Heroic Tortos

As usual, the damage from everything is heavier on heroic.

Call of Tortos – No change from normal in how this mechanic works. However, things change with how they need to dealt with.  Since the turtles will hit for a lot more on heroic, it is imperative that they are slowed the whole time they are out.  Furthermore, turtles which give shell concussion to the boss can also be affected by shell concussion from another turtle.  Therefore it’s possible to time the kicking a turtle right when the new turtles come out of the center in order to hit them all and apply the damage taken debuff to the turtles as well.  I’m fairly sure this also works on bats which is important if your raid decides to kill them.
Whirl Turtle

  • Spinning Shell (Getting hit by a turtle while it has not been DPSed down lower): 125,000 -> 200,000 (Physical)
  • Shell Block (No change from normal, turtle hides in its shell at lower health, can be kicked to apply shell concussion)
  • Kick Shell (No change from normal, kicks shell at boss applying shell concussion, it’s good to have a macro instead of clicking the extra action button for this)
/tar Whirl Turtle
/click ExtraActionButton1
  • Shell Concussion (No change from normal, can be applied to other whirl turtles, boss and potentially bats)
Furious Stone Breath (Upon reaching full fury, which the boss slowly stacks the whole fight, he will unleash this breath): 150,000 -> 350,000 (Nature) every 0.5s for 4.5 s.
Growing Fury (Boss gains 5 fury when no enemies in melee range, this should not ever be going off)
Rockfall (Stalactites fall from the ceiling dealing damage in a 5-yard radius and additional damage up to 20 yards away scaled with distance away): 350,000/60,000 -> 515,000/81,000 (Nature)
Quake Stomp (Tortos stomps the ground, stunning and dealing a percentage of your life): 65% -> 100% (Physical)
Snapping Bite (Periodic high damage spell done on the tank): 525,000 -> 682,000 (Physical)
Vampiric Cave Bat (No change from normal, need to be misdirected to tank or picked up ASAP)

  • Drain the Weak (Drains health when attacking targets with 550,000 health or less): 350,000 -> 550000 (Physical)
Crystal Shell (When attacks, gives the attacker a shield absorb of 15% initially, this can stack to a cap of 75% of their maximum health)

Recommended talents:

  • Speed of Light (highly recommended)
  • Holy Avenger (highly recommended)Clemency
  • Holy Prism
Recommended glyphs:
  • Beacon of Light

The mechanic which changes this whole fight in terms of healing is the Humming Crystals.  What this does is any attack (damaging/non-damaging) to a Humming Crystal puts a debuff called “Crystal Shell” on the player.  (Yes it shows up as a debuff.)  Some things to note about this debuff:

  • While it is a debuff, it is in fact good for you.  You want to have this debuff any time you are above 70-80% for sure and perhaps even around 50% if the Quake Stomp is about to go off.
  • The debuff directs any healing on you an absorb shield.
  • Once you have this, you will no longer be able to be healed.  Every type of healing will go to the absorb shield except for innate health regeneration.
  • Once the absorb shield hits 75% of your health, it will no longer absorb any healing and any further healing you do will be counted as overhealing.
  • Illuminated healing still stacks the same way with the shell debuff active.
  • Any damage you take while the shield is up will take away from the shield, aka it works just like a real healing shield.- You do not want to grab this shell if you are low health.  My guild group heals with a paladin and priest so it’s not as punishing but if you raid with non-absorb healers, sitting at 20% with even a full shell absorb (for all of your life) will be very dangerous after quake stomp.
What the crystal shell changes about healing is actually quite simple to grasp.  You simply need to max the shield before each quake stomp.  This means healing during periods of no damage.  The shell is quite easy to max out.  On many attempts I simply holy shocked someone and then put a 3-hp EF on them and they would cap out far before the quake stomp.
I would strongly suggest breaking the healing assignments up for maxing this shell.  This creates less confusion and ended up helping us a lot.  Have each healer assigned to 2-3 people for maxing.
Now the typical order of things (and this in fact stays the same through a majority of the fight) is that he will very rarely do rockfall for a period.  He will then quake stomp.  Then the turtles will come flying out during a period where he rockfalls a lot.  Following this, the bats will come out.  After the turtles are killed, there is a few seconds of relatively low damage.  This is the time to heal everyone up.  Don’t waste time getting the shield during the periods of a lot of rockfall, rather get it after this period as most likely the damage during the periods of a lot of rockfall will take your shield off.  The bats come somewhere after the rockfall damage. Tortos will then cast his breath and you need to kick the shell at him.  You have a reasonable amount of time to basically top everyone up before the next quake stomp.
Note that kicking the turtles will need to be very exact during this fight.  You should have assigned more than one person to kick it with everyone watching as back-up.  Preferably split the room into different quadrants for different people to watch.  We had mainly ranged dps kick the turtles but during this phase the damage is fairly low so it’s possible to assign a healer to some.  You will get three turtles each time.  To make this fight faster, continue to kick one more turtle when the boss is not breathing to increase dps.  You can time this at the time when the turtles come out, or (if you’re planning to kill the bats as I’ll discuss later) when the bats are being dpsed next to the boss.  I’m not 100% sure the kick affects the bats but knowing that they affect the whirl turtles, I assume that they do.
Our guild’s strategy was to kite the bats.  We actually switched this back and forth a lot during our attempts but ended up doing it like this.  Having a monk and a hunter in your raid makes kiting a lot easier.  Monks have barrel toss and a hunter makes misdirecting the bats to the tank much easier. If you do not have a hunter, it is still possible to kite the bats.  What our guild did for awhile is have me (holy paladin) put on righteous fury and continue healing to get agro on the bats.  Therefore, a majority of the time the bats went to me and the tank could grab them off of me.  This strategy however requires a lot of running as the tank needs to continue kiting away from the existing bats.  Not having a monk will no doubt make kiting harder but I’ve heard it is doable.  I think any skilled player will be able to kite the bats, albeit some classes harder than others.

I must stress the importance of slowing the turtles when they come out.  Without slows they move incredibly fast and are very hard to avoid.  They must be slowed and the slow must be reapplied when it drops off.  The damage they do on heroic (200,000) is no laughing matter.  The other thing is to remember to pop damage reduction cooldowns either before or after stomp.  For me I decided to pop mine afterwards simply because the damage was pretty high during the period of many rockfalls.  Quake stomp as you can see is physical so it can be bopped and the frequent rock fall afterwards is nature damage which you can mitigate with Devotion Aura. Sometimes you can maintain your crystal shell to the next stomp phase which is very nice.

The other thing is the period of many rockfalls, you will need to move away from them.  They work like this.  When it appears first, you will see the blue circle on the ground.  If you stand in this when it drops, you’re probably dead.  If you stand just outside of the circle, you will still take around 90K damage. The tooltip as I mentioned is misleading as the difference in damage taken is linear rather than binary values.  The further you are away from the point of impact of the stalactites, the less damage you will take.  The damage is not confined to the circle (and I don’t know why this was so hard to grasp).  Therefore, during the period of many rock falls (right after the stomp) the raid will take the most damage and they need to continuously run away from rock falls.

I believe the transition to when he spawns more turtles is around 25-30%.  During this phase, you should bloodlust and zerg the boss.  MAKE SURE that you continue to slow the turtles and the tank who is kiting the bats should continue to grab the bats.  Failing to do so, will wipe the raid at a percentage that will make you want to tear your eyelashes out. If you can get the boss to this phase, it is a pretty likely kill.  Continue to kick the shells at the boss during this phase.  You should have saved up more than enough for the duration of the phase to have the buff consistently on him.

My guild assigned the following roles:
  • 2 healers – healing
  • 3 ranged dps – split the room into 3 parts and kick turtles
  • 1 ranged hunter – misdirect bats, don’t worry about kicking
  • 2 melee dps – 1 primarily on Tortos, kicking turtles when they end up close to the boss, 1 helping to kill turtles then switch to boss. priority is to slow the turtles
  • 1 tank – kite bats
  • 1 tank – tank Tortos
The main thing I can say about this fight is it’s not complicated but everyone has their own specific role and it must be done consistently perfectly for the duration of the fight.  I did not mention this but the way we were doing the fight, we had one tank continually tank Tortos and the crystal shell needed to be kept up. It was a DK so it wasn’t too hard to get the shield but he needed help at times getting it up above a certain threshold.  Typically, he would need the heals right after snapping bite so make sure that you watch the main tank and help him stack the shield to full.  Anyone who says this fight can only be done a certain way is mistaken.  You need to find out how it works for your guild, as it might not be the same as for mine.  Good luck!

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