Holy! Nerfs

Be prepared to kiss your beloved T14 4-piece good bye.

Trying to keep my views as unbiased as possible, I have to say that the change to the 4-piece was bound to happen. Paladins in the top guilds you see on wowprogress are keeping their 4-piece 517 T14 pieces over heroic 535 pieces. This is a problem. It means one of two things:
1. The T14 4-piece is too good
2. The T15 4-piece is not good enough
Blizzard concluded that the problem was 1 and therefore is preparing to nerf our 4-piece. They did not concede the second problem outright, BUT in conjunction with nerfing the 4-piece, they’re reworking another spell. Sure you can give the reason that they were planning to rework daybreak anyways but the fact that daybreak is closely associated with holy shock and that losing the T14 4-piece essentially adjusted our healing rotations to ~2 holy radiances between holy shock casts indicates that the problem was not in just one area.

Currently, daybreak procs off all holy radiance casts and makes the next holy shock heal for the same amount as a radius AOE.

Example: Joe is healed by a 40K holy shock after a holy radiance. Bob and Matt are standing within 10 yards of Joe. Together Joe, Bob and Matt are healed each for 40K/3 through daybreak.

The daybreak heal exactly replicates the holy shock healing so if the spell crits for 80k for example, it will heal Joe, Bob and Matt each for 80K/3. The healing is split evenly among anyone standing in the range, it’s not a smart heal.

The new daybreak will still proc off holy radiance however it will be able to stack two times. The first stack causes daybreak to heal for 75% of the original holy shock. The second stack increases the heal to 100%. Also, daybreak will no longer heal the original holy shock target.


With 1 stack of daybreak:
Joe is healed by a 40K holy shock after a holy radiance. Bob and Matt are still standing within 10 yards of Joe. Bob and Matt are healed each for 75% * 40k = 30k/2.
With 2 stacks of daybreak:
Joe is healed by a 40K holy shock after a holy radiance. Bob and Matt are still standing within 10 yards of Joe. Bob and Matt are healed each for 150% * 40k = 60k/2.

The tier 15 2-piece increases the percentages for the stacks by 50%. (75% * 150% = 112.5%, 150% * 150% = 225%). Lets be fair and give the daybreak an increase of 10% tp account for the stat increase from using 517 vs 535 gear. Lets look at a few logs:

– Healing 3.2%/920559
– Overhealing 61%/1466980

Ji-kun (H)
– Healing 1.5%/279608
– Overhealing 35.6%/154799

– Healing 2.2%/310507
– Overhealing 36.6%/179549

– Healing 1.5%/270242
– Overhealing 68.4%/584069

Dark Animus
– Healing 0.6%/78185
– Overhealing 82.4%/366475

Iron Qon
– Healing 2.9%/916222
– Overhealing 53.1%/1037767

Twin COnsorts
– Healing 3.2%/920635
– Overhealing 60%/1382677

With more healing comes more overhealing it seems. Why? Well this spell isn’t a smart heal, so even in AOE situations, sure you will be healing people who are takimg damage but you will not be healing them any more than people who are not taking damage. Health is always fluctuating in AOE stacked situations due to other healers healing, people using damage reduction cooldowns so this amount of overhealing is expected.

So what will increase the healing percentage do? To answer this question, we would actually want to see where the overhealing is coming from:
Is it coming from the spell healing too much?
Is it coming from the spell hitting people who don’t need heals?
On stacked fights, I think we can safely say that the situation is most likely the second case. In this case, a portion of the people getting hit are benefitting and a portion aren’t. Increasing the healing of this spell in this situation would in my opinion be a fairly decent buff.
The second case usually occurs when healing someone standing next to only a few people. In this case, the increase in healing will benefit a lot less since the priority target does not actually recieve any of the healing with the new daylight spell.
Blizzard has stated that the new fix is designed to make daybreak an AOE rather than a single target heal and we can see from the different situations that this is indeed where the increase in healing will benefit more. I believe that daybreak also benefits from illuminated healing so that’s another positive to this change as we will heal AOE for more. I guess we’ll have to just wait and see if this change persists to live.

Apart from the T14 nerf, we are also hit with a mastery scaling nerf as I mentioned. Previously the formula for mastery as calculated as follows:

Currently We get a based mastery % of 12%. Every 600 points of mastery provides 1 mastery rating (not percent). Our mastery rating to mastery % coefficient is 1.5. Therefore, 600 mastery = 1 mastery rating = 1.5% mastery.

The new patch is scaling this to a mastery % of 10%. Now, every 600 points of mastery will provide 1 mastery rating still, but the coefficient will be 1.25. Therefore, in 5.3 600 mastery = 1 mastery rating = 1.25% mastery.

You can essentially take your mastery percent and scale it down by 1/6 and that is what your new mastery % will be.

In summary, having changed nothing for the past few major patches for paladins Blizzard is single handedly giving out three hammers.
1. T14 4-Piece reduction in holy shock cooldown from 2 seconds to 1 second
2. Daybreak no longer affects the original holy shock target
3. Mastery scaled down by 1/6

And despite grudgingly admitting that these nerfs were bound to happen, it is kind of troubling that they’re all being handed down at once while other classes except for priests are getting buffs. I guess we’ll just have to see what the changes actually feel like when the patch comes. Meanwhile gem and enchant those T15 tier pieces you’re stocking up in your bank 🙂


3 thoughts on “Holy! Nerfs

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  3. dude… just found your blog today… i did quit play wow on moguvaults and got back a few weeks ago, and ur “guides” r really good…. keep on going the good work i will be visiting ur blog alot… (sorry for bad english)

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