Siege of Orgimmar 5.4 Normal Mode Quick Guide (Boss 11-12)

Poops, didn’t get to Garrosh this week.  Laid-back raiding FTW!  Did manage to kill Thok and pretty much kill Siegecrafter Blackfuse before one of our players needed to go so here’s the guides for these two dudes.

Thok the Bloodthirsty
The fight is composed of Phase One, Phase Two and modified versions of Phase One depending on what happens in Phase Two.  In Phase One you fight the boss with his innate set of abilities including a frontal cone attack that applies a stacking damage increase debuff (tank swap), a tail lash, a blast that his random members of the raid, and a screech which interrupts spell casting when he gains 100 power.  In addition, when players drop below 50% health they recieve a debuff called ‘Bloodied’.  To enter Phase Two, 5 raid members with ‘Bloodied’ (10 man) should stack together.  The timing of this pretty much coincides when the damage from Phase One gets high enough to warrant a phase swap.  In Phase Two, he fixates on random players for a few seconds who should kite Thok for the duration.  Thok will do a frontal cleave attack during this time so other raid members should be careful to avoid him and the fixated raid member should avoid kiting him in to the raid.  You can set up raid markers for people fixated to kit Thok and have everyone else stand away from the boss. Also during this phase, you will be able to free one of the NPCs in the room with a key that drops from the Kor’kron Jailer that also spawns at the beginning of Phase Two.  The order of freeing the mobs (because this affects Thok’s abilities in Phase One should be Akolik, Gorai, Montak (easily remembered as they are in alphabetical order).  After he devours the NPC you free, he returns to a modified Phase One.

– His frontal cleave turns into an acidic frontal cone attack applied a stacking armor debuff (tank swap), this goes on around 2 players and has quite a fast reapplication
– His random blast damage to the raid changes magic type and also applies a DoT
– His frontal cleave turns into  a frost damage frontal con attack which applies a stacking debuff, at 5 stacks the player becomes frozen and starts losing 5% health every 2 seconds, they must be broken down (this shouldn’t happen to tanks)
– His random blast damage changes magic types and applies the same frost debuff that freezes the player at 5 stacks
– His frontal cleave turns into a fire frontal cone attack and applies a stacking DoT
– His random blast changes magic types and also leaves a void zone on players hit, move out of these

Recommended Talents:
Speed of Light (Jurassic Park style running away)
Would recommend going Light’s Hammer for this fight even though the area is quite large as for a good period of the time your raid will be stacked.  It will help you get through more of his screeches.
Probably clemency is also a must have for this fight although with the change to unbreakable spirit, bubble will be best for yourself, clemency is to help out raid members. I was told that Hand of Protection blocks the interrupt on the screech since it’s raid damage but I don’t believe it does.  It definitely does block the physical damage though.
Recommended Glyphs:
Hand of Sacrifice to place on a few members once the damage gets too high.  Divinity is Nice I guess…Beacon of Light.

Tank Damage: Moderate, one of the harder hitting bosses up to this point but still nothing really to worry about.
Raid Damage: Moderate-High, the screech, oh god the screech

– The raid stacks together in Phase One to the side of the boss, except for when the person you  kill is Montak. For this everyone needs to spread roughly apart to avoid setting fire zones on top of other people.
– The screech starts coming very fast, like you can’t get a holy radiance off in time fast.  I’d recommend using holy avenger (hell SH/heavy haste might actually be better than EF for this fight) near the 7th or 8th screech so you can continue to LoD the raid.  (This is on 10 man, in 25 EF is still probably better.)  Pop your devotion aura around maybe the 10th or so screech so your healers can heal without fear for the 6 second duration.  Make sure you call this out.  Optionally you can bubble near the end but you should probably time this with at least Guardian possibly Avenging Wrath or Divine Favor because you will need to be healing the raid up by yourself basically.
– After the first transition, be ready for the poison debuff.  Thok continues to apply this to around 2 people in the raid through the phase where you need to kite him around again.  This means people who are kiting might be out of your range and will be taking ticking damage from it.
– The position of Thok is in my opinion the key to success.  In my raid, we tanked Thok near the edge of the room.  When the transition came, the raid moves the add to the center of the room and the fixated raid member simply begins to kite the boss around the side of the room either way.  The ice phase and fire phase weren’t that bad but on the fire phase you should have him pretty low going in to it otherwise reconsider your DPS.
– We 3 healed this fight because one of our healer’s gear was pretty low ilvl.
– The jailer hits the tank for a moderate amount, if your tank thinks he can take the hits you don’t need to place your beacon on him.  The good thing about beacon is that the range of the heal is 60 yards.  You can place it on farther away members and heal members around you to help them out.
– Get your healers dispell guns ready.  Also fel imp helps.  The debuff is magic despite doing poison damage.

Siegecrafter Blackfuse
The room is set up with a center platform and two conveyer belts running northwest and northeast.  The northwest belt is the one you enter.  The two pipes to enter are located at the bottom close to the entrance of the room.  Siegecrafter is on the platform with the adds being assembled on the belts and the finished adds coming out on to the platform from the northeast conveyer belt.

Platform Mechanics
Siegecrafter has his own abilities including a tank swap, a buff gained whenever his adds are killed which buffs his attack speed by 100%, a launch sawblade ability at a random member which rotate in place dealing damage to anything that touches to it.  It lasts indefinitely until either the fight ends, or it is magnetically pulled in my one of the adds that spawn.  Any adds which come within 35 yards of the boss are healed by a percentage every few seconds so all adds should be tanks far away.  He also gains a buff if the wave of adds is not killed.  Additionally, there are several adds in the fight.
Automated Shredders are mobs (unrelated to the belt) which spawn every 2 minutes after 30 seconds.  They have a buff, Reactive Armor which reduces their damage taken by 80%.  Note that the tanks who gain the debuff from the boss (which required the tank swap) can tank these and hit them at 200% damage.  They also have a ability which causes them to leap in the air and land dealing damage in an AOE.  It is stunned for 5 seconds after this and takes 200% damage.  Finally, it gradually accumulates stacks of a damage buff.  These adds can be damaged by a lot of the boss and other add’s abilities.
Conveyer Belt Mobs are mobs which have been assembled on the belt.  3/4 possible adds will spawn each wave.  Once these are assembled on the northwest belt, they will fire 1 ability on the northeast belt when they come out and then disappear.  Note that all of these abilities affect the Shredders.
– Missle Turrets strike in rings around the center of the platform for massive damage
– Laser Turrest send a laser beam that follows raid members around, periodically spawning void zones on the ground (think Amber Shaper Un’sok), people who stand in these gain a DoT
– Electromagnets pull all players towards it for 10 seconds, all sawblades will move towards it, players should get out of the way of these and run against the pull
– Crawler mines jump off the platform and fixate random players, when it reaches the target it explodeson all raid members and knocks them in the air, for the first minute, they can be stunned and killed, after that they move faster and can not be killed
Conveyer Mechanics
– Beams of fire are located along the belt but can be avoided
– Assign two groups (2 dps) to enter these as entering one will incur a debuff which does not let you enter again for 1 minute

Recommended Talents: Speed of Light, get away from the laser.  Fist of Justice for stunning the crawler mines. Holy Prism better for this fight as people are spread out.  Would recommend getting clemency to help any non-dps healers out, otherwise get Unbreakable Spirit to prevent the Overload damage.
Recommended Glyphs: Would recommend getting Hand of Sacrifice and the Divine Protection glyph to transfer 20% of the damage reduction to physical for the Overload.  Mana’s not that big of a problem on this fight.

Tank Damage: Moderate, sometimes the tank can get lower due to the adds dying and the boss gaining the buff.  Also, the debuff application of the boss hits for quite a bit.
Raid Damage: Moderate-High, depending on how many overcharges you get.

– My raid was having a bit of trouble getting the shredders down.  We ended up resetting each electro-charge stage by bring around 1-2 sawblades near the northeastern platform where the adds come out so that the tank had an easier time positioning the add in it.  It’s important that the ranged DPS turn to the shredder when it is stunned to help it out.  I think that other guilds had less problems with this so you may not need it for your raid.  We were getting 4 overcharges sometimes (come in intervales of 10%) which was hitting for 380,000 on all raid members.
– Something to note about the sawblades, they have some kind of delay on where they end up going to so you can avoid all damage most of the time.
– Be very very careful when the electromagnetic add comes out.  If a blade flys through you, you will get hit with the 200k damage which will be bad with all the overcharges coming in.  Position yourself so that you aren’t between a blade and the northeastern platform.
– The fight is very much rinse and repeat, he isn’t doing any more damage at the end of the fight vs the beginning of the fight.


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