Heroic Twin Consorts

Heroic Twin Consorts is one of the easier to moderately hard heroics.  You should kill this boss before attempting Dark Animus at the least.  There are some new mechanics from normal mode which will require additional attention but overall the fight is very similar to normal with more damage and slightly more punishing (typical for heroic mode version).  Here is a map of the room with the celestial pillars in each of the four corners.  The entrance to the room is at the bottom of the picture for reference.


The main issue for healers on this fight is the additional damage from all spells as well as things such as avoiding the green lotus gas and fire on the ground, etc.  Healing can be fairly intense but completely doable with 2 healers as the enrage on this boss is slightly tighter than some of the others.  On the other hand, the enrage timer is not an all-wipe situation so even if you’re reaching it, it’s still possible to live through half a minute or so of it.  One important point is it’s very helpful for individual players to use their own personal damage reduction cooldowns as those typically have a much faster cooldown time for the cosmic barrage.  It does quite a lot of damage and unlucky hits from the adds could quickly kill you quickly afterwards.  If you decide to 2 heal the fight, I would recommend having your weakest DPS draw.  If you 3 heal the fight, I would recommend having one of your weakest healers draw.  The places at which the celestial power is used can vary from strategy to strategy but I will detail which ones are used when the most often.

General Holy Paladin Tips on Talents and Glyphs

Tier 1: Speed of Light – strongly recommended because the room is quite large and it will help you get to certain places correctly as well as possibly avoid cosmic barrage hits.
Tier 2: Irrelevant
Tier 3: Eternal Flame
Tier 4: Unbreakable Spirit: This is one fight where this talent will help you out a lot.  Having Divine Protection come off cooldown sooner means you can use it for cosmic barrage and other things more.
Tier 5: Holy Avenger: Recommended to deal with several timed damage events.
Tier 6: Holy Prism or Light’s Hammer – on one hand, the raid is incredibly spread out and Light’s Hammer won’t cover more than the melee, on the other hand, Light’s Hammer is very good for melee and the tank (especially since it doesn’t count as direct healing and therefore doesn’t incur the corrupted healing debuff) and for the nuclear inferno.  It’s really more of a personal decision based on your raid makeup.  I used Holy Prism on my kill but I may try Light’s Hammer next time.

Glyphs: Beacon of Light (you will be switching if not for phase 1 at least for phase 2), Divinity, Protector of the Innocent

General Spells

As in normal, you start the fight off with Lu’lin, with Suen periodically appearing and doing a few spells (Night) followed by Suen appearing with Lu’lin periodically appearing to do a few spells (Daylight) and finally end up with both of them up at the same time (Dusk).  Also, the phases proceed by time, so you should try to put in as much damage as you can on the boss you want to die first during the previous phases.  (Probably Suen)

Night – Lu’lin active, Suen periodically active and attackable


  • Moon Lotus: Pink lilypad flower like things which spawn green floating gas in a straight line periodically.  Coming in contact with these will put players to sleep for 5 seconds.  Dispellable.  Only spawn during the night, not at dusk or daytime.
  • Cosmic Barrage: Summons a few stars (believe it’s 5) through a 10 second channel, at the end of the channel the stars are directed at the location of 5 random players inflicting 200,000 -> 300,000 (Arcane) damage in an 8 yard radius. Only occurs at night.
  • Beast of Nightmares: Summons a beast to attack her current target, only viewable and attackable by that target.  Takes a few seconds after the debuff is placed for the beast to spawn.  Only spawns during the night, not at dusk or daytime.
    • Corrupted Healing: Healing the target of the Beast of Nightmares will cause a DoT effect for each direct healing spell for 10,000 -> 25,000 (Shadow) damage every 1s. Stacks.
  • Lurkers in the Night: Periodically spawns Lurkers around the room which hit random targets for 30,000 (Shadow) damage. Invisible unless revealed by Suen’s Daylight (aura around her) during Tears of the Sun.  Naturally become visible during dusk and daytime.


  • Tears of the Sun: Channeled spell which deals 60,000 -> 80,000 (Fire) damage to random players for the duration.  She is attackable during this channel and can move around the room.  She will appear and begin the channel on her highest-threat target.
  • Light of Day: Appears briefly on a random target and calls down a ray of sunlight inflicting 100,000 -> 150,000 (Fire) damage to that location and 8 yards around the target.  Instantly melts any Ice Comets it touches.

Daylight – Suen active, Lu’lin periodically active and not attackable


  • Fan of Flames: Hits target for weapon damage as Fire and increases all Fire damage taken by 25% for 30s.  Used only during daytime.
  • Flames of Passion: Leaps at random target inflicting 50,000 -> 75,000 (Fire) damage and returns to her target.  Leaves trail of flames upon returning.
  • Blazing Radiance: Inflicts 35,000 -> 55,000 (Fire) damage to all players every 2 seconds, stacks each time it pulses increasing all Fire damage done by Suen by 2%.  Melts Ice Comets at a speed based on proximity, closer = melts faster.  Standing within a radius of the Ice Comet will decrease stacks of Blazing Radiance.  (Looks to be around 8 yards)
  • Light of Day: Calls down beam on random player inflicting 100,000 -> 150,000 (Fire) damage to that position and all players within 8 yards around the target.  Instantly melts any Ice Comments it touches.
  • Nuclear Inferno: Channeled attack blasting raid for 135,000 (Fire) damage every 1 second.  During this time, she is unattackable (all your attacks will miss).


  • Ice Comet: Periodically calls down an Ice Comment around a random player and inflicts 250,000 -> 300,000 (Frost) damage to all players within 6 yards.  Ice Comets will reduce Blazing Radiance on Suen if she is within 8 yards of it.
    • Icy Shadows: Ice Comet’s shadow causes players standing in it to take 80% -> 60% reduced fire damage and reduces melee, ranged and casting speed by 75% -> 10%.

Dusk – Suen and Lu’lin both active


  • Still retains following spells: Ice Comet.
  • Tidal Force: Inflicts 180.000 -> 280,000 (Frost) damage, shoots out from where she’s facing in a direction (can be behind), she is unattackable for the duration.
  • If Lu’lin dies first during dusk, Daytime begins again.


  • Still retains following spells: Flames of Passion, Blazing Radiance, Light of Day, Nuclear Inferno.
  • Nuclear Inferno: Channeled attack blasting raid for 135,000 (Fire) damage every 1 second.  During this time, she is unattackable (all your attacks will miss).
  • If Suen dies during dusk, Night begins again.

Celestial Power – can be used once during either Night or Day, cooldowns reset during Dusk, total of 2 times per celestial per fight

  • Niuzao (Top Left): Grants players additional 50% maximum health for 30s.
  • Chi-Ji (Bottom Left): Summons cranes around the battlefield inflicting 16,000,000 damage to enemies upon contact.
  • Yu’lon (Top Right): Grants 30,000 health and 5,000 mana regeneration every 1s for 30s.
  • Xuen (Bottom Right): Slows down movement, casting, and projectile spell of all enemies. This includes things such as Cosmic Barrage, movement speed of the Bosses and Tidal Force.

Specific Phase Comments

During night, the most important parts to watch out for as a healer are the Cosmic Barrage hits and the Beast of Nightmares.  The raid will be taking large nukes during Cosmic Barrage and it helps a lot to have individuals pop their personal cooldowns if it looks like they’re about to get hit with it as they hit for a large percentage of your health.  In addition, make sure that everyone is spread out at least 8 yards to prevent players getting hit with 2 Cosmic Barrage stars which will likely be a 1 shot.  On top of this, the Lurkers will be hitting random players around the room for the duration of the fight.  It’s not unlikely that a player will be hovering around 80-90% max health, get hit by Cosmic Barrage and a few nukes from the Lurkers and basically instantly die.  That’s why personals help.  It’s also possible to dodge the stars during Xuen’s power (which everyone should be doing) or just by running really fast.  Also one thing to note is that once the Lurkers are revealed, they get on a real aggro table and should be picked up by Tanks.  One more thing is, during Tears of the Sun, DPS should be ready to hit Suen instead of Lu’lin to get her down as much as possible before Day phase.  Melee can get ready by going near who she will be targeting or just stay on Lu’lin while ranged hit her.  After Tears of the Sun, DPS can then turn to the Lurkers that are revealed and back to Lu’lin.

The Beast of Nightmares debuff is a killer.  Even with 3 stacks, the damage is most likely going to kill you with all of the other damage going on during the fight.  As paladins this is a very important spell to watch out for as heals through the Beacon count as direct heals.  Very quickly if you leave your Beacon up on the Beast of the Nightmare’s target, you will accumulate 5 or 6 stacks and die if you don’t bubble.  Remember I said the debuff takes a few seconds to come up so you should have plenty of time if you notice it to swap your beacon.  What really helps for this fight is for one tank to be the designated Beast of Nightmares tank who is also responsible for kiting Suen around the room as she appears.  This should be a tank with high mobility.  If you choose to have a warlock do it, they just need to dot up Suen at the beginning of the fight and have the tanks stay off of her.  This way, Suen will most likely spawn each time on top of the Warlock who should be situated somewhere on the outside and be closer to the Lurkers.  Regardless if one tank is primarily taunting the boss during Beast of Nightmares this minimizes the amount of times you will need to swap your beacon.  Also beware of spells such as Holy Prism which will give you a stack of corrupted healing.  Overall, the damage in this phase may ramp up slightly towards the end with more of the Lurkers spawning but if those are handled correctly, the overall damage is still quite manageable.  The only things to watch out for are the cosmic barrage hits and being ready to heal those players up after they’ve been hit.  Tank damage in this phase is also fairly negligible as Lu’lin doesn’t hit very hard.  I would recommend taking Holy Avenger as you should be able to use it twice during this phase.  This will help overall with general raid-wide damage from the Lurkers as well as provide a buffer for the Cosmic Barrage hits.

Possible Celestial Power Uses During Night:
Xuen: To deal with one of the cosmic barrages, everyone should be able to dodge this one when the tiger is invoked.  Note that this will also slow down Suen’s move speed during her Tears of the Sun.
Niuzao: At the end of night, since damage will be ramping up continually, players will likely be quite damaged going into Daylight. It’s helpful to invoke the ox to make this transition a little easier.
Chi-Ji: You can use this during night to get Lu’lin down more before Suen comes out.  If you choose to use this during Night, make sure to time it with a Tears of the Sun so Suen can possibly get hit bit it as well.  I would recommend however to save it for the Day phase to get Suen down more.
Yu’lon: Recommended to wait till Day to use as raidwide damage is a lot higher and it’s helpful to get through the phase quickly.

During day, the raidwide damage ramps up as everyone will be taking damage from Blazing Radiance.  Going in to the phase, Lu’lin will spawn one Ice Comet and MAY or MAY NOT spawn another one before Suen does her first nuclear inferno.  I’ve read several sources saying this depends on the timing of when you activate Xuen.  The best piece of advice I can give is you do not want to go into nuclear inferno after taking stacks and stacks of Blazing Radiance from saving the comet.  That is most likely a guaranteed wipe.  Rather, take Suen to the comet after a few stacks to get the stacks down (make sure not to stand on top of the Ice Comet as you do not want it to disappear).  If the next comet does not spawn before nuclear inferno have your raid stack and use a large raid cooldown such as tranquility + Devotion Aura and healing throughput skills or Barrier.  That way, at least you can possible live to the next phase.  After this, the spawning of the comets should follow what your boss timers say.  Just make sure you always have one up going into the nuclear inferno.  Typically right after nuclear inferno, she will charge so have your raid quickly spread out again after stacking.  The main hard part of this fight, other than the damage is positioning during nuclear inferno.  Just know that it takes a few seconds for her to start channeling so all you need to do is be relatively close to the comet.  The most mistakes will probably be from people standing on top of the comet and having it disappear when they’re hit by Suen’s Light of Day.  You should also line up cooldowns to heal through nuclear inferno as even standing in the shadow of the Comet, your raid will take a lot of damage.  Make sure to spread out before she charges else she will just explode your whole raid to random directions.  Tank damage from Suen is also pretty high, especially when she does her Fan of Flames attack.  Keep your tanks topped up for this.  Also, getting hit by a comet actually hurts quite a bit so if possible move around during this as you may be avoid the damage if it is put on you or use your persona cooldown.

Possible Celestial Power Uses During Day:
Xuen: There’s no clear time which using Xuen would benefit the raid during Day.  Perhaps to slow down Suen during charges, but otherwise a lot more useful to use during Night.
Niuzao: Helpful to use for example before Nuclear Inferno.  However, likely when the drawer come out of the realm, they will be out of place for standing in the shadow so this spell is probably better used as I mentioned at the end of Night in the previous phase.
Chi-Ji: Best used after a nuclear inferno as she will not get hit during crane rush while she’s casting it.  Helpful to DPS her down quickly going into Dusk.
Yu’lon: Best used during this phase to possibly overlap with a nuclear inferno as there will be a lot of damage going out.  Also should watch out for healing mana and use this when all healers have lower mana to gain it back before the last phase.

During dusk as I mentioned, both bosses will be up again.  The main damage during this comes from Suen, hence you should kill her first.  She will not do the first nuclear inferno that your raid frames says is coming but she will do the next one.  Lu’lin will do her Ice Comet which does moderate damage and Tidal Wave which can be avoided.  Have your high mobility tank pull Lu’lin to one end of the room NEAR the door (not too close as she may despawn) so that her tidal wave will be far away and you will have more time to avoid it or possibly outrange it completely.  You will continue to stack before nuclear inferno next to a comet and spread out right afterwards until you kill Suen.  For the rest of the time make sure the raid is spread.  The goal to completing this last phase is basically the use of your celestials and proper DPS.  It is essentially a continuation of day phase so really it shouldn’t be too hard compared to the other phases.

Celestial Power Uses During Dusk:
Xuen: Use before Lu’lin’s Tidal Force to make avoiding it easier.
Niuzao: Helpful to use pretty much any time during the fight before Tidal Force.  You should spread out using either one of these for different Tidal Forces.
Chi-Ji: Use during Tidal Force one as the player in the realm can avoid the Tidal Force damage while using it.  Also beneficial to use while both of the bosses are up to DPS them both obviously.
Yu’lon: Best used sometime into last phase timing it to overlap with Nuclear Inferno or Tidal Force and making sure that the player drawing comes out before Nuclear Inferno starts.

Overall, as I said this fight is one of the easier ones.  The harder parts of the fight in my opinion are the first and second phases while the third one is difficult but not significantly harder than the other two. In summary, just make sure that one, your raid is spread out unless you need to stack, two, people are using their cooldowns at the right times to prevent damage, three, that the celestial power is being used at the correct times and finally that people are not standing on Ice Comets (tanks included, you don’t need to pull Suen on top of it to get the Blazing Radiance stacks to decrease).

Good luck!


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  1. Drawing helped me do it and we got a kill today, thanks 😀

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