Heroic Ji-Kun

 Heroic Ji-Kun
I would rank Ji-Kun easier than Tortos simply from the number of wipes my guild had but we were doing the Tortos fight in a way that made things harder for everyonejj for a while so perhaps they are around the same difficulty.  For our raid setup, we followed the Fatboss guide which is very clear and nice.  Ji-kun is basically a mother or I guess father bird and as you are killing her, she repeatedly tries to feed her children to come and help her but you need to kill them before they hatch as well.  That was actually kind of depressing…Ji-kun has eggs located on nests throughout the room.  These start off as hatchlings.  Hatchlings can mature into fledglings which can lay their own eggs which spawn juveniles.  Mature eggs of Ji-kun which are also on nests will also spawn juveniles.  In heroic, there are also nest guardians which try to protect the nests from our bloodthirsty quest.  As usual, damage is much higher on heroic and the change to the nest order complicates things.  Two groups instead of one group is necessary because of the change to how many charges are given upon attaining the flying buff.  However the changes are that difficult to grasp. Lets go over the changes to the skills first.

Ji-Kun’s Flock
Young Egg of Ji-Kun (spawns hatchling)
  • Hatchling Cheep (attack to random player): 30,000 -> 40,000 (Physical)
Fledglings (mature from hatchling)
  • Lay Egg (these will spawn into juveniles)
  • Fledgling Cheep (attack to random player): 150,000 -> 200,000 (Physical)
Mature Egg of Ji-Kun (spawns juveniles, also laid by fledglings)

  • Juvenile Cheep: 200,000 -> 300,000 (Physical)
Nest Guardian (defends some of the nests, cleaves in 180, not cone, arc)

  • Screech (if nest guardian is not actively engaged in combat): 150,000 physical, 30% casting speed reduction till next successful cast
Infected Talons (dot applied with each successful melee ability): 20,000 ->  30,000 (Nature)
Feed Young (no different from normal, Ji-Kun spits food to her babies kind of like a real bird)
Slimed (I believe that this debuff is only applied when the player intercepts bad food that looks green but I’m not 100% sure): 50,000/increased next slimed by 10% (Nature) -> 75,000/increased next slimed by 25% (Nature)
Feed Pool (boss in addition to any juveniles will spit these green pools on the main platform) 100,000 -> 150,000 (Nature)
Primal Nutriment (intercepting food globules in mid-air increases damage and healing by 30% for 30 seconds and with each additional application increases it by an additional 10% up to 200% increased damage/healing)
Talon Rake (Ji-Kun periodically hits the tank with this high damage attack): 175% physical damage, increases next talon rake damage by 50% for 60 seconds
Quills (AOE Damage, happens periodically): 88,000 -> 121,000 (Physical)
Down Draft (no different from normal)
Caw (Ji-Kun sends out to 2 random players this attack, upon reaching the destination hits all players within 8 yards of impact): 300,000 -> 400,000 (Physical)
Daedalian Wings (when eggs or hatchlings die they leave behind a feather giving the ability to fly for 10 seconds): 4 charges -> 3 charges
Recommended talents:
  • Speed of Light (highly recommended)
  • Holy Avenger (highly recommended)Hand of Purity/Clemency
  • Holy Prism
Recommended glyphs:
  • Beacon of Light
The order of the groups in summary:
  • Group 1 – 1 healer, 2 dps
  • Group 2 – 1 healer, 2 dps
  • Tank 1
  • Tank 2
One healer and one dps stayed on platform for the whole fight.  Sometimes, the other dps would fly to other platforms where there are no nest guardians to grab a feather for extra dps at the end.

From Fatboss:
Nest 1 (D): Group 1 + Tank 1
Nest 2 (D): Group 2 + Tank 2, Group 1 use feather
Nest 3 (D): Group 1 + Tank 1 (refresh feather), Group 2 use feather
Nest 4 (U): Group 2 + Tank 2 (eggs before nest guardians)
Nest 5 (U): Group 1
Nest 6 (U): Group 1 (fly from 6)
Nest 7 (D): Group 1 + Tank 2
Nest 8 (D): Group 2 + Tank 1
Nest 9/Nest 10 (D/U): Group 1 + Tank 2/Group 2
Nest 11 (U): Group 1
Nest 12 (U): Group 1 (fly from 12) + Tank 1
Tips for Main Platform
  • Quills: On normal, I think it’s even possible not to heal someone for the whole duration without too much danger.  This is not true on heroic.  We actually stacked for some of these so we could heal through it.  Any physical damage reduction spell you have should be used during quills.  There is almost no other physical damage you should be getting hit with.  Just a quick note is sometimes you will see the quills cooldown at the same time as down draft.  He will in fact never do both of these at the same time, only one at a time. Don’t be afraid to use flash of light.
  • Caw: On heroic caw hits for nearly 400K damage and it can be avoided.  In fact it can be avoided on normal as well but the damage was so small it was unnecessary.  Caw will have a cast time and you can see when the boss is doing it.  Move as soon as he finishes casting and you should be able to avoid it and everyone should move to avoid it.
  • Down Draft: Down draft is essentially the same as normal.  Note that if you’re a dps and flying up to get the food debuff but staying on the main platform afterwards, you can use the feather to push yourself into the air and avoid downdraft completely.  HOWEVER, please note that Ji-kun does not move.  Therefore if the tank is out of his melee range he will turn and hit your dps so be careful doing this.  It’s possible for the tank to do this as well which would make things a lot easier.  As a holy paladin, Speed of Light makes you run the same speed as down draft for the whole duration so I would use this as a talent as it lets you position yourself nearly wherever you want rather than having to move to the center.  Also note that he will caw sometimes before down draft and you will need to watch for this before clumping in.
  • Feed Pools: this is no different from normal except for perhaps doing more damage.  Make sure you stack these pools in the grate area as the groups will be moving along the edges of the circle to go from nest to nest. Your tanks should not soak these feed pools so make sure you position them well.
  • Talon Rake: on heroic talon rake actually hits very hard.  Tanks who are about to get hit with 3 talon rakes should pop a cooldown.  Typically, you switch at 2 but we screwed up on one of our pulls and had our death knight take 5.  In fact DKs are probably the only class who can safely take this many stacks of it.  I would definitely not suggest stacking them.  The Fatboss rotation should maintain that you get 3 at most.  I just wanted to point this out because we know that in 5.0/5.1 bosses did not hit tanks for a lot.  I think personally I got used to the idea that my beacon would pretty much heal up the tank.  This is not true in heroic fights in 5.2.  Ji-kun is only one example. You should precast your big heals for the talon rake which you can set DBM to track as Ji-Kun’s white attacks will hit for nearly 200K as well.
  • – Infected Talons: on heroic this dot hits for a lot more.  I’d recommend taking Hand of Purity even tho I didn’t depending on how well your tanks are doing at mitigating the damage.
There isn’t really a finesse to healing this fight.  The damage is all predictable on the raid.  You can save your holy avenger up for the quills on the platform as you will typically need to heal the people staying on the main platform and one other group. I would recommend using holy prism because you will have at most 7 people on the platform with you and you will be spread out for the majority of the time.  Furthermore, holy prism should hit all 5 targets as the range radar is a lot better now for it.  Just ensure that you max using it out on the boss.  Hand of Purity is good for the tanks but the double bop is also good for saving people during quills.  Either one is viable I think. I didn’t fly on this boss but just listening to the other players in my raid I have a few tips on the nests.  Don’t leave the platform if quills is about to come or going on.  You need to be healed through the whole thing. Try to intercept the food as best as you can, it’s a lot easier to do now.

Don’t have much advice on anything special for healing on this boss other than tank damage will be high and quills damage will high.  Make sure to avoid caws and call them out so your raid knows to move.  Try not to stack up for caw as you may end up running into a caw directed at someone else.  At around 20% the groups should stop going to the nests and focus the boss down.  If you can get to this phase, healers note that you will not be receiving damage from the flock which has spawned on the platforms.  Be prepared for increasing AOE damage towards the end of the fight and pop all damage reduction/healing cooldowns you have.  Continue to watch how you stack the green pools in a good location.  You can do it!


3 thoughts on “Heroic Ji-Kun

  1. How are you stacking the feed pools on the grate area? I wasn’t aware there was a way to control where they land, or is it just a case of intercepting the ones going elsewhere as a priority, and then soaking the ones not on the grates?

    • The feed pools kind of target the area around players as their landing spots. They won’t be right on top of you though. For our kill, we basically only have 2 people on the boss platform consistently so we just stacked up around each other on the very right where the first nest is hatched and moved in a circle around to the left. We also tried to stick to the grate area so people who were moving from nest to nest didn’t have to run over too many feed pools. Also you can kind of stack near feed pools to keep them stacked together. Sometimes I think they will target landing on melee and you can’t really control that too much. This way the feed pools were pretty neat (at least for a majority of the fight) and we didn’t need to go out and soak any of the ones not on the grates.

  2. Thanks a lot, A lot of knowledge.

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