Heroic Primordius

Mechanics wise, H.Primordius is fairly simple.  You know how on normal you don’t really know what any of his spells do except to “go in the green ring” and “pop a personal on volatile pathogen”? Well not much has changed since then.  The hard part of this  fight is 1 mechanic specific to heroic called the Viscous Horror, a mob that periodically arises from one of the pools along the edges of Primordius’ room.  This is a win it or lose it situation in the sense that if you “win” it you get to keep going and if you “lose” it, you wipe the raid.  Thus the penalty for not doing this right is automatic fail.  Fortunately it’s not too hard to get used to and only Tanks need to pay attention to it really, although you can help call out where it comes from.  My guild found it easier to place 4 directional markers and call out which marker it was near when it came out.  As a healer, the hardest part of this fight, and I’m saying this with only a little bit of bias is the sheer amount of healing you will need to do towards the end of the fight.  Both Primordius and the Viscous Horror hit tanks for well above 200K and meanwhile the whole raid is dying from random dots.  I spent half our first kill thinking “welp, we’re dead now”. Kidding, it’s not that bad but it is.  The fight gets exponentially easier the faster you can kill the boss.  So without much ado, lets talk about the general information.

Raid Makeup:

  • 2 Tanks
  • 3 Healers (I believe some guilds did this with 2 healers but if your DPS is already well geared I’d recommend going 3 Healers to make things a little easier)
  • 5 DPS

Recommended Talents:

  • Tier 1: Pursuit of Justice (might be good to take on this as you don’t really need to do any on demand running, it might be good to generally have faster movement speed)
  • Tier 2: Inconsequential
  • Tier 3: Eternal Flame
  • Tier 4: Hand of Purity (put on tanks at larger stacks of Congeal Blood/Black Blood to reduce dot damage, unfortunately does not work on volatile pathogen)
  • Tier 5: Holy Avenger (recommend on this fight, at times you just need a cooldown to get through spells such as AOE caustic gas AOE)
  • Tier 6: Holy Prism (I used this because for a majority of the fight people are moving around constantly. If you have a coordinated  area in the center of room for ranged then maybe you can get Light’s Hammer but I highly doubt it will be more useful than Holy Prism.)

Recommended Glyphs

  • Glyph of Divinity
  • Glyph of Beacon of Light
  • Glyph of Whatever You Want

Spell Information

Primordial Strike: Primordius inflicts 600,000 -> 800,000 (Physical) damage in a 7-yard cone at current target
Malformed Blood: Ticking dot for 20,000 (Nature) damage every 3s, gives player’s attacks Congeal Blood, stacks and lasts 1 minute

  • Congeal Blood: Inflicts additional 20,000 (Nature) damage to Living Fluids (small red glob) and Viscous Horrors (large red/black glob), stacks and lasts 1 minute

Mutated Abomination: Damage taken from non-Fully Mutated players reduced by 35% -> 75%
Evolution: As Living Fluids reach Primordius, he will absorb them increasing his mutation rate.  When he absorbs enough, he mutates dealing 5% more damage and gaining a mutation, only maximum of 3 -> 4 mutations at a time


  • Ventral Sacks: Periodically inflicts 17,000 -> 20,000 (Nature) damage to all players every 1s
  • Gas Bladder: Inflicts 800,000 -> 1,000,000 (Nature) damage to all players in 25 yards, split evenly
  • Acidic Spines: Inflicts 100,000 -> 110,000 (Nature) damage to random targets every 3s, damages anyone with 5 yards
  • Pathogen Glands: Inflicts 100,000 -> 120,000 (Nature) damage every 1 sec. for 10 sec.
  • Metabolic Boost: Allows Primordius to use abilities faster and attack faster by 50%
  • Erupting Pustules: Pustules inflicts 125,000 -> 200,000 (Nature) damage at 2 yards from point of impact

Living Fluid (little red globs) – Upon reaching Primordius they are absorbed, upon death can leave either a mutagenic or volatile pool

  • Mutagenic Pool (red pools)
    • If Primordius steps in these pools, his mutation level will increase
    • If a player steps in these pools then one of two things will happen:
      • If the player has < 5 helpful mutations, the player will absorb the pool, take 50,0o0 -> 100,000 (Nature) damage and give 1 of 4 helpful mutations.  Helpful mutations include:
        • 5% increase to all stats
        • 10% increase to mastery
        • 10% increase to haste
        • 10% increase to critical strike
      • If the player is already transformed, they will gain a harmful mutations upon stepping in the pool in addition to taking the damage above
        • 10% decrease to all stats
        • 20% decrease to mastery
        • 20% decrease to haste
        • 20% decrease to critical strike
  • Volatile Pool (purple pools, THESE MOVE)
    • If Primordius steps in these pools, his mutation level will increase
    • Inflicts 100,000 -> 200,000 (Nature) damage every 1s

Viscous Horror (big red/black globs) – Every so often, one of these will spawn at a random pool along the edge of the pool, it’s designated pool will be marked with a large black puddle before its coming

  • Black Blood (Debuff): Ticking dot for 20,000 (Nature) damage every 3s, gives player’s attacks Black Blood, stacks and lasts 1 minute
    • Black Blood (Buff): Inflicts additional 20,000 (Nature) damage to Living Fluids (small red glob) and Viscous Horrors (large red/black glob), stacks and lasts 1 minute
  • Deadly Mutagen: If the Viscous Horror gets within melee range of Primordius, it will explode dealing 999,999 (Nature) to all players

Healing Tips

Before you ask, no Hand of Purity does not work on the Volatile Pathogen.  It’s another one of those periodic damage but not ticking DoT spells.  As you can see, the mechanics list of this fight is significantly shorter.  You can still pretty much derp your way through his mutation spells on Heroic apart from being a little more careful on where to stand.  At every point of the fight, I was unaware of any of Primordius’ mutations part from volatile pathogen.  However if you plan to play better, it would be helpful to have Primordius targeted to see his mutations as well as who he’s on.  So what are the main things to do to succeed in killing him?

Assign healing:

  • 1 healer to raid
  • 1 healer to Viscous Horror tank
  • 1 healer to Primordius tank

Assign DPS:

  • 1 dedicated big glob killers + 1-2 backup ranged DPS: When the big glob killer is not transformed, they will need help killing the big glob from the backup.  Also when they need to get stacks, they should call out for another transformed DPS to kill the glob while they get stacks.
  • 1 dedicated small glob killer: This person basically just kills globs the whole time.  Warlocks are good for this.

Tanks: Switch every 2 globs.  For the dedicated glob killer, it’s also important you get your stacks.  You can lax on the first big glob to kill a few small globs each time for some stacks.  If you three heal it, you should be one of the first to get transformed.  You can also call out to ask others to kill a glob or two for you.  You can hold off on DPS when you know that the tank will be able to finish killing the glob.

me and my fellow resto-shaman took the tanks in this and I specifically heal the Primordius tank.  Since I had to switch Beacon quite a bit I took the Beacon glyph.  We may have ended up making the fight harder than it is by swapping tank healing but  I felt like it was better to keep my beacon on the tank.  As I mentioned before, the Primordius tank will be taking quite a lot of damage and will need to be specifically healed.  It doesn’t mean don’t pay attention to anyone else because you sure as hell will need to but this way, if tanks are on either sides of the room there will be a healer assigned to each one and people won’t have to run around getting in range.  Primordius occasionally does his heavy hitting Primordial Strike.  If you’re healing the Primordius tank, watch out for this (it comes ever 20 or 30 seconds, I forget)  and be ready to cast your big heals.

As I mentioned the raid will be taking quite a lot of AOE damage.  I would suggest very proper use of your healing cooldowns for this fight.  Damage will just get more and more intense towards the end so make sure you have those ready.  Also, mana cooldowns are important in this fight as most likely you will OOM near the end if you have under 16,000 spirit with only the Shado-pan trinket for mana return.  Use it wisely and in a timely manner.  Also, be aware that if you are low and you need pools, you should not go run to 4 pools and get them all as you take quite a chunky amount of damage when stepping in them.

Volatile Pathogen needs to be watched.  It does a good deal of ticking damage.  You should call out and individuals should pop their damage reduction cooldowns as they see fit.  Use your divine protection for the love of god as much as you can.  40% magic reduction is no laughing matter on a fight that consists of 95% magic damage to the raid.

In terms of positioning, make sure that you stand somewhere on the center circle of the room.  However be aware, the purple pools will gradually move towards Primordius and if you don’t watch where you’re standing you will die a swift but painless death.

In terms of getting yourself helpful mutations.  As a holy paladin, I would suggest letting everyone else get their mutations first, and then get 4, not 5 mutations.  If you 2 heal this fight, then you should be one of the first people after perhaps the tank and the glob killing DPS to get the buffs.  As soon as one mutation is about to drop, go pick up another one to  refresh the duration.  Getting fully transformed gives you no benefit to healing other than the final buff and it takes much longer to go and collect them than getting one at a time.  I would still recommend not worrying about pools especially if you have 3 healers till after the other players have gotten theirs. Other than this, you can’t really do much about the Vicious Horrors getting to the boss.  It will happen many times but your tanks will get the hang of it.  Then the rest of the fight is a DPS race.  I’d definitely say that this fight becomes easier with more gear.  The damage of the final phases of the fight are just ridiculous after a number of stacks.


5 thoughts on “Heroic Primordius

  1. Just curious, why not take Hand of Purity for Volatile Pathogen and the tank dot that is applied by either the boss or the ooze?
    Sellinz from MMO-c

    • Hand of Purity doesn’t work on the Volatile Pathogen ticking damage. A query of the spell Hand of Purity and Volatile Pathogen for the Primordius kill on WoL returns this:

      [21:27:03.545] Primordius begins to cast Volatile Pathogen
      [21:27:05.547] Primordius casts Volatile Pathogen on XXXXXX
      [21:27:05.589] XXXXXX afflicted by Volatile Pathogen from Primordius
      [21:27:06.790] XXXXXX Volatile Pathogen XXXXXX 86400
      [21:27:07.973] XXXXXX Volatile Pathogen XXXXXX Absorb (108000)
      [21:27:08.825] XXXXXX Volatile Pathogen XXXXXX Absorb (108000)
      [21:27:09.686] XXXXXX Volatile Pathogen XXXXXX Absorb (108000)
      [21:27:09.686] (Me) casts Hand of Purity on XXXXXX
      [21:27:09.987] XXXXXX gains Hand of Purity from (Me)
      [21:27:10.789] XXXXXX Volatile Pathogen XXXXXX Absorb (97200)
      [21:27:11.627] XXXXXX Volatile Pathogen XXXXXX Absorb (97200)
      [21:27:12.805] XXXXXX Volatile Pathogen XXXXXX Absorb (97200)
      [21:27:13.692] XXXXXX Volatile Pathogen XXXXXX 82142 (A: 15058)
      [21:27:14.828] XXXXXX Volatile Pathogen XXXXXX 97200
      [21:27:15.554] Primordius’s Volatile Pathogen fades from XXXXXX
      [21:27:15.654] XXXXXX Volatile Pathogen XXXXXX 97200
      [21:27:15.997] (My) Hand of Purity fades from XXXXXX

      The other tank dots like Black Blood or do seem to be affected by Hand of Purity and it is fairly helpful to have Hand of Purity especially with upwards of 7 or 8 stacks. I’ll revise that in the guild. I suggested unbreakable spirit to decrease cooldown of divine protection for reduction of magic damage which is 100% of raid damage for this fight or to decrease lay on hands which you might be able to use twice during the fight. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Yeah I completely understand, need to see if I can dig up some logs, it definitly feels like it works for me but it also may just be our disc priest working his magic, I will look further into it. Solid stuff you have here for the most part, will make an effort to check back.
    -Sellinz, Kel’thuzad

  3. Thanks for the guild. Did you find anytime during the fight when it would be best to use any certain CD like Devo or anything like that? I’ve had kills on primordius where we have killed him before our mutation buff even wore off. Will the fight last long enough for us to even be able to use our 3min CDs twice in one attempt?

    • I kind of just rotate my cooldowns as everyone’s taking some form of damage in some way. The more important thing on this fight is to keep your mana return cooldowns used up as it’s one of the more mana intensive fights. I think Devo would be best used during the spell where he sprays everyone in that green circle on the ground. On heroic, our fights are typically around the 6 minute mark. Even the fastest on WoL are around the 4.5-5 minute mark so you should get to use your 3 min cooldowns twice.

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