Throne of Thunder Boss 10-12 Tips

Iron Qon (Light’s Hammer, Holy Avenger)

  • Tank damage: light-moderate
  • Raid damage: moderate-heavy and spikey during fire lion, thunder lion and ice lion are pretty moderate, end phase moderate-heavy

This fight throws you off because the raid damage initially starts off pretty high.  You can pretty much pop any cooldowns needed during this phase as the following phases are fairly moderate.  Once you get the stacking rotation down for this, you should be fine.  We had the melee group soak twice while everyone else soaked once.  If you stand on the lines from the spear you will get bounced into the air momentarily. For the lightning lion, if you have a warlock in your group, have them portal from the center of the room towards the entrance and let your healers and dps who are bad at mechanics or tanks take it.  Get ready to click people by you who are stunned.  When the boss sucks you into the middle of the room, you will get momentarily stunned so be ready for it.  The ice lion is the easiest phase because as a healer you have to worry very little about anything.  DPS have to worry about not dying but still being able to dps.  The damage on the last phase is kind of heavy but your healing cooldowns should be back up for it and it’s no where as strenuous as Megaera.  The first time we got this boss to the ice phase we killed him.

Twin Consorts (Holy Prism)

  • Tank damage: fire lady hits harder than the ice lady
  • Raid damage: fairly moderate

We killed his guy on our first try, just saying.  The fight looks amazing though.  I didn’t go into any of the portals to draw the pattern to activate the celestials but I’m sure it looks cool.  I think the only thing you really need to be careful of is when the dark lady sends out the torrents of water.  These hit for quite a lot and you should do your best to avoid them.  Otherwise, the damage is very manageable.  The other thing you should watch out for is the damage from healing the tank with nightmares.  AKA don’t do it, it does hurt, even around 5 stacks.  I guess the green smoke from the lotus is also dangerous but it didn’t seem to matter that much.  Of course you can’t derp this fight, but mucking up mechanics on this fight is very forgiving.

Lei Shen (Light’s Hammer, Holy Avenger, Unbreakable Spirit)

  • Tank damage: moderate
  • Raid damage: predictably moderate-heavy raid damage during balls of lightning/static shock

The block to killing this boss is the intermission.  As long as you have a decent kill order down for the conduits, the first phase is a joke unless your tanks screw it up.  We got rid of the Diffusion Chain first and then the Overcharge.  In the intermission, I was placed with a rogue so our platform was extremely easy. We would almost never stack except for overcharge since both of us have immunities.  I underlined unbreakable spirit because you don’t really need any of the other talents and the immunity is really good for the intermission stages.  Similar to what Fatboss says, we killed him the first time we got him to stage 3 where he starts blowing everyone.  Make sure that your whole raid stacks for overcharged because he will put more than one out. Watch for this as he might do one right before the second intermission, if so just wait together and stack.  Watch out for lightning whip on the last phase and the thunderstruck and you’ll be fine. This boss was not extremely hard although our guild did ~25 pulls on him and ~5 pulls to disconnects/people jumping off the platform.  He was at least not as hard as expected and the fight is much more exciting that the other raid’s endbossses (I know he’s not technically THE end boss.) Gotta give it to Blizz for this fight.


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