Been Trying Out the New Tier15 Set!

Just wanted to let you guys know that I probably won’t be coming out with Heroic guides in the next two weeks or so since some guild members went on hiatus.  No drama no worries, just time off for some nice vacations.  We managed to kill Heroic Council a few days ago and I will be shortly uploading a guide for that.  I’ve been working on it for a few days and it’s going to be a long and good one.

Also decided recently to stop being stubborn and try out the Tier 15 set since I now have 4 set including heroic Shoulders and the Lei Shen chest which is not a bad off piece.  I was just storing up gear in my bank.  Anyways I think it’s worth the switch if you don’t have heroic T14 which I only had the shoulders of and not upgraded at that.  The most important thing I’ll say at this point is I can really see why Blizzard changed Daybreak to a two stack spell.  You just don’t have time in between to wait for the holy shock to come off cooldown so you will often be wasting daybreak.  My daybreak heal went up quite a bit and have a lot more spell power was nice.  I ended up healing around the same amount as my previous set but that statement is extremely vague of course.  In the meantime of my guild member’s hiatus I will be tanking O.o who would’ve thought.  It’s a completely different kind of mentality tanking for a real raid and one that I certainly am not used to.  I know now that my true role is in healing 🙂

Anyways I figure in the meantime I will go over and refine parts of the blog as well as possibly create a Holy Paladin guide.  I know there’s a ton of them out there but I’ll try to populate it with some specific insight rather than just basic details. I’ll also try to crank out some of the gold challenge mode guides 🙂


2 thoughts on “Been Trying Out the New Tier15 Set!

  1. Glad Daybreak got a stacking buff to it. With my Tier 14 being replaced I was pretty much doing back to back Holy Radiance so it fits in nice now with new Daybreak. In addition Tier 15 2pc 50% buff to Daybreak.

  2. I agree, in 25m the Daybreak buff and the synergy it has with the tier bonus really works well. Also, I dropped you an email to your paladiner address, so check it when you get a chance!

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