Heroic Durumu

After no progression and only clearing for 4 weeks, this boss was fairly easy to come back to.  The fight took around 10 pulls to get.  Only got a few tries in on Heroic Primordius last night and he seems harder than Heroic Durumu so I’d recommend trying this guy either around the time you do Heroic Council or Heroic Megaera.  Heroic Durumu is also a fight where better item level will get you very far so if you’re already slightly overgeared for the content then you should be fine doing this fight. Compared to normal, all of Durumu’s spells hit harder of course.  In addition, there are a few things introduced on Heroic most important of which are Dark Parasite and Ice Walls.  I’ll go into how to deal with everything so lets get started.

General Raid Makeup:

  • 1-2 Tanks (1 if you have a paladin, doesn’t need to be protection)
  • 2 healers (I would not recommend 3 healing unless you’re 1 tanking the fight, getting through the light spectrum phase faster is better than getting through the light spectrum phase slower with more healing.)
  • 6-7 DPS

Recommended Talents: Speed of Light, Holy Avenger, Unbreakable Spirit/Clemency, Holy Prism > Light’s Hammer
Recommended Glyphs: Divinity, Beacon of Light (if 2 tanking) or Protector of the Innocent (if not), Beacon of Flash of Light or Beacon of Avenging Wrath doesn’t really matter…

* Would recommend going for intellect buffs even though this is a heroic fight…mana is not a big issue.

 General Spells

Gaze (Derp Spell) – If no melee targets are within Durumu’s range he will hit all players for 50% weapon damage (Physical)
Hard Stare (Tank Debuff) – Inflicts 150% weapon damage (Physical) and applied Serious Wound and Arterial Cut

  • Serious Would – Receives 10% less healing/stack
  • Arterial Cut – Suffers 40,000 -> 60,000 (Physical) damage every 1s until healed to full

Light Spectrum – Three color beams (blue, yellow and red) track 3 random targets in the raid (no tanks).  After 3s the beam will change to a cone.  Blue and red cones will track players while the yellow cone will begin rotating (can be either clockwise or counterclockwise) around in a circle.  The longer you stand in each cone, the more damage you will take from being in the cone.  This is tracked by a debuff with the color. The three cones are called Infrared Light (Red), Bright Light (Yellow), Blue Rays (Blue).

  • Damage increase from the standing in the cone is increased by 2% -> 3% every 2 seconds
  • If no players are in one of the cones, players will receive 200,000 Fire/Nature/Frost damage every 2s depending on which cone is empty
  • If at least one person is standing in the cone, players will suffer 125,000 -> 166,667 Fire/Nature/Frost damage every 2s distributed evenly among the total number of players in that cone

Light Spectrum Adds – 3 Crimson Fog (red), 2 Amber Fog (yellow), and 1 Azure Fog (blue) adds will spawn during each light spectrum.  They are completely stationary and only begin to cast their specific ability when they are unrevealed.  All of these are invisible unless they are revealed with the cone of light.  After a fog is revealed, if the beam moves from the mob and unreveals them before they die, all players will take 300,000 -> 500,000 Fire/Nature/Frost damage depending on which revealed one was was unrevealed.  Additionally, Azure Fogs (blue) will explode for this damage when they are killed.

Crimsom Fog Special Ability – Caustic Spike

  • Targets random players and inflicts 60,000 -> 80,000 (Physical) damage

Amber Fog Special Ability – Amber Retaliation

  • Cast once for every 10% health lost, inflicts 15,000 (Physical) damage to all players in cone of Bright Light (yellow)

Azure Fog Special Ability – Icy Grasp

  • Inflicts increasing Frost Damage to all players in blue cone

*Azure Fogs will also respawn when killed.

Mind’s Eye (Random AOE Cone Attack) – randomly casts Force of Will

  • Force of Will – targets random player, purple cone appears on ground around target location and any players in this cone are knocked back to their deaths when Force of Will finishes casting

Appraising Eye – randomly casts Lingering Gaze

  • Lingering Gaze – targets two random players and throws a green ball on to them, when it lands it explodes for 50,000 -> 65,000 (Shadow) damage to all players within 15 yards and creates a zone on the ground  which deals 75,000 -> 100,000 (Shadow) damage and slows movement by 30% to any players who come in to the zone

Evil Eye – randomly casts Dark Parasite (can target anyone)

  • Dark Parasite – deals increasing shadow damage to host, see damage increases on duration in table below, dispelling this causes the parasite to change to Dark Plague
    • Dark Plague – duration equal to time left on Dark Parasite when dispelled, spawns wandering eyes ever 3 seconds
      • Wandering Eye – attacks random players, inflicts 50,000 (Shadow) damage to host every 2 seconds and causes host to suffer same amount of damage done to it

Buff Duration

0% Mitigation

15% Mitigation

40% Mitigation





























































Disintegration Beam – focus beams to central spot in north of map for a couple of seconds, turns in either clockwise or counterclockwise direction as Cross-Eyes create maze of Eye Sores all around the platform, anyone hit by the beam instantly dies, no immunity effects work on this

  • Cross Eye – creates Eye Sore maze on platform
    • Eyes Sores – inflict 125,000 -> 160,000 (Arcane) damage to all players standing on it every 1s, eye sore maze is continually revealed as beam rotates
  • Stern Eye – appear around circumference of platform and face forward covering an inverted cone, cast Stern GazeMind Daggers – any active eyes such as Wandering Eyes will inflict 30,000 -> 48,000 (Arcane) damage to one random player
    • Stern Gaze – inflicts arcane damage to 2 closest players, the further they are away, the less damage they take
  • Walls of Ice – three walls of ice appear in a peace sign formation with one wall being aligned to the disintegration beam, each wall has sections which are health linked

Hungry Eye – periodically summons Life Drain

  • Life Drain – focuses on random players and beings to siphon life, stunning them for 15 seconds, life drained will add to Durumu’s health pool (effectively healing him), the longer the drain Is on one person the more life will be drain, always target closest player between target and eye which spawns near Durumu, Physical damage

* Life drain this for (unmitigated) around 75-80K  the first tick, around 120K the second tick and around 150K the third tick

Obliterate – Durumu kills all players if not defeated in 10 minutes or if the Light Spectrum phase is not completed in under 80 seconds


Everything about the light spectrum adds is the same.  Don’t reveal the blue add, reveal Red gradually.  Yellow will reveal by items.  The phases of the fight go in a well defined order.  For the duration of the fight, he will cast Force of Will, Lingering Gaze and Dark Parasite.

Low Damage Normal -> High Damage Light Spectrum -> Ice Walls Closely Followed by Disintegration Beam -> Ice Walls Closely Followed by Light Spectrum -> Ice Walls Closely Followed by Disintegration Beam -> Ice Walls -> Light Spectrum

Spawn times:

  • Ice Walls spawn approximately every 36s after the first spawn which is during the first disintegration beam
  • Dark Parasite cast is more variable, at points it was being cast every minute, then there was more than a minute and sometimes almost 2 minutes between casts.  I do believe the cast is based on something else since it doesn’t go off during the maze, the timer on DBM should be accurate

This phase order means that at certain points basically before each Ice Wall, the raid needs to be clumped in the same quadrant.  The three walls always spawn in the same spots in a peace sign formation so you should know exactly where to stand each time.  During the Ice Walls before disintegration beam, you should always clump in either the left or right 180 degree cone next to the Ice Wall. This allows you to quickly go to either the left or right depending on which direction Durumu is turning.  During the one before Light Spectrum, it’s only important you’re in the same quadrant.

This fight is extremely easy with good coordination.  You absolutely don’t want to waste time inching around the circle trying to find the beasts.  You should and can know where they are before they spawn.  You should assign the following:

  • 1 person (ranged dps or tank) to move to where you need to stand for Ice Walls, this person should be familiar with where the walls are going to stand
  • 3 people (preferably melee dps) assigned to watch where the 3 Crimson Fogs spawn and place their own color raid markers down
  • 1 person  (anyone) to watch for where the blue one spawns for the blue cone and place their own color raid marker down
  • 1 person (preferably ranged DPS) to watch for where the yellow adds spawn and kill them when they are revealed by the yellow light

Also what needs to be coordinated are where people are standing during the light spectrum phase.  This is what worked for our group:

1st Light Spectrum

  • Yellow: 1 Ranged DPS + Off-tank + Main tank until their damage becomes too great, then step out
  • Red: Healer 2 + Melee DPS, if you don’t have any just place some ranged, there should be at least 2 people in this
  • Blue: Healer 1 + 1 Ranged DPS

2nd Light Spectrum – Healer 1 and 2 switch places

In the first Light Spectrum, you can most evenly divide the setup depending on what your group makeup is.  It’s always good for at least 1 person to be free to take the place of someone who receives the beam but is not assigned to stand in the color.  2 people standing in each beam is fine.  In the second Light Spectrum however, a life drain will come during the middle therefore you need 3 people who can actively run to the life drain.  You have to have communication during the life drain as this is one of the hardest parts of the fight.  Do not! Go above 3 stacks.  Many BossMods like DBM or BigWigs count out how many stacks you have in chat bubbles.  It would be a good idea for this fight.  After the next person steps in the person after that should be ready to step in immediately. Everything gets chaotic when the life drain comes during the Light Spectrum so most likely this will be the phase you’ll be stuck on getting past.  If you can coordinate this well then you should be quickly downing this boss.  The other thing is, don’t make it a mad mob rush to stand in the beam out of the lightning phase.  Each time you take a tick of the life drain you will be stunned so you don’t want a bunch of people getting 1 stack and taking a bunch of time off DPS.  Coordinate it cleanly.

I never noticed the Amber Mobs in the normal version of this fight and only really saw them in the second version.  My guild didn’t have any bugs with this mob but apparently other guilds did.  It will be good to assign one ranged DPS to focus on these yellow mobs when they appear.  You have only a limited amount of time to kill the move and while they don’t have a lot of health and can pretty easily be killed by one person you still need to watch out for them.  This is why it would be good to position the yellow beam when it first is being shown on whoever its target is to go to a place far away from where the yellow marks appear on the ground.

Dark Parasite

Several ways to deal with this.  If your raid has two shamans you’re in luck and you should never even have to deal with this.  If your raid has one shaman you’ll deal with it 50% of the time if they’re awake.  Why? Because grounding totem can soak up this spell.  See the evidence below from World of Logs (no I did not just type this up -_-):

[20:58:28.678] Evil Eye casts Dark Parasite on Grounding Totem

If you can completely avoid this spell it will make what was originally not a difficult mechanic completely nonissue.

If you do need to deal with this mechanic, then you should know as holy paladins that Hand of Purity does not work on the DoT portion of this effect because apparently it’s not a dot even though the Wowhead spell says “periodic damage”. Therefore I would recommend you take either Unbreakable Spirit or Clemency for the sacrifice which will help a lot especially considering the final ticks of this can go above 400k.  My recommendation is to be smart about this debuff.  Sure it’s not great to dispell it, but if you’re about to die, dispelling it removes ALL of the damage.  You should not be in danger of dying unless you’re under 12 seconds and at that point, you should place a sacrifice on the target and hit your divine protection.  Coordinate a cooldown with your other heals such as Pain Suppression or whatever healing cooldowns you have.  It should honestly not be a big issue.  One problem we were having is that people would run out of range of the healers when the parasite came during light spectrum.  This is why we switched the healing locations up.  You should be able to reach people if you stand close to the boss but in the panic of things you might just want to stand near them instead of trying to find them.

The maze is no difference apart from the fact it does a little more damage and the ice walls are right before.  You have to kill the walls and be positioned on the right (not left/right but wrong/right) side of Durumu before he starts rotating.  If you have an elemental shaman, bring them for ice walls and grounding totem.  You should be ready to run to either side of the beam so get close to the wall as it’s about to die.  Don’t die on the maze at this point you should be familiar with doing it.  Patience is the key.  Apparently there is additional damage during the maze phase but honestly I didn’t even notice it.  Keep throwing out AOE heals and you should be fine.

Execute your normal mode mechanics roughly perfect and life drain perfectly, deal with heroic mechanics and you should be quickly on your way to killing this boss.  For healers, the majority of the damage like 80% is during light spectrum so don’t be afraid to pop your healing cooldowns.  Furthermore, since you should only be experiencing two your 3 minute cooldowns will be up for every single light spectrum.  Holy Avenger is really nice on this fight due to the HoT and everyone taking a lot of periodic damage.  In general, this fight is a lot less healing intensive than Megaera while being around the same in mechanics execution.

Anything else I haven’t covered, feel free to ask!  Good luck!


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