And the holy paladin cry-fest continues…

The sobfest of holy paladins everywhere (including me) has not ceased yet.  The complaining mainly comes from the point that yes, some parts of our class deserved to be nerfed but now the nature of our class is this slow moving gimp healing class with no raid utility.  These problems existed before but now that other aspects of our healing palette are diminished in color, these problems become more apparent and worth crying about.

So take a look at the following 10 heroic fights from Raidbots.  The paladin line is pink, monk is teal, druid is orange, shaman is blue, discipline priest is white and holy priest is fainter white.  I know the priests are hard to see…but I can’t do much about that.  Anyways, the yellow line on each plot indicates the patch date.  Typically there is a day or two lag from the start of the patch.  Remember that with the patch came an essential boss nerf as you were able to now upgrade gear so most healing classes were expected to go up in HPS. Also I have to mention the choices I picked to generate the plots are:

Data Set: All Parses
Timespan: 1 Month
Sample Period: 1 Week
Measure: Median


We can see a pretty apparent fall in HPS in the first three fights, Primordius and more moderate one in Iron Qon and Megaera.  For the other fights, some fights show more mixed signs.  Lets remember however especially for Dark Animus, Durumu and Primordius that there are significantly less samples for these fights.  Therefore, our median healing overall went down pretty significantly for most fights as intended (grumble?).  Now that I look at these plots you do see a moderate decrease in discipline priests for most fights but still they are the top healer.

I have been kind of discouraged with healing only due to a bad raid day this week (wiping 10 times on a boss that I thought was farm?).  But those days come and go and sometimes you just need to move on and realize the problem wasn’t honestly with the fact that paladins got nerfed, but that we were all in general screwing up more.  Tonight we should see some pulls on H.Primordius or H.Durumu and hopefully a kill?!

Some paladins are now calling for buffs to our other raid abilities such as Devotion Aura.  Some are very nervous about the potential nerfs to eternal flame in 5.4.  What are you opinions?

Here are my honest opinions, trying to look past all of this nerf hangover.  Paladins were strong pre-patch because they were excellent spot raid healers and their overpowered mastery.  Any class however has one OP healing spell which makes up the top 3 healing spots and takes absolutely no skill beyond knowing when to press one button…(Revival, Tranq, Divine Hymn).  At least with paladin mastery, the absorbs procced off manually healing people.  Of course you could spam overhealing to your hearts content and get massive amounts of healing out of the mastery.  But here is where you separate some players from others.  At least for myself, the goal of my healing was not to spam heal the raid to pump up my illuminated healing, but rather to have it added on to effective healing.  Perhaps there are people out there who just abuse the system, and perhaps this was the right way to do it, but for people like me it took activity to utilize the mastery beyond pressing one button and seeing that spell show up in the top 3.  That being said I agree with the mastery because it was getting stupid good. (50%?)  My comments are mostly pointed at people who like comparing Illuminated Healing to spells like Tranquility and Revival and think we should get rid of it all together.

Moving on to the holy shock nerf, I was really sad to see this go because this was one of the reasons I loved playing holy paladins.  A great instant cast heal who doesn’t want that? If you were to ask me whether you would rather have illuminated healing or the 4 second holy shock back, I would unflinchingly say the holy shock.  The holy power generate was just wonderful and the ability to heal spot damage, there just is not comparison.  One of the reasons this was so powerful before was its pairing with illuminated healing and eternal flame.  So I’ll ask myself a second questions, given the choice between holy shock and the way eternal flame is currently, which would you choose.  I thought about this, and I would still choose the holy shock.  Eternal flame is good on the meters and has better raid utility in 10 man.  But it’s not something that holy radiance or light of dawn (perhaps buffed a little) can’t take the place off.  The instant heal with WoG was half of the reason it was so good and that would still be there with WoG.

Therefore, some solutions to the current problem I can see are:

  • Give back 4 second holy shock, take away HoT on eternal flame or make them mutually exclusive talents from each other such as adding it as a buff to sacred shield? 😀
  • Don’t change anything about eternal flame for the love of god
  • Buff devotion aura with something like 10% boost or have it applicable to physical damage as well, this would make it still weaker than power word barrier or revival

So I was curious what your thoughts are?  Fill out the poll below if it pleases you 🙂


5 thoughts on “And the holy paladin cry-fest continues…

  1. “gimp healing class with no raid utility” – I’m sorry, but Paladin has the most raid utility of any healer, and always had. Don’t know what are you talking about here 😕

    Also, none of your proposed changes are what I’d like to see. 4s HS is sure fun for a while, but only because its very OP. I like that EF heals for a ton and is free, but I’d rather see it nerfed and non-HP heals buffed because currently it feels bad to cast our normal spells.

    Mastery is ok the way it is, making it it proc only from effective healing will make it take an instant dive into being the lowest priority stat we have -> very little % of our healing, to the borders if insignificance. TBH they should have nerfed it more severely than they did because its still a head and shoulders better than other stats and it kills some of the fun in gearing/playstyle.

    As for devotion aura, its and already rather powerful raid CD, buffing it even more is pointless and may very well create a negative effect on game. Are you being benched because you lack utility on a boss? No, paladins have the most utility as it is and aren’t benched often. The game has way more raid CDs than it should have, as the result most raid encounters’ healing is solved just by assigning times to when to use them. Buffing CDs more would worsen this.

    TLDR: buff normal heals, nerf EF and mastery, leave the rest as it is or nerf some of our utility.

    • That statement was intended to be exaggerated much like a majority of the beginning of the post but there is a point to what I said. In terms of raid utility, I’m not defining it as simply healing output which at least in 10 mans for paladins is still quite strong. What I meant as raid utility is some type of spell that can basically be raid saving or at least apply to everyone at once in a raid. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. Devotion aura seems powerful because it mitigates 20% magical. Take any large physical damage ability like Horridon’s stomp, Ji-Kun’s Quills, etc, and in those cases Paladins have no defenses against those in the form of protection of the raid except from healing cooldowns. I can understand the argument that healing cooldowns count as part of raid utility but popping something like Holy Avenger or Avenging Wrath is not going to save raids from dying from massive AOE damage. Sure you might be able to heal through the damage better but you can not argue that devotion aura is better than something like priest barrier, monk’s revival or druid tranquility. The proof is just there in the numbers. I did not actually mean that paladins have no raid utility when I said they are a class with no raid utility. But I was saying that Devotion Aura is weaker compared to the other raid-wide healing cooldowns for other classes.

      The 4 second holy shock is OP and my poll is kind of misleading in the sense that I didn’t mean keep things the way they are and reintroduce holy shock. HS just synced well with our mastery, eternal flame blanketing and everything. What I meant was in 5.4, my choice would be to get the holy shock back and take whatever nerfs they are thinking about for eternal flame or mastery which I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing another one of. Your idea of buffing our casting heals is something I didn’t think of before and seems like a good possible solution.

      • I see, but I don’t think every class should have an answer to everything bosses do, it makes the game dull and reduces (the already limited) diversity of classes/specs. Paladins, however have more than just aura mastery that is extremely useful to a raid and counts towards their utitily – Bop, bubble, taunt, freedom, sacrif, purity (although nerfed), etc. Having at least one paladin in the raid increases the chances of success by a lot on many bosses and guys like Shamans, druids and to some extent holy priests can only dream about.

  2. I completely agree. I mean Lay on Hands can definitely be a raid saver among other things you mentioned too and it would be redundant to have classes have similar cooldowns. Thanks for your input and here’s to hoping they won’t mess things up in the upcoming patch too much.

  3. Hello. I just discovered your blog: First thanks for this work!
    I’m in 25 heroic content and you talk out of my soul. The Holypaly wich i’m playing is not very useful to my raid anymore and if my raidlead would be clever they will look out for more priests…
    I hope that Bliz will fix this maybe just with a really strong “seable” cooldown. Auramastery is fine but you “see” nothing of it like the other strong cooldowns from other classes.
    At the moment i’m overhealing like an idiot to be half-useful but thats just a fake and i’m not liking it. Sorry for my bad english. Greetings from Germany.

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