What I’m working on…

Sorry about the lack of posts in the last few days. My guild should be attempting H. Horridon tonight so I might have a more in-depth guide like last time if the gods are good and we kill him. Our guild has been taking a shot at a few heroics just to test them out which is a highly amusing and stress free way to learn some of the fight mechanics.  I often find that sleeping after one night of wiping makes mechanics that much easier.  Sometimes you just need a break to gather your thoughts and stop banging your head against the wall.  Last week we took a few attempts on heroic Tortos but at our gear level, damage to the turtles needed to be a lot higher.  The extra shell mechanic is relatively simple to get the hang of but the main gist is don’t use the shell if you’re about to die.  It’s essentially only there to protect you from the one-shot mechanic of quake stomp.  We went on from Tortos and tried heroic Ji-Kun.  Once again, our damage needed to be more coordinated.  The splinters damage should still be one-healable but it is significantly higher than on normal.  The mechanics of going to the platforms was once again pretty messy since half of the people were doing it for the first time, but I’m sure that will be fixed in time.  All in all, with some more gear, we should be able to get those two heroics down fairly easily. We intend this week however, to try Horridon as more guilds have killed him than the other two.  Hopefully we can get H. Jin’rokh tonight fairly quickly to get the attempts on Horridon.

Apart from the brief status update, I have recently been working on the beginnings of a healing simulation.  My milestones to the project are thus far:

1. Base stat calculator (int, spirit, secondary stat calculations) – by inputting simple numbers from a character page, the simulation will first be able to build calculations of secondary stats.  By this I don’t mean for example entering your mastery % but rather giving the number of mastery points and having the program calculate the percentage. Another example is rather than entering your mana regen amount, enter your spirit and have the program calculate it for you.  This part will of course be generalized for level 90 characters.

2. Individual spell functions – I plan to model each spell like a input/output flow diagram.  I can give you an example for external flame.  Imagine a mysterious box called “Eternal Flame” which takes as input a certain amount of holy power (HP_ef), and outputs a certain amount of direct healing (DH_ef), HoT healing (HoT_ef), illuminated healing (IH_ef) and a certain amount of mana reflected in the time it takes for the global cooldown to pass Mana_ef.  It will have knowledge of spell power, haste, and other stats from the first milestone.

3. Trinket proc calculator – taking what was in the previous posts regarding trinket procs I plan to reanalyze the formulas and develop a real simluation for whatever trinkets the character’s using and apply them to the spell functions portion

4. Tier considerations – this milestone will only be completed after completeing the functions for individual spells.

5. world of Logs Analysis – by taking all the above information, analyze the results from a fight for example, by picking the logs of the top 10 players and identifying any large groups or players who have similar play styles, adjust the parameters above like using 1EF spells or dropping the tier bonus and view the reflection on the logs.

I’m working on the first point above currently and almost completed 🙂


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  1. […] while ago, I briefly mentioned some kind of healing simulation that I was working on.  The project has not been abandoned despite no evidence of any progress […]

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