Heroic Horridon

Heroic Horridon is a bit harder than the other heroic bosses I’ve discussed so far (Jin’rokh, Tortos, Ji-kun) but as long as you learn the right kill order, remember about the dinohorn spirit mechanic and just in general don’t panic then you should get him out without too much blood, sweat or tears.

Much like other heroics, damage from everything he does is a lot higher. I’ll first talk about his skills.

Triple Puncture: Highly damaging periodic strike on tanks increasing damage from further Triple Punctures by 10% lasting 1.5 minutes, 537,500 -> 645,000 (Physical)

Double Swipe: Horridon swings 2 times in a 35-yard cone in front and behind him, 215,000 -> 322,500 (Physical, each swipe)
Charge: Horridon periodically charges a random player, upon reaching that player he will perform a double swipe at that location
Dire Call: Inflicts damage upon the raid and increases the melee attack of all adds up by 50%, also summons the Direhorn Spirit, 270,000 (Physical)
Direhorn Spirit

  • Dire Fixation: Summoned Direhorn Spirit will fixate on a random player, only visible to that player.  
  • Weak Link: Any direct damage attack will knock the direhorn back.

Door 1 (Magic Debuff, Blazing Sunlight)
Sul’lithuz Stonegazer: Basilisk which will periodically stun people.
Farraki Skirmisher: No special attacks.
Farraki Wastewalker

  • Blazing Sunlight: Each Farraki Wastewalker will cast 3 sets of Blazing Sunlight, deals 50,000 -> 75,000 (Fire) instant damage and an additional 10,000 -> 15,000 (Fire) damage per second for 30 seconds
  • Sand Trap: Summons a sand trap which deals 107,500 -> 215,000 (Nature) damage every 0.5 seconds

Door 2 (Nature Debuff, Venom Bolt Volley)
Gurubashi Bloodlord

  • Rending Charge: Periodically charges at opponents causing them to bleed for 45,000 ->60,000 (Physical) damage per second for 6 seconds

Gurubashi Venom Priest

  • Venom Bolt Volley: Sprays the raid with bolts dealing 32,350 -> 48,375 (Nature) damage instantly and an additionally 16,125 -> 24,187 (Nature) damage every 3 seconds for 60 seconds, stackable
  • Venomous Effusion
    • Venom Bolt Volley: Sprays the raid with bolts dealing 32,350 -> 48,375 (Nature) damage instantly and an additionally 16,125 -> 24,187 (Nature) damage every 3 seconds for 60 seconds, stackable
    • Living Poison: Upon spawning, pools of living poison form underneath it doing 107,500 -> 215,000 (Nature) every 0.5 seconds to everything around it

Door 3 (Disease Debuff, Deadly Plague)
Risen Drakkari Warrior/Risen Drakkari Champion (Different mobs but same attacks)

  • Uncontrolled Abomination: Randomly attacks players applying a stack of deadly plague every hit
  • Deadly Plague: Inflicts 15,000 -> 22,500 (Shadow) damage every 3 seconds for 5 minutes

Risen Drakkari Warlord

  • Mortal Strike: Inflicts 300% weapon damage, reducing healing on the player for 8 seconds
  • Frozen Orb: Shoots frost bolts at nearby enemies every 0.5 seconds dealing 200,000 (Frost) and slows movement speed by 20% for 2 seconds

Door 4 (Curse, Hex of Confusion)
Amani’shi Protector: No special abilities
Amani’shi Flamecaster

  • Fireball: hurls balls of fire at random players dealing 80,625 -> 161,250 (Fire) damage

Amani Warbear

  • Swipe: Deals 96,750 -> 141,125 (Physical) damage in a 5 yard cone in front of it

Amani’shi Beast Shaman

  • Chain Lightning: Deals 96,750 ->145,125 (Nature) damage to a player and can jump to another player with 5 yards up to 3 additional targets, inflicts 50% more damage each time
  • Hex of Confusion: Last 30%, gives 50% change on each hit to injure themselves for 64,250 -> 129,000 (Physical) when casting a spell or using an ability
  • Lightning Nova Totem: Totem which inflicts 500,000 (Nature) damage to enemies within 8 yards

Zandalari Dinomancer

  • Dino Mending: Channels beam at Horridon healing 1% every 3 seconds
  • Dino Form: At 50% health transforms into this and deals 50% more physical damage but no longer casts Dino Mending
  • Orb of Control:
    • At death, drops an orb which upon clicking and channeling for a period forces Horridon to crash into a door preventing more mobs from leaving it
    • Headache: Horridon is stunned for 10 seconds after charging into a door
    • Cracked Shell: After charging, gains an increased damage debuff of 50%, stacks 4 times

War-God Jalak

  • Bestial Cry: A cry inflicting 150,000 -> 200,000 (Physical) damage to all players and increases damage dealt by War-God Jalak by 25%, stacking
  • Rampage: Death of War-God Jalak makes Horridon very very angry and causes him to do 100% increased damage and have 100% increased attack speed

Ok, so the explanation for this fight was extremely long but don’t panic, I will try to make things simple.  Each door has one debuff to cleanse and something on the floor to watch for.  The kill order is important on this fight, it’s not a group everything up and AOE fight.  Single-targeting down the right mobs makes it 100% easier.  Also, each door will spawn one special mob, then two special mobs at once.  Typically a good dps check is you must be able to kill the first special mob by the time that the next two mobs drop down.  Each round you should get no more than 3 special mobs.


Door 1

  • Have one person assigned to focus down each basilisk that comes out
  • Everyone else kill wastewalkers until dinomancer comes out, then get it to 50% and hit orb
  • Dispell the magic debuff over trying to heal through it, a warlock with a dispell pet helps a shit ton on this
  • Avoid the sand traps, when they appear they look like a poof of sand, you have a few seconds to get out of it as well
  • Healing: People with the debuff will be taking a lot of damage and like I said, use dispells over healing them.  Each time one wastewalker will cast it on 3 people.  You will get 6 casts when the two wastewalkers are out after the first one is killed, dispell tanks as priority always.  The wastewalker will preferentially target people near it.  Damage during this phase is fairly low if things are done correctly just make sure you dispell.

Door 2

  • Kill venom priests one by one, when two drop down, focus one down and kill the other along with effusions spawned
  • Kill dinomancer when it spawns to 50% and hit orb
  • Interrupt poison bolt, if it goes off its not a wipe, pop devotion aura and start dispelling, it should not go off though
  • Move out of living poison
  • Healing: Damage is also fairly low on this phase if things go right. If the bolt goes out, don’t panic just start dispelling.  You can also go up to one of the mobs and help interrupt. The thing that is quite damaging is the charge from the bloodlords.  You can opt to pop some cooldowns to EF these people up.  I typically will stack an EF on the people affected by this.  However you can take your time to heal them through using holy light as there is otherwise very little damage during this.  Make sure also to use your sacrifice.

Door 3

  • Kill order is not as important on this but you can assign two dps to focus down champion by champion
  • Kill dinomancer when it comes out till 50% and hit orb
  • STACK UP ON ADDS TANK, have someone call out when frozen orbs come out for the group to move
  • Dispell the disease at 3+ stacks
  • Healing: I’d recommend popping holy avenger for this phase as the disease damage can stack up.  Also your adds tank will be taking quite a bit of damage from the healing debuff from mortal strike.  Just try to leave your GotAK up for the last phase as you will need it.  Continue to move with the tank.

Door 4

  • Assign one dps to flamecasters who can interrupt and focus them down
  • Everyone else kill warbear -> shaman -> warbear -> shaman in that order
  • Once the shamans get off warbears, you want to keep interrupts on them so when they cast chain lightning, it won’t hit the group as people will be clumped up trying to kill them
  • Healing: I didn’t notice a lot of people taking damage during this but I was also freaking out about the Direhorn Spirit.  As long as interrupts go out and people don’t stack in front of the boss people won’t be taking much damage.  Tanks will be taking a lot of damage during this phase as you should have the tank tanking Horridon take one of the bears as they hit quite hard.  Also, anyone who gets the Hex of Confusion must stop DPS.  The curse will do a shit ton of damage to you.  You have a chance basically for a spell you use to be inflicted back at you.  Also, I believe that healers are unaffected by the Hex since they don’t do damage but I’m not 100% sure on this.  I honestly just kited the Direhorn Spirit around most of the time for this phase.

Direhorn Spirit: During the fourth door your favorite childhood friend barney will likely have popped up on you and will continue to haunt your dreams until the fight is over.  In addition to avoiding the bears and the lightning totems, you must watch this spirit get closer and closer to you, don’t panic just throw up a spell and it will be bumped back.  Definitely make a macro for this something like:

    • /target Direhorn Spirit
      /cast Reckoning
  • I’m recommending reckoning because the spell doesn’t cost a global cooldown which will become more important in the last phase.  But since the taunt has an 8 second cooldown, the direhorn spirit will probably catch up to you before it’s over, it’s your choice what to use or you could try using 2 macros but either way you will need to work it out for yourself.


After the last door, there will be a small period of where Horridon is the only mob out.  Take this time to focus everything on the boss.  Don’t hit bloodlust yet.  After Nalak drops down, have one of your tanks catch him and then position him near Horridon.  Plan out where you want Horridon to be during this phase and try not to move him around to swipe random people.  He will no longer charge so you can keep him in one place pretty much the whole time. A short time before Nalak dies, both Nalak and Horridon will cast their cry dealing over 600k damage to everyone in the raid.  Any physical reduction cooldowns should be popped for this as it will one shot people.  Nalak should die very quickly and after this Horridon will enrage.  The raid should now stack in close proximity to healers.

Enraged Horridon

Hell hath no fury like an enraged Horridon.  You killed his friend and he wants revenge. During this phase, the tank will take massive amounts of damage.  Horridon white hit our DK at one point for almost 600,000. When trading taunts, make sure you have a cooldown popped before taunting.  You should have all of your defensive cooldowns up when tanking the boss at this point.  He will continue his triple puncture as well.  You should NOT be tanking Horridon without a defensive cooldown up.  When getting to this phase you might encounter things such as tanks saying I’m find then getting one shot.  This is expected.  As a healer you should also have all of your healing cooldowns up for this phase.  I had my GotAK up and Holy Avenger and essentially just spammed the tank with single target divine light heals.  Also on our kill, the other healer died going into the last phase.  So I essentially healed the enrage by myself.  Paladins are probably the best single target healers so it was not so bad that he died.  But his death prevented healing to anyone else in the raid so on the next dire call, the other half of the raid got killed a long with me.  This whole time you will be chased by your infuriating direhorn so don’t die to it on this phase.  My only advice during this phase is just to spam your heals.  Cast/cancel all of your big heals, pop your cooldowns consecutively, don’t panic and continue to heal the tank.  Don’t work about the dire call damage too much as there is absolutely no other damage.  You can throw your lights hammer down on the raid to heal people up as best as you can but 95% of the time you should be healing the tank.

Some other things:

  • Position Horridon roughly parallel to the direction that the raid is moving.  In our group for example, we moved slowly along the wall to the next door and Horridon was tanked basically parallel to the wall.  This allows much easier running out of charge as the boss essentially doesn’t move.  This is good for dps on adds because the rest of the raid can continue to stand in place and dps.
  • During the final phase, call out someone to stand on or near for raid heals.  Any hybrid dps classes which have healing should use their cooldowns during this to help the healers out.  Remember to use personals.
  • We had one tank on Horridon for the first four doors so it is doable with only one paladin.  I bopped the tank after the first door and again at the beginning of the third door during charge.  The tank was taking in some cases around 8-9 stacks and it wasn’t a huge problem.  Just remember that right after double swipe is when he will do his triple puncture so have your cooldowns ready for it.

I hope that this guide was helpful, I tried to include everything but there is actually a lot of things to may attention to.  Let me leave you with my glyph and talent recommendations:

Talents: Speed of Light (running to Horridon for charge, away from direhorn), Clemency (if you are one-tanking which you probably should as it simplifies things, some tanks are better for AOE tanking and others for taking large hits), Light’s Hammer (good for Dire Call but holy prism is not too bad of an alternative)

Glyphs: I’d recommend glyphing divine protection to get the 20% physical reduction debuff.  Try to use it whenever you can. As a healer I have a bad habit of not using damage reduction cooldowns because I think I can just heal myself through them but this mentality is wrong. Lay on hands glyph is good, as mana will be more of a problem towards the end of the fight and you will need it for the enrage phase. Last glyph is up to your own discretion.


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