Heroic Iron Qon

Heroic Iron Qon is also one of the earlier bosses in the Throne of Thunder despite being the 10th.  If you’ve killed Jin’rokh, Ji-Kun and Tortos, you could potentially try killing Iron Qon before Horridon.  I’d say Horridon is a little more difficult to coordinate.

The main difference between this boss on heroic vs normal is that the lions upon which he sits will fly away at 25% health.  Furthermore, while one lion is up, there is always another lion flying around randomly doing one spell.  After the third lion reaches 25%, all of the other lions will come down and once again be attackable.  After killing these three lions, Iron Qon will finally come off his mount and be attackable himself.  Just as a reminder, the three lions are:

  • Ro-shak (Fire Lion)
  • Quet’zal (Lightning Lion)
  • Dam’ren (Ice Lion)

The order of the lions is no different from normal, fire -> lightning -> ice.  The first part of this fight is probably the hardest phase so if you can complete this phase then you shouldn’t be too far from killing the boss.  Lets talk about the changes in spells first, then I will go into the changes to the fight more specifically and how to deal with them.

Iron Qon (when he’s riding the Quilen)

  • Throw Spear: 100,000 (Physical)
  • Impale: Stacking debuff doing 40,000 -> 45,000 (Physical) every 2 seconds

Ro’shak, the Molten Flare (Flying: Quet’zal): This is the fire boss with the energy bar.  If he reaches 100% on heroic it will be a wipe.

  • Molten Inferno: Random AOE damage to the raid, 80,000 -> 100,000 (Fire), costs 10 energy
  • Molten Overload: At maximum energy, Ro’shak will repeatedly case Molten Inferno every second until his energy goes to zero, increases his damage by 50%
  • Unleashed Flame: To the largest group of at least 3 enemies, he will inflict 700,000 -> 950,000 (Fire) damage split evenly among any players within 10 yards, costs 30 energy
    • Scorched: 20% increased damage from fire for 30 seconds, stacks each time unleashed flame is cast upon the player
  • Ignite Spear: Burning Cinders – Ro’shak’s fire spear attack, causes 25,000 -> 50,000 (Fire) damage and stacking 15,000 every 1 second
  • Calling the Stormcaller: Quet’zal – occasionally, Quet’zal will land while flying above and send out a tornado in front of him dealing 200,000 (Nature) damage and knocking back slightly, he will also casts lightning storm giving the arcing lightning debuff explained below

Quet’zal the Stormcaller (Flying: Dam’ren)

  • Arcing Lightning: Randomly zapping a player, stuns, absorbs healing effects, shocks nearby enemies dealing 30,000 -> 45,000 (Nature) every 2 seconds
  • Windstorm: Pulls all players to the center of a windstorm, suffer 50,000 -> 65,000 (Nature) damage every 2 seconds and an 80% reduction in damage, healing and absorption
    • Rushing Winds: Players sucked into tornadoes will be deal 137,854 nature damage every 5.2 seconds
  • Strike Spear: Storm Cloud – Quet’zal’s lightning spear attack causing 200,000 -> 300,000 (Nature) damage, at 3 stacks you will be stunned for 20 seconds
  • Breaking the Ice: Dam’ren – occasionally, Dam’ren will periodically target a player with frost spike which after a few seconds knocks the player above in the air, 150,000 (Frost) damage

Dam’ren the Frozen Sage (Flying: Ro’shak)

  • Dead Zone: Occasionally shields 2 sides of his body causing all attacks on those sides to miss
  • Frozen Resilience: Reflects 10% of all damage back at player
  • Freeze: Targets random player and places a debuff, upon expiring after 1-5 seconds, the raid will take 150,000 frost damage
  • Freeze Spear: Frozen Blood – Damren’s frost spear attack causing 100,000 -> 200,000 (Frost) damage, slowing movement speed, melee speed, ranged casting speed by 25%, stacks while standing in the frozen blood
  • Spark of the Molten Flare: Ro’shak – occasionally, Ro’shak will target the largest group of minimally 3 players and cast unleashed flame (same spell as he does in phase 1)

Iron Won’s Last Stand

  • Fist Smash: 20,000 -> 30,000 (Physical) every 0.75 seconds for 7.5 seconds
  • Rising Anger: Increases damage done by 10% per stack
  • Ignite Cyclone: Ignites cyclone causing it to burn all players for 20,000 -> 30,000 every 2 seconds
  • Freeze Cyclone: Freezes a cyclone causing it to freeze players on impact, players then take 5% damage every 2 seconds

General Strategy (1 tank, 3 heals, 6 dps)

For phase 1, have 3 ranged with damage reduction abilities stack up.  You could potentially have 4 ranged stack up if you have more than 3 melee but even if you do, you can have your melee group spread for that first part.  Everyone else should be spread by close enough such that if Quet’zal casts arcing lightning then someone can easily run to them and click them.  Spread the ranged group at 2 stacks and stack the melee for the rest of the first phase.  This requires your melee taking around 7 stacks of scorched.  All healing cooldowns should be used during this to keep the melee up.  Any damage reduction cooldowns they have should be used and save specifically for the end part of phase 1 when the melee group has a lot of stacks.  Everyone in the raid will be periodically taking damage from molten inferno but the priority will be to heal the melee up.  Coordinate your healing cooldowns depending on what kind of damage reduction cooldowns your melee have.  Death knights can AMS at least one stack and I’m not sure about other classes.  I think cloak of shadows might work but not confident.  The reason why you should do this is it eliminates the whole raid getting 2 or so stacks and taking an increase amount of damage from the molten inferno.  It simplifies the stacking procedure using in normal as well with people running over fire lines from the spear, etc.  Since we 1 tanked this fight with me picking up clemency, I would also bubble sacrifice two of the more squishy melee towards the end of the phase.  This does however mean that the melee need to be much more alert about the lines from the fire spears as they will take a lot of increased damage from this (in fact at 5 or 6 stacks it might just come around and end you).  They also need to watch for when Quet’zan throws his tornado out.  Coordinate with your tanks how to move the boss, communicate about the arcing lightning.  It would be beneficial to have people who already have the arcing lightning debuff to click other players to reduce the debuff spreading to more people.

For phase 2, the damage is fairly moderate.  Continue to click people off the arcing lightnimg debuff and try to let them drop before moving in range of other people.  During lightning storm, either use speed of light or any warlock portals to teleport out and start healing the people running out.  You should push the boss before he does his second lightning storm.  It would be good to split the room up into roughly two sides so ranged aren’t too close and zapping each other but still be close enough for someone else to click on them for arcing lightning.  Definitely would recommend popping devotion aura as soon as you get unstunned from Quet’zan pulling you in.  The extra attack that Dam’ren (flying dragon) will do during this phase is to place a frost spike on the ground which will explode after some time.  The damage from this is quite small and the animation is sometimes hard to see so don’t worry too much about this.  Your space is slightly more confined since everyone is at the exist so make sure to keep watching out for the spears.

The third phase of the fight is the lowest damage and a good time to regen your mana.  Apart from avoiding the spear, there will no longer be any arcing lightning to click.  Make sure everyone drops their debuffs during this phase before moving in range of other people.  Spreading the debuff is bad. If you are a DPS, and you get blocked, don’t run all of the place trying to get on the right side as you will just end up doing more damage to yourself.  Near 25%, wait till the boss does a dead zone to push him as you will get a few seconds of DPS off of that. Ro’shak will be flying around and casting unleashed flame on players.  The melee should stack up once again for this and also the unleashed flame debuff will drop before Ro’shak does his next unleashed flame.  You should still keep an eye on them.

During the all Quilen phase, the recommendation is to continue to kill Dam’ren as then you won’t have to target switch.  I believe that we lusted during the last dead zone, killed Dam’ren, then the lightning guy.  I don’t think the order matters a whole lot but if you kill the lightning guy second, you are bound to get less arcing lightnings during the last phase.  Try to get these down as fast as possible.  After them, the boss will spawn.  Before you clump make absolutely sure that no one has arcing lightning as going in to the last phase with this is bad news.  If you have a druid tranq, ask them to do it during the first fish smash since some player might not be in the group due to arcing lightning.  After it has fallen off everyone, everyone clump and the last phase is simply healing.  The healing is fairly strenuous during the last part and you should make sure to go into the phase with as many cooldowns and mana as you can.  If you do get to this phase then you are very close to killing the boss.

Healing Tips:

  • Recommended talents: speed of light, clemeny/unbreakable spirit depending on your group make-up, holy avenger, arcing light (the last two are almost required)
  • Recommended glyphs: Glyph of Divinity, Glyph of Beacon of Light (depending on your make-up), Glyph of Protector of the Innocent

Like I said, the first phase of healing on this boss is very high but the other parts are fairly easy.  If people don’t step in things and avoid things like they should then the damage should be mostly moderate.  The last phase’s damage is high as well but the whole raid is stacked and should be very healable.  Don’t forget to use devotion aura during windstorm and other things.  Make sure you make the most use out of your cooldowns during this fight. It will end up being around >10 minute fight.  Despite holy prism being probably better for the intermediate parts, arcing light will help you out a lot during the last phase.

Not too much else to say about this boss, if anyone has questions please feel free to comment!


7 thoughts on “Heroic Iron Qon

  1. This is the heroic my guild is working on right now. My RL asked me to take Hand of Purity over Clemency because of the bleed on the tank. Do you think Clemency is better for this fight or is Hand of Purity equally viable, just in a different way?

    • I take Clemency for 1 tanking the fight. If your raid leader is either a protection paladin or you’re two-tanking the fight then taking Hand of Purity would be a great alternative.

      • We are solo tanking it with a protection paladin. That’s why I was curious as to which one of the two would be best.

      • If your prot paly is having some trouble with the dots then I would go hand of purity. I personally use clemency also for the double sacrifice on the melee at the beginning but if they’re not having an issue then hand of purity is probably better.

      • Melee seems to be fine. The paladin has only been tanking for a week, so it’s just rough pushing straight into heroics with that. But he doesn’t seem to be doing badly with bleeds either, not on this fight, so it’s sorta like a coin toss. I’ll prob stick with purity unless melee seems to be suffering on our next attempts.

  2. Hello this may be a really stupid question but is it possible to bubble run thought windstorm ie if your bubbled will you still get picked up as per usual or not? On hc btw just interested cheers

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