Heroic Megaera

Megaera is probably the first roadblock my guild has dealt with.  The fight is partially a mechanics fight, and partially a gear check.  The rampage phase certainly is a gear check for healers.  Apart from rotating cooldowns, during that phase there are no mechanics involved. Only pure healing output combined with damage reduction cooldowns can keep the group up.  The rest of the fight is more mechanics heavy but a majority of the success also depends on how fast you can DPS the heads and the adds.  The mechanics must be dealt with, but they are not wipe-worthy if things go a little bit wrong.

On heroic, Megaera suddenly sprouts a new arcane head in addition to keeping her poison, fire and ice heads.  There are no new mechanics related to the other heads. Just like the old heads, the arcane heads have one tank debuff from a breath cone and one spell targeted at the raid.  The arcane head spawns to the left of the fire head.

Our guild’s kill order is the following (anyone telling you that this is the only kill order possible is a fool):

Frost -> Fire -> Arcane -> Frost -> Fire -> Arcane

The head emerging order for our kill order goes like this (basically on each round, the head you don’t kill remains up):

Frost/Poison -> Fire/Poison -> Arcane/Poison -> Frost/Poison -> Fire/Poison -> Arcane/Poison

The reasons for choosing this particular order is that after killing the poison head, the bolt that he places on the ground hits for a ton of damage.  Having multiple of these bolts is a lot of damage to heal up. Furthermore, on heroic the head will shoot 3 bolts every time you kill a poison head rather than one. This does mean that the poison head will hit like a truck at the end of the fight.  I have seen some kills where the poison head was killed second from the end so that it does not hit so hard and the raid only needs to deal with 2 head phases with poison bolts.  If you have a warlock in your group (which will make this a lot easier), have him set up the portal from around 25 yards away from the boss in the center to as far away possible in the back.  Make sure that you have healthstones…

As you know Megaera will die after killing 7 of her heads.  I will refer to killing the heads as the head phase(3) for example and the interspersing rampages as rampage(1) if it was after the first head phase, etc.  Ultimately there will be up to head phase(7) and up to rampage(6).

Recommended Talents: Speed of Light, Hand of Purity, Light’s Hammer (these three are pretty much mandatory)Recommended Glyphs: Glyph of Divinity, Glyph of Beacon of Light, Glyph of Avenging Wrath or you could use Glyph of Blinding Light to help out on heals, do not glyph divine protection

Raid Makeup: 3 healers, 2 tanks, 5 DPS/4 DPS + 1 Off-spec tank (frost dk, feral druid, retribution paladin, dps warrior)

(Remember red numbers is the new damage on heroic.)

General Spells

Rampage: Whenever you kill one of Megaeras head, she will inflict 52,000 -> 87,000 damage to the raid from each of her heads.  The damage from the heads is increased by 25% -> 35% for each additional head present in the concealing fog (where the extra heads pop up when the bosses die).  Let me clearly explain this damage to you.

In a 10 man group, after killing the first head (lets assume it’s frost), Megaera will cast Rampage.  At this point, Megaera will have 1 each of the poison, ice, and fire heads and 2 frost heads because that’s the one which was killed. Each head will, consecutively with ~1 second in between, deal 87,000 damage to each person in the raid beginning with fire, ice, poison, then arcane and rotate like that for 5 rounds.  Except for the frost head which will deal 87,000 * 1.35, or 118,125 unmitigated frost damage.  Over the 20 second first rampage, your raid will be dealt a total of 1,903,125 damage or 95156.25 DPS.  Here is the damage increase with our kill order.

Head Kill In Previous Phase

Heads In Concealing Fog

Overall Damage to Raid

Overall DPS to Raid






















































You must have a healing rotation, individuals must use their damage reduction cooldowns appropriately.  There’s nothing more to it.  If you do so, Rampage is not a big deal.  If you do not do so, you will most likely lose people to rampage.

Hydra Frenzy: When you kill one of Megaera’s heads, the other heads outside of the Fog are healed to full and attack 20% faster.  On the first head phase for example, Frost and Poison emerge.  Killing frost heals Poison to full and makes it attack 20% faster.  If you recall I was saying with our kill order, the Poison will hit extremely fast in the last head phase?  This is why.  In the last phase, the poison head with our kill order will be hitting 120% faster.

Elemental Blood of Megaera: Killing one of Megaera’s heads causes the damage of the same heads to increase by 15%.  What this means is by killing a frost head, the 2 frost heads that rise up in the concealing fog will deal 15% more damage each.  Killing another frost head causes the 2 frost heads that spawn and the additional left over frost head to do another 15%->20% more damage.  By the end of the fight therefore, many of the spells will be doing 40% more damage on heroic.

Megaera’s Rage: Heads outside of concealing fog deal 250,000->350,000 damage to their target when no melee targets are in range.  AKA never let this happen.

Flaming Head

Ignite Flesh (Tank Debuff): Fire breath in frontal cone, dealing 127,500 -> 165,750 (Fire) damage every second for 3 seconds, players hit with this burn for 30,000 -> 39,000 (Fire) damage every second for 45 seconds, stacking, healers need to watch out for tanks with this debuff (!)

Cinder (Raid Targeted Spell): Inflicts 105,000 -> 136,500 (Fire) damage, additional 75,000 -> 97,500 (Fire) damage every second for 30 seconds, running over icy group with cinders causes icy ground to go away, dispelling the debuff (or getting rid of it in any way such as using divine shield) drops  a pool of flames that lasts for 1 minute dealing 105,000 -> 136,500 (Fire) damage every second to anyone standing in it, drops this pool every 3 seconds in heroic

Frost Head

Arctic Freeze (Tank Debuff): Frost breath in frontal cone, inflicts 127,500 -> 165,750 (Frost) damage every second for 3 seconds, players hit gain one stack each breath, on 5 stacks they will be stunned for 20 seconds (mini-enrage timer on each frost head)

Torrent of Ice (Raid Targeted Spell): Inflicts 60,000 -> 77,350 (Frost) damage every 0.5 seconds for 8 seconds, kiting the beam over cinders gets rid of cinders, grows to twice it’s size over 1 minute then disappears

Ice Ground: 68,000 -> 88,400 (Frost) damage every second, reducing movement speed by 5% stacking up to 20 times

Venomous Head

Rot Armor (Tank Debuff): Poison breath in frontal cone, inflicts 127,000 -> 165,750 (Nature) damage every second for 3 seconds, players hit gain a debuff of 6% increased damage from everything for 45 seconds, stacking

Acid Raid (Raid Targeted Spell):  Each globule inflicts 390,000 -> 500,000 (Nature) damage upon impact, damage reduced by distance away, 1.5 second cast, spits 3 globules in heroic

Arcane Head (Heroic Only)

Diffusion (Tank Debuff): Arcane breath in frontal cone, inflicts 165,750 (Arcane) damage every second for 3 seconds, players hit receive debuff called Diffusion which reduces healing received by 10%, stacking

Nether Tear (Raid Targeted Spell): Area on the ground from which netherworms appear every second for 6 seconds

  • Nether Spike: Blasts random player for 138,375 (Arcane) damage
  • Supression: Stuns a player for 15 seconds, can be dispelled

Fight Layout

First off, let me show you a legend of the things I will display.  I make this in Power Point, don’t judge.


Recall that our kill order is to skip the poison head.  The setup of the raid should correspond to which head is being killed.  The boss head should always be pointed away from the raid.


If you’re killing the frost or fire head, you should be set up like this.  A tank will always be on the poison head, with the other tank tanking whichever other head you’re killing.  The red arrows indicate attacking.  There should always be one healer on the tank with the poison head.  Towards the end of the fight this tank will be getting pummeled.  Furthermore, sometimes this healer will get the icy torrent spell and be forced to run back.  Communicate this and have the tank save a cooldown when this is happening.  You only really need the cooldown during the breaths for the poison at the beginning.  You can have a paladin fill this role as when things go to crap they can potentially bubble the icy ground to one area.  This healer also needs to watch out for cinders and dispel it quickly since the other healers might now be in range.  Other heals definitely should help watch out if they are in range. For the melee group, if they get cinders they should either run very close to the far edge towards the pool or towards the center.  Do not drop the pools all over the place or where the melee are standing.  For the ranged, the person with cinders should get immediately dispelled within 1 or 2 seconds and the rest of the raid should move to accommodate.

The person with icy torrent should immediately run behind the ranged ground who should be roughly clumped and the rest of the ranged should take a few steps forward.  You can also try to drop the cinders in the icy ground which should be close behind the ranged.  The icy torrent should be as close to each other as possible.  However, do not cut off the road by kiting an icy torrent diagonal to others as you will cut off other people trying to run back.  They should always be parallel. Like in the top in 3 groups.  The whole raid needs to watch out for people with these debuffs and move if they are standing in any of them. When the adds spawn, your off tank can change presence or whatever they need to do to establish agro.  Let this tank grab the adds if you’re ranged before DPSing so they don’t run out of the group.  Melee can pretty much go wild.  You can also wait to DPS the adds till the rampage and just have the tank grab the agro first.

The last thing is remember to start running to the clump position which should be next to the next head that spawns so you can be dpsing it during rampage.  Run before the rampage starts, when the boss is around 5%.  Just make sure you don’t run to the spot before the breath goes off.  We had some issues with people getting the icy ground or cinders right as the rampage was starting.  This is sometimes unavoidable and healers should watch out for these members.  Usually you have one healer blow most of their cooldowns on a rampage, the other heals can be the ones in charge of looking after this person if it happens.  They should also use personals and speed boosts to help.  If it is cinders, make sure you don’t drop it on the stack spawn and wait before running in.  Be quick on any stuns that go off from the worms as well.


This is the placement if the raid is killing the arcane head.  All ranged should stack as left as possible and progressively move up during icy torrent.  Healers you will have to position yourselves further up since the ranged are DPSing the boss and the tank is on the other side of the head so you will most likely need to be a head of the ranged to reach the tank.  during this head, the healer and tank on the poison head are getting absolutely no help from the rest of the raid so you must be alert.



This is probably what your area will look like on your first kill.  People will be spread out and disorganized, things will be dropped on top of the portals and everyone will be dying.  During the last head, round up the adds, but focus DPS on the boss.  CC the adds as best as you can but chances are, people will be getting stunned and nether spiked a lot more.  Dispel things as fast as you see them as they will be doing more damage towards the end.  The last head is pretty crazy but you can essentially ignore every other mechanic as best as you can and just focus on zerging the boss and popping all your healing cool downs if you have any left.

This is a mana intensive fight so use diving please/ trinkets/arcane torrent on cooldown as long as you’re missing a reasonable amount of mana.  The success of this fight depends on how well people can deal with mechanics.  Remember that it is not only the job of the person with icy torrent/cinders to move but also the job of everyone else to move out of their way.  We had a lot of trouble on the 4th head phase with the adds so if you can have those controlled then you will be better off.  Designate a stun rotation and a healing rotation for your healers.  Each head lasts approximately 1-1.5 minutes depending on your DPS.  Your arcing light should be used on every single head.  This spell will end up at least in your top 5 healing.  You can buff your spell but popping divine favor or avenging wrath before if you wish.  I actually saved GotAK for the last phase of the fight since the AOE healing on that spell is not as strong as the main target healed which you will be doing a lot of.

Don’t get discouraged! This boss is the first boss that is a real hurdle so far.  If you can consistently get him past the 4th phase, you should be close to beating the boss.  The rampages are insane but if you space your healing cooldowns out properly you will get through it.

Good luck and I hope this has helped.


4 thoughts on “Heroic Megaera

  1. Is there a reason for the direction you have the heads turned? Blue towards middle and purple away from middle seemed more logical when we tried it, but interested to know if there’s something we’ve overlooked

    • I’m sure that your way is fine if it’s working for you. We had the heads pointed in this particular direction I think so we didn’t need to change the direction the blue head was turned from the previous phases but if you swap the directions of the heads both when the purple head is up then that would work as well. It is actually probably better because then people are closer to where they need to run after that head dies.

  2. Actually, looking at your set up again, I think your positioning means less distance to move between heads (although even less with our purple position plus your blue) and more space for moving to dump ice torrent and cinders. Do you think that would make a difference?

    • Yeah it does kind of give use the left side of the map to use as an area to place the ice torrents and fires. If you point the purple head in your position and the blue in ours, since we typically placed our warlock portal between the purple and red heads, if we stood on top of that it would mess up the landing area. If you have worked out a different way of putting the portal then it would free up the middle of the room indeed.

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