Stolen Relic of the Zuldazar, and Summary

Stolen Relic of the Zuldazar is one of the new healing trinkets which drop in the newest Mists of Pandaria (MOP) raid Throne of Thunder.  The trinket has the following stats in the order of LFR/Normal/Normal Thunderforged/Heroic/Heroic Thunderforged*:

  • Static spirit: 1218/1467/1552/1657/1728*
  • Absorb proc: 46524/56034/59256/63258/66567* (at 6 stacks) lasting 15 seconds
  • 3 RPPM (real procs per minute) (here’s an explanation of what this means)
  • 20 seconds between uses
  • Procs off direct healing spell

*All heroic thunderforged items have simulated stats.  Values are not officially available on Wowhead.

The shield from this trinket is called “Zandalari Warding” and the buff you get (or stacks) is called “Blessing of Zuldazar”.  To get the data for this, I looked through WoWProgress for top geared Holy Paladins.  World of Logs is messed up right now so I can’t tell which fights are heroic so that’s not labeled. Initially, I wasn’t very excited about this trinket but since all of the other trinkets were lackluster, I held out hope for this one so here goes!

On thing I was interested in when looking at this trinket is what is the ideal chance to use it. Overall, the healing you get form it is not dependent on how many times you use it as long as you use all of the charges, however perhaps there is a reason there’s a 20 second cooldown.  I think the cooldown is there as a mechanism put in place just to make sure you’re not using the charge each time you get it, but rather as a smart heal.  The trinket is designed to be actively used anyways as it’s not a random healing proc otherwise it would turned into the Light-Imbued Chalice. Below is a table of the data I’ve compiled. Only the last 5 entries of the table are after Blizzard implemented the proc buff.

Procs Uses Healing Overheal Fight Fight Length Direct Heals
24 4 207438 0 Iron Qon 653 3339
10 1 39512 0 Iron Qon 728 1157
35 12 325974 2.9 Twin Consorts 608 2074
17 2 108658 0 Lei Shen 581 4702
17 6 158048 0 Jin’rokh 326 1860
12 1 56034 0 Dark Animus 254 657
42 14 298848 22 Iron Qon 637 2241
32 14 252153 10 Lei Shen 426 1532
25 9 177441 0 Lei Shen 382 1456
14 6 93390 23.1 Wind Lord Mel’jarak 226 624
26 13 224136 0 Amber Shaper Un’sok 425 1180
12 6 84501 18.2 Grand Empress Shek’zeer 194 868
20 4 140085 16.7 Jin’rokh 359 1197
28 11 205458 18.5 Horridon 503 1077
26 11 225196 7.3 Council of Elders 365 1177
19 6 168102 0 Tortos 300 603
28 8 233475 0 Megaera 412 2334

First thing we notice is holy procs! If the LIC procced as many times as this then we would love that trinket.  These two trinkets do in fact have the same PPM but the difference is LIC procs additionally off periodic heals. Recall that formula does not directly benefit healers who cast more hots or periodic heals, as demonstrated by the proc on this trinket.  In fact, this data suggests that the less periodic spells you perform, the more chance the trinket has to proc. Here’s some general statistics:

  • Fight Length vs Procs Correlation: 0.41, this indicates a slight trend which is expected
  • Direct Heals vs Procs Correlation: 0.24, less of a trend here, but still something
  • Actual PPM = Procs / Fight Length (minutes) -> Average: 3.32, Median: 3.67 +- 0.95, a majority of the actual procs is above the theoretical PPM of 3 (perhaps due to the haste rating?)
  • Time Between Procs = Fight Length (minutes) / Procs -> Average: 21.5, Median: 16.3 +- 13.22, large variance in the time between procs (I believe that the buff on you has no length)

I wanted to calculate something which I thought would be relevant to the above question of why the cooldown of 20 seconds was implemented.  I calculated the average number of charges used (APU) each time based on the following formula:

  • If Uses/Procs <=6, APU = Uses/Procs
  • Else, APU = Procs/6


The above graph indicates something interesting, a slight positive correlation between APU and Healing illustrating that it may be better to continuously use the trinket whenever the cooldown on the trinket is up. This is not in any sense significant so I won’t say anything more.  It is more likely the 20 second interval was put into place to prevent spamming.

Despite the large number of procs, I see the percentage of healing for this trinket to be fairly low.  In a summary of the trinkets I’ve looked at here are the values for healing by length of fight:

Minimum 225.7 457.8 397.4 54.3
Maximum 990.7 1716.2 710.3 617.0
Average 576.5 1038.4 572.8 426.2
Median 537.2 965.8 589.0 464.5
Standard Deviation 252.7 394.4 117.0 154.5
Actual PPM 1.1 0.6 1.4 3.1

HLG = Horridon’s Last Gasp, LIC = Lightning-Imbued Chalice, HIS = Inscribed-bag of Hydra Spawn, SRZ = Stolen Relic of Zuldazar
*HLG values are mana returned, gauged by the divine light mana to healing conversion rated of 21600 to 75000

With the same calculation, compare to the old trinkets:

Name HPS
Normal Qin-xi’s Polarizing Seal 422.87059
Normal Qin-xi’s Polarizing Seal(1) 438.93889
Normal Qin-xi’s Polarizing Seal(2) 455.3991
Relic of Chi-ji 494.29614
Relic of Chi-ji(1) 513.23844
Relic of Chi-ji(2) 532.67063
Normal Spirits of the Sun 501.35414
Normal Spirits of the Sun(1) 520.36902
Normal Spirits of the Sun(2) 540.18223
Heroic Qin-xi’s Polarizing Seal 477.34604
Heroic Qin-xi’s Polarizing Seal(1) 495.7658
Heroic Qin-xi’s Polarizing Seal(2) 514.57747
Heroic Spirits of the Sun 560.61068
Heroic Spirits of the Sun(1) 581.96796
Heroic Spirits of the Sun(2) 604.18816
LFR Spirits of the Sun 440.16136
LFR Spirits of the Sun(1) 456.84449
LFR Spirits of the Sun(2) 474.1029
LFR Qin-xi’s Polarizing Seal 374.66569
LFR Qin-xi’s Polarizing Seal(1) 389.16635
LFR Qin-xi’s Polarizing Seal(2) 403.66701

As you can see, the median value is actually lower than the other trinkets even tho the proc is higher.  From these values, it seems like the actual winner is the Lightning-Imbued Chalice which has the high value in all categories except for the actual PPM.  Recall the PPM these were designed for and we can see that out of the three, only LIC is off from it’s actual PPM of 1. Compare the new trinkets to the old ones and it is immediately apparent why healers are hesitating on taking these new trinkets.  Blizzard, these trinkets need to be significantly better than old trinkets, not maybe.  Players will not switch from their comfort zones without being sure that the new zone is more comfortable. At this point only LIC is better, and even then considering the huge standard deviation it’s a shot in the dark.  So here are my thoughts on improving these trinkets:

HLG: Take out refreshing the duration upon getting a new stack because it makes the whole trinket way too subject to RNG, rather just have separate buffs which tick for 5 times each. Increase the proc chance to 2 or 3 PPM for only direct healing spells
LIC: Increase proc chance slightly, maybe decrease the spell power scaling if there needs to be compensation as it already has good HPS
HIS: Increase proc chance to match SRZ, don’t do anything to the absorb amount
SRZ: Increase the absorb amount, decrease number of stacks needed to 3-4 ranged, keep PPM the same OR increase absorb amount and decrease PPM

In a few weeks when more paladins have received these trinkets and hopefully tried them out I’ll revisit this analysis as see what has changed.  Hopefully something will be.


What do you think?

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