Throne of Thunder Boss 7-9 Tips

Durumu (Hand of Purity, Light’s Hammer)

  • Tank damage: Moderate, goes to high especially during light spectrum phase
  • Raid damage: Moderate during light spectrum, low-moderate throughout, massive damage at beginning of maze phase due to getting into position, spikey damage on focused eye

Assign people to certain beams, the damage from the beam doesn’t do too much, you only really need two people specifically assigned to the beam like yellow (off-tank, healer), blue (healer, ranged dps), red (melee dps/ranged dps).  The tank with the boss can stand in the yellow beam but will most likely have to move out as his stacks get too high. The one healer left can serve as a substitute in case the other players get assigned to other beams. The focused eye beam needs to be rotated.  Make sure you don’t drop purple pools from lingering eye near melee range. During the maze phase, stand in the ranged patch, it’s much easier to see.  Hand of purity the tank near the end of their turn tanking the boss. Use hand of purity almost on cooldown.

Primordius (Hand of Purity, Light’s Hammer)

  • Tank damage: Low-moderate to very high gradually near the end of the fight
  • Raid damage: During different mutations it’s different, typically, there will be moderate raid damage, but the pathogen mutation for example takes very quickly the damage, need to use hand of purity immediately

Honestly on our kill, we actually 9 manned this boss and I just ignored the mechanics of the fight. If you have enough DPS you can just zerg this guy ignoring mechanics basically. Killing red globs following the boss will occasionally spawn red (good) or purple (bad) pools. Leave red pools for DPS first, take red pools after their mutation.  Spread 5 yars for one of his mutations, stand in the green circle on the ground for another one. Use HP on cooldown, use Hand of Purity on tank if the pathogen mutation isn’t up.

Dark Animus (Hand of Purity)

  • Tank damage: Extremely high at very beginning of the fight for ~20 seconds, be prepared, otherwise low-moderate
  • Raid damage: low-moderate, high damage blast during last phase

This fight is very easy and perhaps one of the fights easier on 10 man than 25.  Stand near your construct, make sure you are in range of both tanks.  Remember you can aggro the mob from far away.  Stack your full illuminated healing shield on both tanks at pull, this is the only part of the fight that’s dangerous (apart from maybe the blast during phase 3). After the first 6 mini-constructs have died, each of the rest of the constructs will progressively be brought to the massive anima. One tank will tank massive anima at this point but he does very manageble damage. After the anima is brought around to the remaining constructs, the boss will activate, still no significant damage at this point.  The only part is when the boss does the blast.  STOP CASTING.  He does a 300K blast but will do very little damage afterwards, just be prepared to heal it up.  Keep cool and it will fall quickly.


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