Mastery vs Haste: Introduction

If you’ve recently perused paladin forums or any sort of guide, you might have come upon the debate between Haste and Mastery.  Expansion to expansion, secondary stats for all classes have switched back and forth and it just so happens that this tier, the “best” secondary stat that has emerged for holy paladins is mastery.  As I have been saying, simulations for healing are far and few between because the model is hard to define.  Based on the fact that Illuminated Healing sits at the top of every single world of logs report for holy paladins, people have made the educated guess that mastery is the best secondary stat.  So why do people think mastery is best vs other secondary stats like haste or crit?

  • Mastery almost never overheals: Over my years of playing WoW, I have seen healing gradually shifted to looking more at HPS meters.  It is true like it has always been, that meters for healers mean next to nothing.  It is frankly very easy for paladins to put out great numbers and the reason for it is our mastery.  This is a similar case in Disc priests except they have in addition a great deal more of smart heals.  We often overlook the usefulness of druids or shamans who can put out incredible burst healing and often save raids simply because their overall heal numbers are lower.  Lets give some of these guys some credit too 🙂  In other words, very rarely will absorb shields be useless as they are always consumed before direct healing.
  • Mastery is a reliable heal: Healers don’t like to rely on chance.  Crits are amazing big heals right now and I have experienced crits saving a tank from dying.  But would you rather rely on a roll of a coin or a consistent bigger heal?  Most would say the second.
  • Mastery is a “free” heal: Haste used to be a great secondary stat when mana was not an issue but now it has fallen by the way side.  Gradually later in the patch, we see a slow return of haste in a small degree due to people getting enough gear to maintain a comfortable mana level.

Now that I’ve given you what the community thinks, I’ll talk about some real comparisons next time.  In the meantime, please go see the page I’ve put up about Haste!

P.S. I have no forgotten the post from last time and I’ve pretty much completed point 1. I’ll give you a sneak peak.  I’m developing this on an R package called ‘shiny’ which will require R to run.



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