Throne of Thunder Bosses 1-6 Tips

Here’s some general raid tips for the first 6 bosses.  I specced holy avenger throughout all of these only changing up the talents mentioned.  If I didn’t mention specifically a talent, take it as meaning it doesn’t really matter.  Any fights where you can, I advice to use the glyph for beacon of light to get rid of the GCD.

Raid Makeup

  • Tanks: Blood DK, Brewmaster Monk
  • DPS: Balance Druid, Frost Death Knight, Warlock, Rogue, Hunter
  • Healers: Holy Paladin, Discipline Priest, Restoration Shaman

Jin’rokh the Breaker (Light’s Hammer)

  • Tank damage: low-mediocre throughout
  • Raid damage: mediocre-high during lightning storm, random spikes on players targeted by orbs, otherwise low
  • Raid group up during lightning storm next to boss (so they can continue to dps) outside of conductive water
  • Run away from lightning balls chasing you to areas outside conductive water pools, detonate in a safe place to spawn a pool
  • Stack in pool after it has soaked up any nearby lightning pools for healing buff
  •  Watch for lightning storm, put your hots on right before

Horridon (Holy Prism – lots of movement and good for last phase as an additional tank heal, Hand of Purity)

  • Tank damage: predictable spike damage, debuff can be BOPed to prevent needing to switch tanks
  • Raid damage: heavy (not spikey) damage during dots on second and third door, moderately spikey damage on first and fourth door, last phase high spikey damage on tank pre-cast
  • Many dispells (prioritize add tank), fight is slightly mana intensive so use mana cooldowns ASAP good time is when Horridon is smashing the doors
  • Spread apart for whole fight except third door, stack because warriors have no threat table, lots of things on the ground/other things to move away from

Council of Elders (Holy Prism – lots of movement, good for when sand hits or ice beam, Hand of Purity possibly if sand becomes empowered)

  • Tank damage: moderate for majority, when sand is empowered and adds come out, will be slightly heavy
  • Raid damage: moderate, look out for ice blasts when frost is imprisoned
  • If sand becomes imprisoned, stack up and continue moving as when adds die, they will spawn a pool underneath
  • Use mana cooldowns ASAP, mana intensive fight
  • Get ready to move quickly when frost is empowered, high damage

Tortos (Holy Prism, Clemency – In case of strat for not killing bats)

  • Tank damage: low, can pretty much leave to beacon healing, tanks should be in charge of mitigating his occasional high damage spell
  • Raid damage: high after quake stomp
  • Strat of not killing bats, I put on righteous fury and ran around with our brewmaster tank so the bats would always come to me and then he would pull them off.  Because of this my healing was lower and I didn’t have mana issues
  • Plan healing cooldowns as raid for quake stomp
  • Getting hit by shells is not a huge deal, get out of falling rocks

Megaera (Light’s Hammer, Glyph Divnity, Glyph Protector of the Innocent, Hand of Purity)

  • Tank damage: progressively higher from low to heavy, hand of purity the tank with the debuff near the end
  • Raid damage: moderate to very heavy during ramage, damage will ramp up during off phases to be moderate-high and spikey
  • Plan out healing cooldowns during rampage, mana intensive fight use mana cooldowns ASAP
  • Run out of poison bolts
  • Assign one person to dispel of the fire debuff, make sure it is not dispelled early, using divine shield WILL drop the debuff where you’re standing, make much use out of divine protection

Ji-Kun (Holy Prism, Glyph Hand of Purity, Speed of Light, I was on the platform so I don’t know what goes on in the nests)

  • Tank damage: low-moderate, unless they decide to soak up >6 pools
  • Raid damage: watch for pool soakers and save cooldowns for moderate damage during quills, otherwise low, can help dps
  • Watch out for poison pools, stack them close together so you have room
  • During the phase where he blows you away, make sure behind you there are no pools as well, stack near the center preemtively, if you screw up, speed of light will allow you to stay in place for the whole duration
  • Hand of Purity tanks soaking a lot of pools

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