Revisiting the Golden Days: RPPM Mechanics Changes

Four months ago I started this blog at the onset of 5.2 with the introduction of the RPPM mechanic and the new healing trinkets.  It was a whole lot of fun going through and digesting each of the new trinkets and the in-depth analysis of RPPM mechanics that I found and I plan to do something similar when the new trinkets for 5.4 are finalized.

Just yesterday, Lore posted about changing the on proc percentages at the start of fights.  If you recall, Blizzard implemented an alteration improving on how the trinkets would proc after not proccing for a long time.  In short, your chance to proc on each attack would increase the longer you went without a proc.  This made sense.  But in short what happened was between pulls you would go with a 2 or 3 minute break in between and sometimes more and almost every single RPPM item in the game had at least a 0.5 RPPM (roughly 1 proc in 2 minutes) and right at the first hit, all of your trinkets would proc leading to frenzied DPS chaos at the beginning of fights.  This made people who perhaps didn’t have RPPM mechanic items or who capitalized on specific procs by changing their whole gearing strategy unhappy.  Raids were essentially forced to plan Bloodlust and strategies around it wait a certain time before pulling to insure trinket procs, etc.  All in all it was affecting how happy people were.

So they changed it. The new change to the trinket is that at the start of the pull (I’m assuming upon entering combat) the “time since last proc” variable is automatically set to 90 seconds no matter how long you’ve actually waiting.  This of course will affect trinkets differently depending on their RPPM.  Following is a list of items affected by RPPM proc mechanics, and their chance to proc on pull now compared to how long you would have to wait currently to get a 100% proc change on pull.


In effect, the new change to trinket procs did not actually buff the proc change of any classes who were complaining that they didn’t get an on pull proc but rather nerfed only a few of the classes who were more likely to get a proc (yellow times above).  For example, classes who use Rune of Reorigination with a wait time of about 3 minutes for a 100% chance to proc on pull now will be left with only a 1/5 of a chance.  These are the classes with a mediocre waiting time before 100% pull now have their proc on pull %s drastically reduced.  As you can imagine from numbers, the classes impacted most were the classes wearing items with a 100% proc on pull time around 1-2 minutes from 90 seconds.  Where previously, they could wait around for 2-3 minutes or how ever long it takes your raid to wipe and pull again and you can pretty much guarentee a proc on pull, now for these classes this is no longer the class.  An example of this above would be someone with Gaze of the Twins and 30% haste for example.  Your chance to proc on pull is quite low.

I realize all of this doesn’t affect healers so much but it’s still interesting to see what kind of effect the changes brought about and is a nice change from the endless whining that dominated my last few post.

And since no post can be complete with some whining, I’d just like to say the recent comments by all the Devs have left me in the dark.  I just said a few posts ago how I believed that they knew what the problem was and addressing the changes with the right solution was the problem but now I don’t even know if they realize what the problem is.  The whole PTR has felt like I’ve been testing out and analyzing a class completely different from what the devs are testing.  I’m not completely disheartened by the changes nor would I change classes or quit the game just because my class does poorly, but when someone comes out and says that the class is fine, we’re happy with it, it feels like I’ve been slapped in the temples.  There are so many examples of what kind of reduction in healing the nerf to EF will be.  I made a whole post on it with a farm log from real data a while ago.  No simulation bullshit.  No random fight mechanics skewing the data.  Primordius is a fairly typical tank and spank fight with increasing raid and tank damage.  5% reduction?

A few works on the judgement nerf.  The increase of 5% to 12% base mana for Judgement is a change of 4200 mana.  Considering a typical 6 minute fight and assuming a 5 second Judgement and 80% Judgement usage efficiency, you’ll use approximately 58 judgements.  The nerf brings a difference of 241,920 mana.  It’s no laughing matter and with more efficient Judgement usage, the nerf is actually more damaging.  Now the issue is that with the SH build, a heavy haste/mastery gearing strategy is practically necessary to keep it up and competitive with the playstyle.  With too much haste, we don’t heal enough with HR and our other general spells. With too much mastery we don’t get as many uses out of Judgement and that equates to less HPS from less buffed HR.  Spirit was not necessary because generating 3 HP required much lower mana due to the cost of Judgement.  The SH build as has been stated is less a HP generation increase and more a mana regen buff as I’ve stated before.  The nerfed Judgement will now even remove that aspect from the SH build.  Please don’t let this change go live.

BUT, bright side is at least they seem to be willing to see things differently so lets not get discouraged and keep trying to bring the right issues to light.  I’m sure if things were to go live today, we would find a way to make things work or be in such a terrible place that we’ll have to get a hotfix sometime in to the patch.  🙂


What do you think?

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