To Use 4-Set T15, or not to Use 4-Set T15

Unless you live under a rock, you know by now that Blizzard has nerfed our beloved T14 4-Set bonus to force us to not use it.  But did they do anything to make use want to use our T15 2-Set or 4-Set bonus? Perhaps not quite and that is why many holy paladins are foregoing the T15 4-Set bonus in favor of better itemized pieces with more mastery.

If you haven’t switched to the new tier yet or don’t have any sort of deduction abilities you will find out that you will not be able to weave holy shock between spells and still maintain the semblance of being a healer anymore.  The time between holy shocks is essentially just enough for two casting spells such as Divine Light or Holy Radiance.  By adjusting the daybreak spell to be a stackable buff off Holy Radiance, Blizzard has realized just how overpowered Holy Radiance is compared to Divine Light and how much they screwed themselves over by giving T15 such a lackluster bonus.  The change to Daybreak in fact fits right in with the increased time between holy shocks.  Now you will not be losing the Daybreak procs you were losing before.  Most have established that the two-set is not a bad idea to get, and furthermore there are two tier pieces with mastery, the Helm and the Shoulder.  But the other two pieces pants and gloves have haste and the chest, well we won’t talk about that black sheep in the family so many holy paladins have decided to use other pieces such as the pants from Dark Animus which have mastery, and the gloves from Tortos which have mastery and will end up having more int/spirit and other stats because they have a chance to be thunderforged.  Also either the chest from Lei-Shen or (god forbid using a piece without spirit) the chest from Ra-den has better secondary stats than the chest. 

So the question is, should we use the better itemized pieces over getting at least 4-set?  To answer this question we must evaluate what the 4-set actually gives us.

Well, Blizzard created the impression that the 4-set is this amazing thing and will do wonders for fulfilling your role in the raid simply due to how hard it is to get the 4-set, how good the last 4-set was.  So it’s understandable that people don’t understand how crap the T15 4-Set is.  It doesn’t fit in to the world order and therefore we are angry. In all seriousness, though lets take a look at what the 4-set does.

Look at any fight in ToT and then look at how much overhealing you’re doing with your beacon.  So in what situations do you get such high overhealing?

  1. Minimal Tank Damage: Well…the boss just hits like a fluffy pillow so that Disc priest is taking up all your heals with beacon. That jerk.
  2. Lag: Delayed reaction, someone with superspeed reaction, just call it what you want.  The beacon heal just takes longer to hit the tank!

The fact that you can’t actually fix any of these situations means that you can’t really fix the situations of overhealing with beacon used on the tank.  But think about this situation.  The tank is taking massive amounts of damage, and sure you’re doing some overhealing, but a majority of your healing is still being effective.  Now boost this effectiveness by 20%.  Will you do more overhealing? Yes you will.  But. Every heal which previously healed your tank for only 30K will now heal your Tank who’s being smashed into the ground for 36K.  6K sure not great but it adds up. Also, it’s not as if you could have spent this time doing something better.  You will be healing the same with or without the T15 4-set.  If your better item level gear will give you an additional 6K on your beacon, then sure I would recommend dropping the T15 set but till then, the increased beacon healing is still great for heavy tank damage fights such as Council or Heroic Primordius. 

Something no one has really dabbled in or at least talked about is consistently swapping beacon from player to player.  This is a method which I think will benefit supremely from this 4-set bonus.  But playing this way is hard, I mean it’s hard enough to deal with healing people but now you need to add beacon swapping on top of it.  You need to think about two healing spells in stead of one.  No one really plays this way because it’s hard to play this way.  I’m still convinced that this way of playing will see great benefit out of the T15 4-Set but good luck learning to play this way.  We all want to just leave our beacon on someone and not have to worry about it.  But think about it in this way.  Instead of placing beacon on the tank in a fight which has relatively low boss damage, place it on dps who you know are going to take damage.  I mean place it on yourself for all it matters.  Get that juicy 100% boosted eternal flame on top of the beacon transfer and you will never die!  Rather than healing the raid to heal the tank, heal the raid to heal a player.  This will of course require constant switching.  This method will in my opinion create even more overhealing on fights with only moderate raid damage so for those you might just want to switch to higher item level gear but on fights such as Council, you could switch your Beacon to the frostbite target, switch it around during Kazrajin, leave it on the tank for Frigid Assault, just all in all a great fight for the 4-set.  But how about a fight like Megaera where no one should really be taking a whole lot of damage other than the tank and even then only during breath?  Then perhaps it’s better to switch to a higher item level set.  Think of Jin’rokh where the tank is taking laughable amounts of damage.  Would it not be better to have better item level gear for more stam and more base healing? 

The point to all of this highly ridiculous rambling is that there are situations and fights where I think the T15 4-Set will be great.  In Throne of Thunder, I can count them on one hand.  But you must think long and hard before discrediting the 4-Set in non-heavy tank damage fights.  With better gear, are you not also providing yourself with the chance for more overhealing simply due to better gear?  Where is the balance in these things?  Is having better item level gear and a general overall increase in overhealing a more beneficial choice than having a 4-set which increases overhealing on one target more and increases the opportunity to heal the raid more and the tank less and will you actually heal the raid more and the tank less with the T15 4-Set?  That is something that you will need to determine yourself and I will not be surprised if healers switch between sets for different fight encounters.


6 thoughts on “To Use 4-Set T15, or not to Use 4-Set T15

  1. Great post, I definitely will work on T15 4 set, but will swap it out from fight to fight.

  2. thats some crazy shit to thing about it !! ugh

  3. I tried to play by swapping the beacon. It often ended that my beacon stays on a player, who don’t need heal, too long and the hps dropped down. The other problem that when you have to “think” to much about your beacon and the perfect usage, i ended by failing to something stupid. And overall at this moment you are always better to spam AOE overheal. But in 10man raiding this could be more effective because you have not so many players to choose as beacon target.

  4. […] Paladiner suggests skipping the T15 4pc. His experience with specific fights doesn’t reflect my own, probably because he runs with a different healer team makeup, and, more likely, he does 10s while I do 25s. But! As stubborn as I am about keeping my shiny 4pc, I do agree that the extra stat bonus from an upgrade from normal-mode T15 piece to a heroic (or better, a Heroic THUNDERFORGED!) non-T15 piece would probably give your healing more oomph than a boost to Beacon. […]

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