Siege of Orgimmar 5.4 Normal Mode Quick Guide (Boss 1-6)

Just like last patch, I’d like to provide you with some quick tips on the normal mode boss fights in Siege of Orgimmar.  For heroics I will, like in ToT be going in to a lot more detail.  Of course, these are from the holy paladin perspective.

Immerseus is this giant water elemental that sits stationary in the middle of the room.  When you kill him, he splits up into many globules of two types, one type can be killed and one type can be healed.  These globs will start at random places around the edge of the room and slowly rejoin to the center after which Immerseus will return.  The amount of life he returns with depends on how many globules were killed and how much the globules which can be healed were healed.  There are also effects on the ground that you must move out of and periodically he shoots a stream of water outwards around the room which will knock you up or back.

Recommended Talents: Other than the obvious, I would recommend going Speed of Light so you can track where the healable globules land and quickly get in range of a group of them.  Also, you should definitely choose Holy Prism for this fight as your whole raid will be spread out quite a lot.
Recommended Glyphs: Beacon of Light, Hand of Sacrifice seems like a decent Tank cooldown now and beats things like Avenging Wrath but otherwise not really game-changing.

Tank Damage: Low-Moderate, believe there is a tank specific attack that hits for moderate damageRaid Damage: Low-Moderate, the only time there is a danger of people dying is when not enough globs are healed or DPSed down before they rejoin to form Immerseus.  You should pop Devotion Aura during this to minimize the damage.

  • Towards the end of the fight, there are more healing globules than dps globules so hybrid DPS should help with healing and you should try to output a bit more healing to heal all of them up.
  • Spread out your raid such that half the DPS and a healer are on each side of Immerseus and the tanks are between.  That way you can more easily cover the room when the globules come out.

The Fallen Protectors
The Fallen Protectors are three Panda dudes that were messed up by the corruption of the vale 😦  These are the guys you got Golden Lotus quests from before.  The fight is Council of Elders-esque but in reality it’s much easier to manage the abilities.  First off, all three Pandas must be killed within 15 seconds of the first one dying.  If they are not, then they will heal to full.  Second off, their health is not shared.  Each Panda does a special ability at 66% health and 33% health.  This ability does not get any more difficult from the first point to the second.

Recommended Talents: Holy Prism still probably beats Light’s Hammer even though the fighting grounds is smaller.
Recommended Glyphs: None of them are too game-changing.

Tank Damage: Low-Moderate, keep an eye on the tank on He Softfoot.  His damage can get high during some desperate measures.Raid Damage: Moderate, there will be a lot of random damage around the place from adds and the Girl Panda who targets random people and casts at them.

  • It’s not the end of the word if the DoT jumps but it’s helpful if you can catch it before it does.
  • There is a mechanic that requires people to stack so the damage is distributed, similar to Static Shock on Lei Shen.  It looks like two concentric yellow circles on the ground.
  • Move inwards to the Anti-Magic Zone like thing during one of the desperate measures.

As you probably know by now, Norushen is actually the name of the friendly guy, the person you fight is actually Sha-like creature called the Amalgam of Corruption.  The fight starts with everyone a 75 corruption.  There are two glowing orbs of light around the room which people will click on which transport them to an alternative plane where they do a role-specific activity.  For healers, I believe that there are a few friendly mobs which help you kill a mob.  You must keep these friendly guys up by healing them.  It’s best for a healer/dps class such as a monk or disc priest to do this as they can DPS the add down in addition to healing.  This is also the reason I did not go in.  Occasionally he will put out a beam of light  which will rotated around the room, apparently it will randomly pick a direction that will instantly kill you if it hits you (think disintegration beam).  There will be adds called Manifestations of Corruptions that spawn by 2 methods, 1 when a player completes their golden ball phase, and 2, each 10% after the Amalgam reaches 50% health.  These adds fire things at the boss which make him do more damage, what you need to do is stand between the add and the boss while this add is alive.

Recommended Talents: Holy Prism although I don’t believe there’s anything in this fight which does damage in an AOE so you could use Light’s Hammer. (Not 100% sure on this…).  Probably get Speed of Light for those “oh crap the beams’ right behind me moments”.
Recommended Glyphs: Beacon of Light, Hand of Sacrifice for the heavy hitting Tank damage.

Tank Damage: Moderate, tank will occasionally take a heavy tank damage attack called Unleashed Anger.
Raid Damage: Moderate-High, lots of random damage going out, Icy Fear, etc.

  • The Amalgam does have a heavy tank damage attack so watch out for that.
  • GTFO out of the beam.  There’s a way to spot where it’s amount to come out but I forget how…
  • I don’t know what really to say about this fight other than there is a lot of raid damage.  You should help get in the way of the Manifestations when they come out and run away from the beam.  Other than that just focus on healing.

Sha of Pride
Another resource fight.  You behind the fight with 0 Pride.  You gain pride from taking unecessary damage from things.  The boss periodically gains pride as the fight goes on.  When he reaches 100 energy, he will perform a 350,000 nuke to the raid in addition to a secondary effect depending on what your pride is at.  If you watch for when the boss does Swelling Prise (this nuke + secondary effect) as well as your energy level, you will know exactly how to react to it.

  • If you are between 0-24, it does nothing.
  • If you are between 25-49, it creates a thing on the ground that explodes after 3 seconds. This is the thing you run away from.
  • If you are between 50-74, a projection of you will form 15 yards away.  It will explode after 6 seconds and deal a chunk of damage to the whole raid UNLESS you are standing in it.   This is the thing you run towards.
  • If you are between 75-99, you are afflicted with a pulsing damage aura 5 yards around yourself for 25 seconds.  This is the thing you move out of the raid for.
  • If you are at 100, you’re probably doing it wrong.

Periodically, the Sha will mark two players (in 10 man, 5 in 25) with a DoT which does high ticking damage.  This can be dispelled at the cost of 5 pride OR if you are buffed by the Gift of the Titans, you can do it for free.  In my experience, there was almost always 1 healer who got the Gift.  You should be able to get both off if you notice when you first get it.  There are occasionally adds that spawn.  Your raid should be stacked up for this fight so you will see immediately when they are about to spawn under you.  You will need to move away from these adds and kill them.  They will give pride to the two nearest players upon death.  There is also a spell called Reflection which may coincide closely with when the adds come.  You basically need to move away from these as well.
Last thing to mention is the prisons.  Your tank2 will most likely be tanking him between two prisons so that they can easily stand on a lock for either of those.  You need to assign 1 main prison unlocker and 1 backup player to unlock these two, preferably players with high movement speed.  This is so if your main prison unlocker gets imprisoned.  For the closer prisons you need assign 3 players.  I think it may be possible for him to lock players on the same side.  In the case that it’s not on the tank’s side, You should just have whoever’s available go get them.  If it’s on the tank side, your other prison group can unlock the other one.

Recommended Talents: First fight where Light’s Hammer is better.  Your whole raid will be stacked up.  Get Speed of Light for quick prison unlocking!Recommended Glyphs: Nothing game changing…

Tank Damage: Moderate, didn’t really notice any really heavy tank attacks.Raid Damage: Moderate-High.  During prisons and when the Sha casts Swelling Pride, there will be a lot of AOE raid damage coming out.

  • You can pretty much stand in the same spot and move for reflections or when the Manifestations of Pride come out and that’s it.  Unless you’re doing any prison breaking.
  • Watch out for if you have Gift of the Titans, you should dispell as soon as you see it’s on you.
  • Mostly just lots of raid damage.

This fight is in 2 phases, the first dealing with getting Galakras to come out of the sky and the second dealing with him.  The first phase is composed of several waves of adds, some with minibosses. (3, 4, 7, 8).  After the 8th wave, I believe there are just random waves of mobs that come until you shoot Galakras to bring the fight to the second phase.  The 4th wave and 8th wave occur on top of the towers.  There are two demolishers which spawn shortly after the third and 7th wave which everyone should help kill.  After this, the tower group of 5 people can go up to the towers.  The priority during this phase is to kill any banners (preferably bringing the banner add out of the raid) and any healing totems and interrupt chain heal.  You should help stun the Bonecrushers which periodically charge one of the NPCs to hit them very hard.  They can be gripped or stunned. Everyone needs to watch out when the mobs who shoot fire arrows on the ground come out and move out of them.  My impression was as the fight went on they did more damage.  After the tower group finishes the first tower, one of the DPS should stay up and shoot down any of the Dragons flying around.  During the second tower, one DPS should leave early and mount the first tower so they can both shoot down Galakras.  They should coordinate this with the group on the ground.  My raid found it easier to just wait for the additional set of adds which is just 2 dragons to come and call down Galakras when they were about to die.
When Galakras is on the ground, (this is what worked for us), we had two groups of ranged DPS spread out far away from the boss which was tanked near the NPC mobs.  The two groups are parallel to each other but spread out.  There is a ball of fire that rolls towards a targeted person.  The person who is targeted will know because they have a red laser beam towards them.  While you have this laser beam on you, you must move behind the group stack.  When the laser beam falls off, this is where the rolling ball of fire will go.  Do not panic if you see a ball of fire coming out while you have the beam.  It is the rolling ball of fire AFTER the one that comes out while you have the laser beam that is the one targetting you.  Note that you also should only soak a few stacks of the ball as the DoT on players who stand in its path stack so every 3 or 4 stacks, the player targeted by the laser should alternate to the other group.  In my experience, as long as 2 people stand in the ball of fire, it will do significantly less damage.  Players can off course cloak or bubble off their stacks to help soak.  You should probably have a healing rotation as well as save devotion aura for this phase.

Recommended Talents: I went with Holy Prism for the first few pulls because the raid was spread out, but for the second phase, Light’s Hammer is much better.  I would suggest going Light’s Hammer almost specifically for the second phase.  Speed of Light!  Also this is one fight I would recommend getting possibly Hand of Sacrifice for to help with the DoT damage.  Also, would recommend Fist of Justice to help with stunning the Bonecrushers.Recommended Glyphs: Beacon of Light…

Tank Damage: Low-Moderate. Not too bad although I noticed some adds hit harder than others.  The tower group needs to watch out as sometimes if the tank goes up first he will get quickly nuked down if he isn’t at full health.
Raid Damage: Moderate-High. The highest raid damage during phase 1 occurs when the demolishers come out.  Also at the beginning there is some kind of warcry + raid damage nuke that does a lot of damage but little damage after that.  During phase 2 the damage is quite significant.

  • Fire arrows, get out of them.
  • Very helpful to use your Divine Protection on, lots of magic damage going around.
  • One holy shock kills the Healing totem, you can help with these.
  • Stun Bonecrusher for the win!
  • On our pull, the melee were getting targeted so they should be extra careful since they will need to move a great distance to be behind the group.

Iron Juggernaut
Iron Juggernaut is a fairly simple first.  He alternates between two phases.  Phase 1 is where he is actively attacking the tank. He periodically shoots out these jagged stones which target the closest players and follows them around for a period.  He also spawns mines on the ground which explode for raid damage if they are not stomped.  In our raid, one tank could stomp all 3 mines without much healing.  You can also bubble then stomp if you see one. He also does a random nuke to players which is unavoidable.  The last thing is he periodically fires projectiles on random ranged marked with a huge red circle, you will need to move out of this.
The second phase is where he is not tankable anymore.  Several pools of oil on the ground will form and he will consistently do some kind of raid wide ticking damage.  Periodically he will put a beam targeting a player similar to Amber Shaper, and the player needs to kite it.  However you must avoid kiting it over a oil pool which will likely wipe the raid.  He also periodically does this knockback which will basically throw you back until you hit something.  In the huge area this can be a very large amount. You want to position yourself in front of some obstacle like a wall when this happens so you don’t get knocked super out of range.  He will then rotate through these two phases on a timer.

Recommended Talents: Speed of Light in case you get knocked back a lot.  Unbreakable Spirit for soaking some bombs. Holy Prism is definitely better for this fight.
Recommended Glyphs: Beacon of Light…

Tank Damage: Low-ModerateRaid Damage: Moderate, damage goes up a bit during the second phase.

  • Even if you get knocked back (which I did almost every single time) really far, it’s not that big of a deal as the tank isn’t taking damage during this.
  • Help stomp mines!  You can also BoP other players.
  • Other than kiting the fire laser in to an oil pool, there is very little you can do the screw up the fight.

Hope this helps!  Good luck!


5 thoughts on “Siege of Orgimmar 5.4 Normal Mode Quick Guide (Boss 1-6)

  1. Nice quick guide 🙂
    have u got the same feeling like me? I feel like ill never go oom Oo most of the fights till Boss 12 i have around 200k mana+ during the whole fight

  2. Nice guide, helpful hints for my raid team who is stuck on nuroshen. On the fallen protectors, if they aren’t killed in time they go back to 20%.
    I’m loving my pally this go round, mana is never an issue, pulling good numbers and heals aren’t holding us back now.

    • How do you use EF now? Esp on Norushen and Sha there is a lot of stacked heal where EF only goes out to the tanks, myself and players that get heavy hits by adds. No more EF blanketing for me … is this the right way to heal now?
      New Guardian is great btw. And mana even better.
      Numbers are ok in my opinion but far from great… Shamans are WOW and druids are really good too …

      • I don’t stack EF like I used to but I still spread it around. Holy prism helps to spread the heals out.
        Shamans are good and our druid who was low last raid is leading this raid.

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