Mogu’shan Palace, Challenge Mode Guides (Holy Paladin)

General Thoughts
We came into this place thinking it would be a pain in the butt but after a few wipes we realized it would not be too hard.  We actually screwed up one of our pulls and got a blue ranking on West (second tier) because we didn’t die and somehow killed all of the mobs. The whole instance goes by fairly quickly with only a few trash pulls and in between some bosses.

General Information
Gold Score: 12 minutes
Silver Score: 24 minutes
Bronze Score: 45 minutes

Invisibility Pot: Yes
Time Limit: 2 (1 – Tight : 5 – Loose)
Tank Damage: 1-2 (1 – Heavy : 5 – Low)
Group Damage: 3 (1 – Heavy : 5 – Low)

Recommended Glyphs: Glyph of Flash of Light, Glyph of Divinity, Glyph of Blinding Light
Talents: Speed of Light/Pursuit of Justice, Repentence/Fist of Justice, Clemency, Eternal Flame, Holy Avenger, Holy Prism

Pull Order
AOE Pull(1) – AOE Pull(2) – First Boss – Invisibility Potion – Second Boss – Skip Pack/Elevator – AOE Stealth/Skip Pack – AOE Pull(3) – AOE Pull(5) – Final Boss
*The AOE Stealth above was where my group messed up and pulled 3 AOE packs into one.  It is doable, but I highly recommend using the AOE stealth or waiting for them to path. The pack is not needed to get the required number of mobs killed.

Specific Pull Information
AOE Pull(1) consists of two groups of mobs.  Within these mobs there is one called the Kargesh Ribcrusher which does an AOE whirlwind which must be stunned. If this goes off, one of your melee DPS will most likely die.  Therefore these should be focused down.  Remember you have your Fist of Justice as well. Other than this, one of the mobs randomly throws out boomerang circular disks which do fair amounts of damage to ranged players.  The tank will be taking a massive amount of damage for this pull and AOE stuns must be coordinated.  REMEMBER: There is one more AOE pull after this so some AOE stuns must be saved for the next pull.
Recommended Cooldowns: Guardian of the Ancient Kings, Holy Avenger, Divine Purpose

AOE Pull(2) consists of one mob pack.  A ranged DPS should run in near the beginning of the pull and begin the cinematic for the boss as it takes forever.  You should kill this group far before the first boss comes out anyways. Use any left over AOE stuns on this pull.  The damage here is still high as your tank might have used most of his cooldowns on the previous pack.  You should restorative amber (or if you have enough time drink) before this boss.
Recommended Cooldowns: Avenging Wrath

First Boss:  Forgive me if I’m wrong but I believe the order of the bosses in heroic is always the same.  The first boss to come out is always the one on the right (if your back is to the door).  This boss doesn’t do any new abilities, just make sure everyone in the group stand out of his shockwave which you can see coming.  The tiger will still pounce random players.  You can choose to go ahead and BoP these players to prevent damage or heal through it as the boss damage is quite low.  The second boss to come out is the one in the middle.  The main spell for this boss is his tornado which flies around the room.  It actually does a fair amount of damage so ranged should make sure to avoid this as it will kill you if it hits you enough.  The last boss is the one which mainly does a meteor.  For this make sure you stack up with your group.  You can pop Devotion Aura during this but it’s not really high damage.  During this last boss, you should pull the boss closer to the stairs.  There are two ways you can get past the mogu blocking the stairs.  One is sometimes their formation will allow you to walk past them.  The other which is always available is if you face the last boss, the left piller has a space where you can fit through where there won’t be any mogu pushing you back. As the boss is dying you should bring the boss near where the stairs will drop down after he dies so you can quickly run down them.  I would recommend NOT standing on the stairs waiting for them to fall down as I did this once and fell through the world.
Invisibility Potion: This is actually the part where I heard most of the groups had the most trouble.  You must have an 18 second potion for this part, 15 seconds is not enough.  Our rogue in the group ran down and agroed the Glintrok Scout so he would run away.  I believe he did this with sprint so that when we caught up, we would almost be out of combat from the scout aggro and could therefore stand closer down the platform to start our invisibility pots. We had our boomkin pop stampeding roar and then used our invisibility pots. In my talents, I suggested pursuit of justice since Speed of Light doesn’t stack with other movement increasing buffs. If you don’t have a druid then you should pop Speed of Light before your invisibility pot.  If you do, getting pursuit of justice and storing up holy power should speed you through the last part.  Recall that just before the second boss, you will encounter two mobs in the doorway.  In normal dungeons, you could jump on the rail and jump off into the boss area.  In challenge mode, you must do this before your invisibility potion wears off. The timing for this is very tight.  Let me reiterate that the timing for this is very tight.  You only have one chance to get past the railing.  You should practice doing this a few times if you’ve never done it before.  You basically need to jump right before the railing, land on the railing, and immediately run off into the boss area.  If you agro the mobs before the railing, it is a guaranteed wipe as their running will agro the other pack at the top of the stairs.

Second Boss This boss doesn’t hit too hard.  Overall the damage on the raid and the tank are fairly light.  The tank will occasionally take more damage from being stunned from the skulker so your group has the option to zerg that one down first.  It shouldn’t be too great however and you could opt to just AOE them.  One person in the group should CC the oracle for a while.  Not very much more to this.

Skip Pack/Elevator There are a pack of mobs up the stairs from the second boss on the way to the elevator.  Before the boss dies, these two mobs should be CCed.  Following this, everyone in the group as a pack, should run towards the elevator and board it.  Do not attack these mobs.  You will have a bit of RNG in terms of where the elevator is and you can’t do anything about that.  But make sure the mobs are CCed before you kill the second boss.
AOE Stealth/Skip Pack: After getting off the elevator, you will enter a square room with two packs of mobs patting around.  Depending on where the pack on the left is, you should either use the stealth or wait for them to path and run past.  If they are in a bad position, you should pull them and kill that pack individually.  You will save more time doing this. You could opt to pull them to the next two packs as we accidentally did but this would be highly damaging.  You can choose what to do based on what your group is comfortable doing.

AOE Pull (3) consists of two packs of mobs.  This group will have a mob which does a damaging fire AOE/whirlwind which must be interrupted. Coordinate most of your stuns on this group so that your tank can stay alive.  Pop your healing cooldowns for this pack as the next two pulls (including the boss) are fairly moderate damage. This group is very high damage both on tanks and occasionally spikey on the rest of the raid.  As soon as most of these die, have your tank go and pull the lions.  Everyone should finish killing the mobs and stack on the tank and lions.
Recommended Cooldowns: Guardian of the Ancient Kings, Divine Purpose, Avenging Wrath

AOE Pull (4) consists of one mob of lions which have a stacking physical bleed.  They will occasionally pounce to players that are further our so have everyone stack in one place. The resulting physical bleed will do a lot of damage so you can opt to bop it off before the boss. You should have around 1.5 minutes going into the final boss.

Final Boss: This boss also doesn’t hit too hard.  However, there is actually quite a bit of group-wide damage during this.  You should position the boss in a place where there will be no flying daggers at the beginning and progressively move his as the flames on the ground are drawn and the weapon tornadoes come out.  These come out in places in the wall and shoot in the same area the whole time.  It will leave triangular areas in the map where it is safe to stand.  In the last phase, small damage repeatedly hits everyone in the group.  I’d recommend saving Holy Avenger for this but if you need it on earlier AOE pulls you should not hesitate to use it then.  The fire circle will most likely one shot you if you stand in it.  The weapon tornado do a fair amount of damage.  He will also do a shockwave which will most likely one shot you if you stand in it.  As ranged, you should try to stand further out so that you will have a fire circle drawn away from the melee and tank.  The hardest part of this fight was between pulling AOE Pack (3) and the boss, I did not get a time to use the restorative amber.  If your group has plenty of time, I would recommend going out of combat for a second or two to allow the healer to drink for the boss fight.  The damage during this is once again moderate but very manageable especially if you have mana.

That’s all there is to this challenge mode.  As I mentioned in the introduction, communication and group synergy is key.  Run the whole thing through on challenge mode once to experience the damage and think of ideas to shorten your time.  I didn’t DPS but everyone should coordinate their potions and cooldowns.  Work out which bosses you can use cooldowns on.  This is one of the easier challenge modes since it’s so short and the damage is high but not insane like some later ones.  Good luck and don’t ever get discouraged!


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