Heroic Jin’rokh the Breaker

Now that my guild is in heroic modes, I wanted to start giving some in-depth analysis at these fights rather than the skimpy unstructured guilds for normal modes.

Heroic Jin’rokh the Breaker is a relatively painless introduction in terms of 10-man guilds.  In 25-man guilds, the room of error is much smaller.  It will always be like this for fights where one person messing up will screw the raid.  (Spirit Kings comes to mind…)  Here are the differences between normal and heroic Jin’rokh on 10-man.

Increased Damage:

  • Thundering Throw (when the boss picks up a tank and throws it at a statue): 243,750-256,250 -> 316,875-333,125
    • Thundering Throw Splash Damage (after the tank is thrown, he will land on the ground for this amount of damage in a 14 yard radius and stun them for 9 seconds do not stand in front of the statue during this) 190,000-210,000 -> 247,000-273,000
  • Fluidity (increased nature damage taken when standing in pools): 80% -> 100%
  • Static Burst (periodic AOE damage to raid before application of static wound): 95,000-105,000 ->123,500-136,500
    • Static Wound (ticking physical damage, 10 stacks upon first application after static burst, gradually decreases while not in conductive water): 20,000 -> 26,000
  • Focused Lightning (after the glowing lightning ball which focuses on a player reaches you and explodes) 170,625-179,375 -> 221,812-233,187
    • Focused Lightning Pulse (range of 5 yards around the glowing lightning ball): 38,000-42,000 -> 49,400-54,600
    • Focused Lightning Conduction (if you detonate any of the glowing lightning balls while a conductive water is up, it will apply this damage to everyone standing in the water): 170,625-179,375 -> 221,812-233,187
    • Violent Detonation (exploding a glowing lightning ball in the water, 5 yard range): 712,500-787,500
  • Lightning Fissure (after glowing lightning ball explodes, it will turn into this and affect anyone within 3 yards): 47,000-52,000 -> 61,750-68,250
    • Lightning Fissure Conduction (the expanding conductive water eats up any lightning fissures it touches): 71,250-78,750 -> 92,625-102,375
    • Lightning Fissure Implosion (the after glowing lightning ball explosion fissure touches a glowing lightning ball being kited): 237,500-262,500 -> 332,500-367,500
  • Lightning Storm (after each pool expands to its fullest, he will cast this for 15 seconds): 66,500-73,500 -> 52,250-57,750 (yes it does less for a reason you will soon find out)
  • Electrified Waters (damage to players standing in water during lightning storm): 35,000 ->45,500
    • Increases nature damage taken by 80% -> 100%

Heroic Specific Mechanics:

  • Lightning Strike (lightning beams to the ground during lightning storm): 390,000-410,000
    • Lightning Strike Aftermath (after a moment, the lightning strike will split into 4 balls of lightning going in 4 random directions, always 90 degrees to another): 195,000-205,000
  • Ionization (magic debuff a player, after 24 seconds or when dispelled (INCLUDING IMMUNITY EFFECTS), inflicts damage to the player and everything with 8 yards): 450,000
    • Conduction (if you get rid of ionization in the conductive water, damage affects everyone standing in water): 450,000

Lightning Strike
Apart from normal damage increase you will have to deal with lightning strikes.  Standing in these strikes will kill more people right away.  The bolts released are extremely damaging. The Fatboss video says that it may be possible to group up and AOE heal through it but I think this is a poor idea and pretty infeasible in 10 man.  So how to deal with these?

  • They travel quite fast, if you have any movement boost, use it at this time, along with any magic damage reduction spells
    • Divine protection can be used every time
    • Devotion aura if everyone’s getting low
    • Divine shield can be used either once or twice (unbreakable spirit) and should be saved for this phase rather than avoiding the application of ionization
    • Speed of Light is a good talent for this
  • They do A LOT of damage and if you get unlucky, you can get hit multiple times by one beam
    • Move to right or left, not backwards or forwards
    • Watch far away so you know if you need to move and can gauge how much time you have to cast
    • Don’t move if you don’t need to (kind of obvious but keep it in mind)
  • Everyone’s dying, I need to heal but I have to keep running
    • The hardest part of this is, even if your raid is completely perfect, they will still be taking ticking damage from lightning storm.  Remember how I pointed out why it was less on heroic than normal? As a healer you will need to heal and run.  My advice is your raid needs to loosely stack, either two groups or one group.  If you’re in the melee range of the boss, get holy prism for the instant heal.  If you’re in range, get light’s hammer and put it on the ground a few seconds into the lightning storm.
    • I’d get holy avenger because we can essentially run and heal with this for a long period of time.  The other use for holy avenger is to put an EF on everyone right before lightning storm when you’re still standing in conductive water so you get the 40% boost.
    • You’ll need to be able to watch for incoming bolts and people’s health bars.  Don’t panic about people dying.  If people don’t get hit by bolts, they will not die and if they do die to the bolts its not your fault. the regular ticking damage is manageable.

One of the reasons 25-man is harder is because of this.  Everyone in your raid except for your tanks will receive this debuff.  Any kind of immunity used AFTER the debuff is applied (cloak of shadows, divine shield) will set of the AOE effect of the spell.  Therefore, you must use these immunities before the debuff is applied so it is never applied to you. Things I know which work for this are:

  • Cloak of Shadows
  • Divine Shield
  • Anti-magic Shield
  • Ice Block

There should be a timer for this on whatever you use.  As I said, do not use your divine shield to prevent this, you will need it during lightning storm more.  In 10-man this is easy to deal with.  Set up a rotation for healers to be dispelled first, then for melee dps/ranged to be dispelled so you don’t lose too much time off DPSing.  For 25-man, this rotation must be set up where as in 10-man it can be followed loosely.  Remember the debuff lasts for 24 seconds so its’ not a big deal to wait a bit or even to run out if it’s about to come off.

In summary:

  • Do not stand in the water if you have the debuff and you want to use an immunity to get it off
  • Do not stand in the water if you are having it dispelled
  • Do not dispell people willy nilly, call out on ventrilo when YOU are ready to be dispelled
  • After kiting a lightning ball, stand still for a second to make sure it has detonated
  • Set up a dispel rotation, you can even mass dispel it in 25 man if you so desire if you don’t have enough dispells

Of course this fight can be 2 healed but there is absolutely no harm to three healing this fight.  It’s not huge DPS race, it’s more of a survival race. More heals also means more dispells and the less people have to wait around.  Also mentioned in the Fatboss video is that detonation of the glowing lightning balls should be done evenly, not 7 on one side and 1 on the other.  This is more to prevent people from accidentally kiting balls on top of fissure or getting hit by AOE fissure damage but what’s more important is, there will be one last glowing ball of lightning right before lightning storm.  Make sure that you do not kite this to an area on the other side of the water or you will die.  For example, if you have your back to the entrance facing in, if your first puddle is the left-closest statue, kite that last ball before the lightning storm to the west most grate area not to the grate area near the entrance.

You are close to killing this boss when people stop making stupid mistakes dispelling the ionization.  The lightning fissures are hard to screw up and easily fixed once they do.  It helps if you’re standing further away from the boss as the ball travels faster than you can run normally. The hardest part is living through the lightning storm.  The more you practice it, the better you’ll get is all I can say.  The priority for this part is to keep yourself alive.  Don’t heal someone knowing that you will get hit by a bolt. Get away from the bolts, I died to one because it hit me twice as I was traveling along its movement direction. If you just remember that the bolts do travel in straight directions and don’t panic, you will eventually get through it.

Good luck and the last part of the RPPM analysis will be coming tomorrow 🙂


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