and tank an add that periodically spawns far away from the raid as it chain lightnings.  The fight progresses as such.  Every few seconds, two balls of blue and red energy comes from the outside of the room from opposite directions towards Ra-den.  Focus the red orb down for the first THREE orbs.  On the 4th orb, the tank with Ra-den must drag the boss towards the Red, then towards the Blue orb.  This ‘resets’ the debuff I mentioned above.  The next two sets of orbs, kill the red orb again then repeat the reset for the 7th orb.  Kill the red orb on the remaining sets of orbs.  When Ra-den gets to 40% health, he will go in to his last phase.  At this point, it’s simply a zerg fest.  Pop all cooldowns and ignore the orbs and just kill him.  Phase 2 is a cinch.
I Thought He Was Supposed to be Hard?: The achievement here is simply not to let anyone die.
Final Notes
Especially on the fights listed with stars* I may have missed things.  Please let me know if you have some easier way of doing things or if I’ve missed or written something incorrectly.  I hope you all enjoyed this guide and good luck on getting that awesome mount!

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